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Why does /jp/ love mother figures so much?

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Because they want to be loved.

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/jp/ is not a hivemind

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Because their mother was the only woman who loved them

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You are going to need to ask the ancients that.

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Wrong. It's because I hate my mother and wish a Touhou was my mother instead. Except it's not Ran, it's Satori.

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that hell it is

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A mom is a woman that is only demanding in an unselfish way, and will always love you. you both know each other intimately and she isn't afraid to coddle you.

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Too bad none of that's true. I guess it makes sense that I'm not a mazacon.

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you're probably american

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why satori? she's a loli

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• Fertile Bodies
• Attractive, full figures
• Wide hips for healthy child rearing and large bosoms for breastfeeding
• Good with kids
• Motherly instincts and habits
• Caring, unhateful personalities
• Nice, kind, gentle

Sound like good mates
Would impregnate and start a successful family with

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Why not? She's nice.

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How would you feel knowing your Touhou Mother could read your every thought?

>"Son, did you finish your homework?"
>"Of course!"
>(Nah, I stayed up all night masturbating to mazacon-futanari hentai and will quickly fill in answers right before class)

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I want my mother to be able to read my mind. You wouldn't understand.

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My mom had daddy issues so always ignored me and never hugged me or cuddled me, but was overly protective of me. She is also a NEET. She basically let me do whatever I wanted, so I never really had a mother figure. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I rarely saw my dad so I never really had a father figure.

So basically all I want in a partner now is someone to treat me like a baby and love me and hold me.

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Satori is only a "bad" mother for those not pure at heart. Even then she'd set unpure souls straight.

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I also think Satori would make a nice mother

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That fictional character was a young woman who may very well have become a mother to me, if she weren't 2D.

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And here I was thinking in going to a therapist to find what is wrong with me. Thanks for telling me.

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Despite me browsing /jp/, I do plan to have children someday and I want to love them fully. However, knowing how women can actually be, it's always easier to admire women with that knack for motherhood.

All I really want in life is a happy successful family with plenty of love to go around. Is that really so hard to ask and is it really that bad to dream about?

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no such thing as love in the modern western world

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Then marry older desperate Japanese Christmas cake woman that would be more than happy to unleash her struggling maternal instincts on you and cook tasty Japanese food for you.

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If your mother begged you to impregnate her, would you?

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No. Incest is for losers.

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Will you be spending this Christmas with your mother, /jp/?

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I do, but I thought everyone in /jp/ either liked whore looking schoolgirls with huge tits or little girls with DFCs or small breast.

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No, but I'm spending Christmas with my mother's mother!

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3DPD is 3DPD, even it's your own mother.

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well you see its a freudz boyz kinda thing

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No, but I'm spending christmass with you're mother.

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wow same here

OP's mom confirmed for town bicycle

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Why are people so hard up to abandon their parents? Most people spend Christmas with family.

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Why is the Moriya shrine so poor?

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The stereotypical mother figure personified, and given super powers.

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hips too small
would not fuck

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But anon.

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Because I hate my real parents, OP.

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that's very edgy brah...

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mazacon unite

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hahaha, I get it

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Because most of us had troubled family lives and the idea of an ideal, loving mother figure who truly cares for us is appealing.

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I had a shit upbringing and an ideal mother figure isn't appealing to me at all.

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Good thing you're not a real Wbro you pathetic subhuman.

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It just turned me into a pedo not some sick mom fucker.

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my mom is now neeting up and it sucks becauseie it means i will now have to break out the piss botttles again... get a fucking job, loser

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know feel. I don't have a supply of bottles so I need to keep using the same four and it really stinks when I empty them and I feel like crying and vomiting too

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my roommate is having his girlfriend over a lot and i just sit in my room the entire time avoiding them and i cant eat or go tot he washroom the entire time

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and he watches netflix and i cant play games either

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are you me?

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that is horrible. I hate having to be around women

once my dad had a nurse come over to change his kidney thing or whatever after an operation and she was like 24 years old, nobody fucking warned me I walked right into the living room and then left immediately and everyone laughed

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its actually the worst theyre always such smart asses when you run into them or they have to comment and gossip about you when its not even their place

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their probably want a fuk lol

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i wish theyd just die too

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damn you guys must be ugly freaks or something

young girls are always nice to me (although i fucking hate fuckign gooks no lie no meme seriously i fucking hate them so fucking much especially the women

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and by gooks i just mean slant eyed orientals

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guess what type of girls they are then, ill give you a hint you just supported my posts

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Um, why?

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the nurse was some kind of gook. basically the entire new generation of medical professionals is gooks where I live

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your probably a gook yourself if youve been around enough gooks to have developed a phobia of them so walk on outta here tojo before i go nuclear on your ass

in my case its just because i think theyre fucking ugly annoying freaks and im not asian

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It isn't about race. It is about individuals being oppressed by a collective that is related in the societal sense. The immediate sense of self-identity that the collective shares with others of their race makes it easier to form a nepotistic wolf pack. Clearly, you haven't been fucked over by your own race enough to understand this.

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white people are literally subhuman

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agreeing with >>10258286,22

clearly... you damn gook we saw right thru you

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and da inner animal comes out the fucking chinky sonuvabitch soons you set him straight

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yeah i have been around enough subhumans but im not asian im just from richmond near vancouver and they over ran the place

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I wrote this for males. The female game is a lot different with an entire different set of privileges and disadvantages.

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Do these inbred whites not realize we're on an archive dedicated to a "chink" board? Fucking morons...

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Go home, Jap.

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Because all you have to do really is not be fat amirite? Wish I could cut an axe wound in my perinium just so I could have that priv.

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I like cute japanese girls but they are intimidating when they aren't really japanese but localized

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Actually my women's studies professor taught me that skewed interpretations of individual accounts from 300 years ago still apply broadly to how things are today despite me being obviously fucking blind and not seeing things for how they are instead of how they were in certain circumstances.

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Yeah ok like I believe that bitch I am an incomparable homoooooooooooo...

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If you literally take it up the ass, you're more of a woman than a man. Deal with that priv.

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I deal with it very well since I have lots of big hot dick ready to pound my boypussy and fill my boywomb at all times~

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I rest my case.

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The case of the missing autism found in you? I am an incomparable homoOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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is fapping to dark magician girl like bestiality? since she is a monster not a real person and it doesn't seem like the monster holograms have intelligence very much

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I love her.

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Murdr all hooks