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So far today we've received Christmas Wishes from /a/, /b/, /g/, /m/, /v/, /r9k/, /mu/, and /u/!

It feels so nice to be thought about! Thank you too all the boards who sent a nice friend over to wish us a good holiday!

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I don't like it

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Merry Christmas from /tv/!

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deep down, some of them worry about us

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Can I have links to the cards? I don't feel like clicking

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(っ_-。) i wish they would stop

ive been trying to play video games

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Thank you to /toy/ as well!

Thank you /tv/!

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They're all fucking gay.

Except for /b/.

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/jp/, /f/ and /u/ are my secondary boards... My main board basically died after 2010 but it was golden for 3 years.

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meddy kurisumasu~

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Merry Christmas /jp/ from fah.

I luv you~ (´・ω・`)

A promise is a promise. Never change /jp/~

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>My main board basically died after 2010 but it was golden for 3 years.
Sounds like /jp/.

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Also applies to /tg/, though.

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Git out, disgusting crossboarders.

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I'm from /fa/ actually. Its a long story... I started in the chans in 2007 on /a/ when SHiN was around more often, then I moved to hipsterfaggotry 2008-2010 /fa/ it rocked it had a great cast of "characters" then everything went to hell when all the oldfags left.

So I needed a back up board and /f/ has always been that board (which btw has some /jp/iers) then I got into /jp/ thanks to KS and MMD and /u/ has always been the best "fap" board imo.

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I don't want Christmas wishes from normalfriends who've never 1CCd a PCB in their lives.

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Nobody cares, nerd.

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Merry Christmas friends!

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What part of your life story there are we supposed to be interested in?

Typical crossboarder scum

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Don't bully!

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i'll bully your anus with my johnson you fucking geek

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It's only called a Johnson if it's shaved.

Otherwise it's called a Benson and Hedges

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n-no thankyou

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The other boards obviously care this is one of the few boards that still has that 2ch.net feel (kinda).

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Did someone from /jp/ do the same?

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I'd say it's more Futaba (2chan.net) than 2ch/2channel (2ch.net)

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I've been searching the archives but didn't find anything.

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the other boards don't know what that means

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yeah, there's been a few /jp/ collages this morning

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If you got them post them.

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I didn't know that in some cultures "kinda" meant "yeah right".

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now you know.

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you missed this thread, meido

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>I started in the chans in 2007 on /a/ when SHiN was around more often
Oh god I remember him. Professional shitposter and terrible fansubber.

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At least start bitching in the 26th Don't bully!

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This shit again?! Get the hell out of /jp/.

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bully my dick dude

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From Japan too

People really care about us

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Pretty much she just changes she's waifu every month or something and hasn't changed a bit.

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Since this is already a shitty metathread I figure I'll ask, why does meido delete Billy Herrington threads? Isn't he aware of how huge he's in Japan?

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Also is 4chan really slow for anyone else or is it just me?

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Really? I remember quite well how he'd post a "Kagamin is my waifu" thread every day for god knows how long.

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Does he? Gachimuchi is otaku culture and so far I haven't noticed deletions of said threads.

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So many crossboard scum.

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There was one recently and it was deleted just after I posted on it

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Well maybe it broke a rule.

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All the waifus he picks need to have a hint of yuri on them.

maybe cuz
>pic related

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x-ies (crossies) can go explode.

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/p/, too. dont forget about /p/.

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merry x-mas take it easy

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japanese culture is otaku culture, faggot weeb

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For christmas I want all of you to enjoy comiket and live for another year

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they care!

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It's not that of a big deal. This is not something to be celebrated about. Once this month ends we'll start being a faggot towards each other anyway.

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who? /jp/ against itself?

anyway enjoy the small Christmas truce then.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to go to Comiket. I'm much too poor. Shit sucks.

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I wonder how many /jp/sies killed themselves this Christmas.

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Not enough of them, that's for sure.