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Merry Christmas /jp/ from fah.

I luv you~ (´・ω・`)

touhou, katawa shoujo and mikumiku dance forever stay classy!

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btw who was this guy? that was so moe~

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keanu reaves is kawaii in monochrome

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Fuck off Casemods.

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How disgusting.

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Git out, disgusting crossboarders.

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this and the OP are on such a different level of 'fucking retarded' I really can't tell who's trolling or not anymore

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No one is trolling. Merry Christmas!

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crossies get out

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Don't worry /jp/er if it bothers you I won't bump just let it fall or I will delete the thread later anyway.

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>I will delete the thread

finally you're talking some sense

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Don't bully!

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Nah I just don't like being like the typical newfag. I mean fuck it ain't my board I need to be respectful and a good exemplar.

Even through its x-mas this is off topic.

Let me eat something and I'll delete it, I'll post it here >>10259174

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And now we wait for the procession of neo-/jp/sies to chime in with their "aww look, the little crossie is so very nice, maybe we should be kind to them"

Don't you fucking dare even consider it, faggots. Search inside your heart, forget illusion. Crossies are crossies no matter what.

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A promise is a promise /jp/er.