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I'm posting this because the thumbnail made me think it was a picture of Master Shake.

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Funny to think that is she wanted to, Alice could kill Reimu and Marisa faster than a drop of a Gensokyo hat.

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Jesus Christ I love canon Alice. MORE

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She could totally defeat Reimu with her grimoire open, like in Mystic Square, amirite?

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She was totally a fucking kid that didn't know what she was doing, amirite?

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OF COURSE. But, as stated, Alice wants to fight straight and square and she'll accept defeat after losing a battle. So, that means that she'll never open her book again in order to take advantage over her enemy.

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EX Alice is so damn strong she puts Suika to shame.

EX Alice, nobody fucks with her,not even Yukari Yakumo.

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EX Alice is some fanon bullshit

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Reimu can handle it.

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I thought she wouldn't open the book because she didn't want to lose at full power, so she limits herself to her opponent.

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A terrible challenger appears.

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Now there's some fanon bullshi....

Never mind, I keep forgetting Alice and Rumia are the same person.

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Go play MS and get raped.

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Actually she can beat her without her book open just play Iamp IN or SWR with Alice

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I need to inform you that you thought wrong.

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