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Hey, /jp/.
Which Touhou is the most dangerous one, without Danmaku?
I think that is Medicine, becuase you could not get close to her without being poisoned. Physical contact, breathing are not possible and the effects of different poisons are varied and terrible
She is like Magellan(One Piece)

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Yamame has that exact same power, but with infectious diseases.

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yukari manipulates the border between my cock and ur mom

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>She is like Magellan(One Piece)
>One Piece
Are you new? Lurk more.

And as the anon above me said, Yukari.
Now begone! Horrible thread.

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But the poison is faster
But your penis don´t get hard because of the pioson

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I like Medicine.

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Me too. She's cute.

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What will Yukari do? Open a gap to suck up all the poison? Medicine can produce all the poison she wants and in different presentations if you are bored.

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Are you new to Touhou or something?

Yukari can twist the boundaries of everything, she can flip the boundary of someone's existence if she wanted.

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Yukari can force Medicine head through her unexistant doll anus while forcing back the poison inside Medicine body through her inexistent doll nipples.
Don't ask how, she does, that's why we all love Yukari, our dear omnipotent devious and naughty gap Youkai.

Also only hipsters like Medicine.

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Does she done it before? Then why did not she did it in her first war on the moon? Go away powerlevel fag.

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>we all love Yukari
ha ha

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Everyone loves Yukari but faggots like except faggots like you.

>Go away powerlevel fag
Stop posting! Lurk more.

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>implying that her own poison affects her.

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Everyone loves Yukari like except faggots like you.

>Go away powerlevel fag
Stop posting! Lurk more.

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There, corrected.

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You sicken me, what kind of imbecile engages in online discussions and doesn't point at the other party errors.

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Try to make some sense.

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I love powerlevel threads.
Any power has its limits. She cannot create a gap big enough to kill whole lunarian army. But her powers should be more than enough to kill Medicine.
Also, Yuyuko can kill her from any distance by just thinking about it. The same way she probably even can kill Yukari. First to act wins.
Utsuho can nuke Medicine's ass from kilometres away. Eirin is extremely good with medicine (haha, it's a pun, you get it? Medicine) so finding antidote wouldn't be hard for her. And she looks physically strong enough to break Medicine's neck. Kaguya abd Mokou can probably do the same, they are immortal in the end. Seriously who won't kill Medicine in non-danmaku fight? Your touhou is completely shit.

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Please someone post the "/jp/ quality thread seal."

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Oh boy, a power level thread.
Yamame and Medicine's powers are no mistaking it, very dangerous, especially when put together.
Yuyuko can just, kill you like that.
Flandre can blow you up with her mind.
Remilia can change your future
Keine can erase your past
Getting near Utusho is like getting near a volcano during an eruption.
Kaguya can make anything last as long as she wants, therefore can make your pain eternal if she wants.
Yukari's ability is described as creating a new existence, or denying the existence of something else, manipulating the existence of something, etc, etc. Her power is pretty much godly, only held back by her sheer laziness.
Reimu can float above reality and become invincible, but she's untrained and too damn lazy.
Sanae can suck ten dicks without choking.
Reisen can make you go insane by eye contact.
Koishi can manipulate your unconscious, and possibly make you go insane.
Yuugi can tear you a new anus.
Nitori will rip out that anus.
Suika can probably disperse you into complete mist.
Wriggle can probably round up some bugs that're known to be deadly.
Suwako has curse gods
Hina is a curse god.
All 2hus are basically overpowered in one way or another.

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And that dear OP, is why spellcard rules exist. So Gensoyko does not end up like Makai in th05.

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>There are many types of poison: flower's poison, snake's poison, bee's poison, spider's poison, poison that causes inflammation just by touching it and poison that knocks you unconscious just by whiffing it.
>Because of that, if one is affected by her poison there is no definite treatment method.
>Even youkai suffer after being showered in the strong poison just by being near her.
>The strength of her poison is fearsome, and can leave aftereffects.
>The type of poison is unknown.
Only for you:
>You will probably understand the true terror of poison when you confront this youkai.
they have a physical body (except Yuyuko) that can be affected on the inside.

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>Sanae can suck ten dicks without choking.

Why did I laugh so hard.

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Both are fine, thanks.

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B grade doll vs self contained nuclear reactor (Fission and fusion)
B grade doll vs god
B grade doll vs other god
b grade doll vs doll manipulator (Alice)
B grade doll vs B grade doll exterminator (Reimu)

Are we really having this autistic discussion? Almost all touhous are gods in all but name, some are gods, and some are more powerful then gods. All this is a moot point.

