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The Chinese are still bitter about the massacres of WW2,and the Japs are tired of the Chinese copying everything they make from technology to cartoons. As a result a war breaks out,and everything is allowed. Even nuclear warfare.

Who wins this time?

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Gurren Lagann is real right?

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>>102852Even nuclear warfare.


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Pepsi Co. wins.

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>The Oba-chan Seducer !7kjGbZlVeg

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China is far larger, it would definitely win.

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Do the Japanese even have nuclear weapons?

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>Fucking moron that stalks me.

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With Japan being close allies with the U.S., that big pile of nukes has got to count for something.

Sure, US may be leery attacking the source of all their shit, but war is war.

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china wins, more people, easier access to japan then america. japan is also gimped by some treaty I can't remember.

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Thread is now tolerable.

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fuck all of you niggers

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Because population condensation to land mass ratios are always the same, right?


I don't think so, but America would help out in a pinch, policing the world like we do.

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China was also bigger back in WW2.

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You mean the one that says they can't keep a sizeable standing army?

Yeah, that's gonna be a big problem.....

If China wants to get the job done, they need to take after the koreans and Zerg Rush the joint.

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US probley wouldn't do nothing if china avoided their stuff and kept the war a little civil.

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Neither, because Japan and China's governments are friends, and opinion means very little in China, no matter how angry it is.

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Aren't we obligated by treaty to assist?

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Read the OP you stupid fuck!

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>The Oba-chan Seducer !7kjGbZlVeg

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If China was the aggressor (and they would have to be since Japan's constitution says they can't take aggressive action against a foreign power - they even had to amend their constitution just to send support personnel to Iraq) then the US and its allies (and by that I mean the UK) would definitely intervene. Of course, this would inevitably trigger World War III unless China backed down immediately. There two inescapable truths to such a war:

1. Other than Russia, no nation in the world has the manpower to win a land war against China.
2. There are not enough boats and planes in the world for China to use its manpower to invade North America.

The combination of those two facts leads to two possible conclusions:
1. Nuclear holocaust
2. One side proactively surrenders to avoid the nuclear holocaust

In other words, the same principle of Mutually Assured Destruction that existed in the Cold War persists in this scenario.

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yes, but china makes our stuff,and its a foreign war that has little to do with the US itself. nobody wants to go die helping some country they rarely think about. the most the US would do is maybe carpet bomb somethings in china and evacuate people who want out

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>support personnel to Iraq

And they aren't allowed to be deployed in combat....

Well, 9/10ths of the military is logistics; I'm sure we need the help....carrying water or something.

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Doesn't China have satellite destroying capabilities?

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>>The Oba-chan Seducer
>>you stupid fuck!

irony oh god

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THings don't work like WWII any more.

China'd probably get the boot from the UN; losing permanent seat. Embargoes ensue, China can't sell their shit to most the western world anymore, and popular support for the war would vanish. Some sort of peace treaty would be reached, and we'd have another 100 years of butthurt asians bitching at each other.

Assuming the nukes don't rain down from the sky.

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Oba-chan you're a fucking idiot, if its nuclear war, obviously Japan wins with the USA's nuclear stockpile. They would nuke China into oblivion without a second thought, they always have Latin American sweatshop labor.

Now lets fix this: Without nukes involved, who wins?

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Stupid fucker. I never said anything about Americans getting involved. But let's make this to a non-nuke war. It's more interesting.

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NObody. China is almost a first-world nation, and so won't continue an agressive war for fear of losing it's opportunity to gain in power.

Wars only strengthen a nation if they're continuous.

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Japan still loses as it stands now, as they barely have any sort of military presence besides a half-decent Navy. It's in their constitution that they can't build up significant military power.

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But they WOULD get involved, China has been breaking UN protocol for a while and the USA is obligated to protect Japan via the treaty. Now if you want to create ideal standards and say we remove the treaty and the USA doesn't give a fuck about them, then Japan gets its army and navy back.

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>Without nukes involved, who wins?

America's $400billion military budget doesn't include their expenditure on nukes. As a Britfag it pains me to compliment them, but America does have the best equipped army in the world, and if a war happened and they whip the "Your country is willing to pay YOU!" posters out, manpower will me a much smaller (if still large) issue.

>They would nuke China into oblivion without a second thought

Politics don't work that way.

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Are there people seriously supporting Japan?

I hope you're just trolling

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Well obviously, but I'm talking about the hypothetical situation of China launching nukes at Japan, and Japan bitching to the USA about it. It would take time to go through all the politics (unless Bush is still in office), but they would do it with fairly little argument.

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LOL, China isn't even REMOTELY close to being 1st world.

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IS there a reason not to? They're my country's ally.


Second world is close to first world and they DO have a some democratic processes (although I'm sure they're about as fair as back-alley 3 card Monte)...

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Ok, Ok, obvious troll, but I'll bite. China lacks some of the basic tenants of a first world nation, such as a, at least to an extent, fair government (not even talking about Mao here), an economy with a somewhat equal distribution of income (coastal cities, esp. HK, live like kings, rest have shitty lives), or a balanced economic market (Command Economy? lol wut?) for that matter, and if you picture how the ratio of big-to-small companies works it is like an upside-down pyramid, which is why you constantly have companies going bankrupt.

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Seriously, I can't think of any one country that's gotten off as lucky as Japan has. So they got a-bombed a couple times and some people burned. Check out what they got in return:

1. Eternal protection from strongest military in the world
2. Thus ability to concentrate on becoming rich, biatch.
3. win

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Japan reveals it has been secretly building GIANT ROBOTS!
In the end they prove useless as China proceeds to nuke all of Japan. The Japanese Culture Craze ends and all of us turn are attention to Rap.

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Also we already agreed nukes would not be involved. Don't bother us about it.

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You mean China has something worth saving?

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I think I'd rather die in a Nuclear holocaust....

Rap culture is fucking retarded.

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