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No thanks mom I'm really full.

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You know where this is going...

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Thank you for the prickles.

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Thanks mom.

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why did she poo on my rice?

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Poo is very nutritious.

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it's not poop you fucking retard

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Feed that thing some of these.

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she should chew her eels more thoroughly

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Snakes don't chew and it's hard to constrict an eel with your hands

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It's not feces, silly.
It's delicious Japanese Curry!

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get out

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This artist draws a lot of touhous serving up curry rice

Murasa's curry is literal scat

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Not Kanako though.
She's a clean woman.

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It'd be weird for a Shinto God to not be clean.

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There's a shinto god of the toilet.

She is canonically beautiful and clean, though.

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Needs more Kanako <3

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sex with mom!

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I definitely would.

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mom, why do i have so many siblings?

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Because she is so very fuckable.

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my god, why kanakos tits are so damn big

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The better to comfort you with.

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okay, sauce?
First time seeing this.

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I want to hear Kanako sing like in that M1. You know, before I fuck her brains out.

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I like tall women.

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Even if your own mom isn't worth loving, you can give the love to Kanako instead.

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Oh, that height is wonderful. I have a tall girl fetish but it's so hard to imagine because I am 6'4".

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Amazing, really. I've always loved Okuu but imagining her as 9' tall is seriously turning me on so much.

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The hell. I don't think Okuu is 9ft tall.

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That's some fucked art.

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>he didn't draw Cibo and Sanakan for comparison


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It's just fanart. Take it easy.

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I can't take it easy imagining an Okuu nearly twice as tall as me!

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At least you'll be able to ride her in the sky easier.

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Imagine how protective she'd be of you if you were lovers! How gentle she'd be with you! How rough she'd be when you make love!

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This is pretty much my fetish.

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Okuu the gentle giant.

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You're only 4'5" tall?

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No way in ass would she be able to fly.

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About 5'3", which is why I said nearly twice as tall.

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Pic related, it's Okuu

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Her wing span is proportionate to her size. If Okuu is 9 foot tall, then her wings are like 50 foot from tip to tip.

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I still think there might be a limit. I don't think pterodactyl even surpassed that.

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Imagine is she hugged you with those wings.

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It's one of mine, too. Specially if it involves someone as ditzy and earnest as okuu.

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They all fly using magic anyway, so this is all kind of moot.

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Sleeping in her arms, my head between her breasts, both of us naked, with only her wings covering us both like a blanket.

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she still uses a bit of magic to help her flight, obviously.

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I'm starting to imagine her less like 9' and more like 30' for some odd reason.

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There is clearly a line somewhere between those two heights and you just crossed it. Now were getting into giantess territory.

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>Arararara! You're up awfully late dear. If you stay up late you could catch a cold. Come now, let mommy tuck you in. Do you want me to hum a lullaby, sweetie?

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>If you stay up late you could catch a cold.


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>Do you want me to hum a lullaby, sweetie?

Yes please!

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C-can I suck on your breasts please?

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>Okuu is 9ft tall
>9ft tall

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shut up

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I love you mommy.

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Sorry Kanako, but Ran is my mom now. She is much cuter than you could ever be!

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nice dubs brah!

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I know how cold these winter nights can be. Letty made sure it would be extra cold this year. Can't you hear the wind howl and the trees shake outside? I won't let my little darling get a case of the sniffles. Would you like to sleep in mama's bed tonight? We can snuggle all comfy and cozy... Just come into my arms and I'll hold you closely. Just hold me tightly and believe.

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thank you mommy

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Does /jp/ like napping with mommy?

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yes. Especially to be cradles in her bosom.

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I love mom Kanako.
Do you guys have any other touhou moms?

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that's a real nice ass

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Work out you pig
No its not its disgusting

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Kanako is the least mom hag Touhou

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reported for being a fag

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My mom!
I want a general mazacon thread after finishing this one.

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You start it.

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"quero quero quero!"
ah, beautiful

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What a lewd goddess.

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Kanako makes the best mum. Don't you think?

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I love Kanako as a mom, but in some mood
I love mom Yuyuko!

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Best adopted mom. I'd feel slightly guilty about my desire to impregnate her if she was blood related.

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Eh, I think she'd be motherly in her own way, but I doubt she'd be a softie. I could see Byakuren, Yuyuko and Ran being like that, but Kanako? No way.

I could see Kanako being the intimidating and overbearing type. She'd be really protective and expect great things from you. She'd love you, but she knows your potential and expects you to live up to it. She probably thinks that not pushing you to your full potential is a disservice to you, she wants you to be the best you can be!

I really put too much thought into this.

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