I would post a pic showing how dumb OP is, but I don't think this thread needs the bump.

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>Sanae can suck ten dicks without choking.
I laughed hard

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"You are overflowing with desire" -Miko
Sanae's stage 6 TD.

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Love how people take a simple phrase like that one and give it a sexual meaning.

Human mind works in mysterious ways.

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Don't blame me, blame Sanae's overflowing desire for dicks in her body. She has an addickshin that she needs to work out herself.

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Was not trying to imply anything with what I said.

Your mind is interesting.

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Tell me, can you dodge this?
Okuu will probably enter in the field without realizing what she is breathing.

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Stop projecting. You're the sex-obsessed one, not her.

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forgot pic

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Sorry, and thanks, I try my best.
Also this is a troll thread guys. All Touhou powerlevel discussions are usually troll threads, don't mind this thread at all guys, seriously.

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The original purpose of this thread was to share opinions, but then Yukarifags arrived denying other´s opinions. Blame them.

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>Which Touhou is the most dangerous one, without Danmaku?
>denying other´s opinions
That's the point of a discussion.
You did say most dangerous, it was stated that Medicine is dangerous because she's still young, and young youkai are more dangerous because they're stupid and more destructive.
Yukari definitely isn't dangerous because of her laziness, but she's one of the most powerful character canonically.
Besides, all the "dangerous" youkai live underground, like Parsee, manipulating the jealousy in your heart itself, or Yamame who's like Medicine but appearantly even more dangerous. Surprisingly Medicine doesn't live underground when you think about it, probably because she stays to herself in her field of Lily of the Valley.

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Thats because, besides the Lunarians, Yukari is the most powerful touhou. Period. Suika and Yuuka might come close, and Flan has some things going for her, but Yukari basically maintains the entire world. They are not Yukarifags, they are people who know the canon.

Now if we are talking dangerous to humans, I would say the most dangerous would be any low level low intelligence boss, because they might not remember the rules about not preying on humans. Plus, you would never live down getting gunned down by Cirno.

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As others have told you, lurk more.
What you got here is a mix of shitposting and autism.

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Yes, probally Medicine, but not because just because of her ability but also because it is stated that she is a very young youkai and doesn't knows how to use her ability yet

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>Plus, you would never live down getting gunned down by Cirno.
Give her a riddle.

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And why would Okuu destroy Nameless Hill before entering the fight, she feel like it? Boredom? Curiosity? Considering all the damage in the short and long term in the land and the environment it is not surprising that Reimu will decide to eliminate her.

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The stupid characters are the most dangerous, remember in EoSD, Cirno attacks because "fuck, why not" while the smarter bosses have to hunted down. So yeah, medicine might be dangerous, but only because she is autistic as OP.

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>Even youkai suffer after being showered in the strong poison just by being near her.
During Tewi's ending in PoFV Eirin treats her back to health after fighting Medicine.
She's dangerous but not quite lethal.

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OP just wanted a Medicine thread.

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>she feels like it
Yeah, it's something in Okuu's style. The whole SA was about that - Okuu just decided to destroy the whole Gensokyo. And even though she was 'exterminated' by Reimu, she didn't give up on her plans. She may lost the battle, but not the war. Right now Utsuho pays frequent visits to Hakurei shrine hoping that her nuclear radiation will give Reimu cancer.
Ganbatte, Okuu! Reimu is shit, almost any other touhou would make a better hakurei shrine maiden,

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But Okuu is a good girl.

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Eirin knows how to make a goddamn immortality potion, of course she could do something so simple.

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>Original Purpose of the thread
So now you're trying to change what you said before too?
>Which Touhou is the most dangerous one, without Danmaku?
Also that other half of the image is pretty one sided, you're acting the same way as the Yukari side.
Where the hell is NSJ when he's actually needed?

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Lets deliver.

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um.... Yukari can make me pregnant even though I'm a man?

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you need to read the thread.

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Yukari can do almost anything, if she wasn't so lazy.

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And your opinion is canonically wrong, this thread started with a question about the canon, it was anwsered canonically, you're denying, even though I already know you're a troll, you're still doing this.
So i'm just gonna do this.

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But Yukari is the best and strongest Touhou you stupid buttdevasted cumguzler.

