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When I was 16 I pretended to be a girl and would cyber with guys, then find their online or real girlfriend and send them the logs. Shit made me hard as a rock. Stopped doing it when I tried to do some lesbian shit with an actual retard (coffin siris syndorme or something, google it)

Man, that was a weird time, but looking back I don't give a shit, the fapping was immense. I once jizzed on my face because muh spooge went flying so far, and I was in a seated position too. And I would be edging for like 3 hours everytime so when I came I felt like I got punched in the gut sometimes, but it was nice.

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That's nice to hear...

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Bullying is wrong.

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Coffin–Siris Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which causes developmental delays and absent fifth finger and toe nails.

Holy heck...

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Why stop?

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I got turned on reading this
I thought I was a nice person, so why do I like it so much
thanks for sharing anyway

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bump, LOL

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Nice anime gif, dork

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Never thought I'd see the day when someone posted an anime gif on 4chan of all places.

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4chan isn't an anime website. It has anime boards, but it's a general interest English message board and has been for over five years. Lurk more.

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Why is everyone saging?

Thread is Epic

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>and has been for over five years


4chan was 100% anime bullshit in the beginning, sorry if it makes you mad to be wrong

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get fucked weabos

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I laugh every time.

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>DAT shit weeaboo japanese
>4chan was 100% anime bullshit in the beginning
No it was just a copycat of futaba in the beginning, now moot has some shame and made it a little more original.

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What I was saying was:
4chan used to be an anime website. Since then, it has become a general interest website. It has had non-anime boards since the year it was created. For the past five or more years, it has not been an anime website any more than Reddit is a computing/programming website (as it once was).

I gave the figure of "over five years" because I think the new frontpage was a solid indicator of when 4chan had stopped being an anime website. The actual change probably took place gradually before then, but with: the trendier design; the new themes; the lack of any new anime boards; the additional of lots of non-anime boards; 4chan's FAQ and other site materials being rewritten; and moot's waning interest in anime, 4chan stopped being an anime website.

There are still anime image boards and BBSes if you want them, but 4chan is not one.

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This would be more convincing if we weren't on fucking /jp/

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post more semi-lude girls in their rooms with a somber aesthetic please

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guys we're getting awfully offtopic here

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Off topic THIS