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But of course, anon!

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>Saying strongest in a thread to talk about the dangerous touhous and insulting.
You too only came to this place to praise Yukari

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You came to this board to shitpost.

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>OPINIONS are canon

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>this thread started with a question about the canon
>it was anwsered canonically
>And your opinion is canonically wrong,
Nobody said it was canon, I only said it was canonically wrong, but whatever, you're free to believe whatever you want, even if it's wrong. You're you! And that's all there is to it, now please, do everyone a big favor and delete this thread before I start dumping Gaoo's torturing 2hu series and every bkub comic I can find.

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>Gaoo's torturing 2hu series

Sure why not?

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It is to share opinions, fag. Opinions aren´t canon. But you can´t accept other´s opinions because your waifu don´t fit.

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Are there people seriously retarded enough to think Medicine is in any way significant in terms of powerlevel?

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>How's about I decontaminate Medi-chan of her poisons? That stuff's dangerous, y'know. Gotta do what you gotta do.
>"If I lose my poison, I won't be able to move. You're mean..."
>"Humans like you...Humans like you..."
I saved this one just for you.
Also Yukari isn't my waifu, sorry. But I accept the canon.

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>Reimu can float above reality and become invincible, but she's untrained and too damn lazy
She's already done that though, one of her moves in Soku is to warp through reality just like Yukari's gaps. Also Fantasy Heaven.

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Well ... I certainly said to share opinions, but to decide to use fan art, is a bit ...

>> No.10300605

Who are you qu

I mean...

>I saved this one just for you.

Who would that be?

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>I certainly said to share opinions
Once again, no you didn't~ You ask a question about the canon, people anwsered you. You refused. It's only natural to shitpost in an already shit thread.

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Fuck you and your fossil fuels, your lies won't stop the proliferation of clean and efficient nuclear energy.

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Yes, I suggested it.

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If you're going to post Gaoo, you need to post translations and his pixiv commentary too. It's a rule.

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>I think
as if that means everyone needs to "share" their opinions in a powerlevel discussion

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But if you know all of canon, you should also know that Yukari flat out said Shikieiki is much stronger than her.

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Go look for the commentary and translate yourself, ya weebs.

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Oh man, I love Gaoo's stuff but images like those really ruin it for me.
It's the whole teasing/bullying thing that makes it cute, actual abuse is just a downer.

>> No.10300729

A-Are you implying Yuuka is stupid?

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I imagine they meant by her lectures, there was no point in arguing with her.

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Really, I love seeing these, it makes the weebshits cry their eyes out, and I especially hate Chen and Sanae out of all 2hus anyway.

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>Really, I love seeing these, it makes the weebshits cry their eyes out, and I especially hate Chen and Sanae out of all 2hus anyway.

How could you?

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Fine, then this dump loses most of it's impact. Your loss.

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But Yukari specifically says Yuyuko, Reimu and herself together are "no match" for Eiki. That doesn't really make sense in contexts other than power discussion (Yuyuko and Yukari weren't even around for lectures). And the proud sage Yukari has no incentive to lie about someone else being stronger either.

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>I think that...
>But I also think that...
>Then I think that...
If you are so autistic to not realize it, it is not my problem.
I don´t even know the deal with these images

>> No.10300782

If you really want to upset people then you should upload yukkuri abuse, there's plenty of material and weebs just love to sperg out at it.

Anybody worth their salt already has 4chan X installed and can easily find the page on danbooru using the [iqdb] button.

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>> No.10300801

And they won't. Posting the title, translation, and commentary with the pictures makes them much more likely to read them, which adds enormously to the impact of the pictures.

See >>10300774
>I don't even know the deal with these images.

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I think it's more up to the user to do it on their own, besides, I'm pretty sure just seeing this artist's awful style would annoy anyone.

>> No.10300825

If you want to annoy or aggravate, relying on the user to do your work for you is not a good idea.

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>> No.10300830

Doesn't annoy me. Matter of fact he made up for his cruelty by drawing a few really nice and cute pictures.

>> No.10300837

Meh, maybe next time i'll feel like adding translations, and by next time, probably the next time a powerlevel thread comes up.

>> No.10300841

Removing Yukari~n's<3 make-up. That's just inhuman.

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Besides, by looking at some of these such as >>10300784
you'd understand what's going on.

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Some. But words always help.

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>> No.10300902

Gaooo's drawing is shit

And he could cut people with his edginess

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