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Sound Holic gets worse by each Comiket.

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Yea the PVs are just getting dumb...

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It looks cool.

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Music sucks, but the animation quality seems to have improved.

I'd prefer they did everything well, sure, but there are hundreds of CDs released every Comiket, while maybe one or two video DVDs. As far as I'm concerned, they've chosen the more important part to pay attention to.

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What the fuck, what's happening to them? Were these vocals even edited? The audio engineer in me is mad.

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not on par with previous soundholic music. maybe they are running out of good ideas?

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stfu' i liked it also i can,t wait to pirate it

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Touhou DBZ?

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They've been known to be DBZ fans, yes.

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I can tell I'm musically illiterate because I can't hear anything wrong with the muisc.

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It's okay, the fact you admit it already puts you ahead of the game in comparison to casuals who dare say something they like for purely subjective reasons is the second coming of Christ. You're cool in my book.

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i always get a little mad at stuff like this; they obviously have someone with animation skills, but why do they only make shit? Get someone who can make a decent story as well

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Is that Sanae?

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They're the same as always. You're just coming to realize that they've always been mediocre.

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They were always mediocre, but this time they're a little shittier.

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the youmu vs. yuyuku fight could have been cool, but why the terrible song

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Bah that felt unnecessary. The Possessed(?) Yuyuko seemed dumb and why give her a sword?

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I actually at least liked the athmosphere in that one. But agreed it'sa pretty awkward idea, at least with no backstory whatsoever.

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I liked that Patchy so much, it made me feel lewd inside.

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SOUND HOLIC always had mediocre songs followed by semi-neat PV's.

SWING HOLIC has 9 bad songs, 3 okay-ish followed by 1 really neato.(usually the song in which the Touhou of that theme is representing the Album cover).

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I think Swing Holic are ussually quite good.... compared to Sound Holic, they're pretty solid. I ususally only like the Linjin arrangements on Sound Holic albums.

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It's a naginata. Very traditional. The daughters of great households would have been expected to know how to use one at various points in Japanese history.

There probably isn't going to be a good explanation. It's just campy shonen fight anime meets Touhou.

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No bloomers, not even panties, and that fucking horrendous fanon Marisa design. Why is this allowed?

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Hell the designs for this one with the SDM was just horrid

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This seriously confuses me in so many ways. Like, even a casual observer would usually make a comparison to a spear, what with the fairly recognizable metal-at-the-end-of-a-pokey-bit design. But you called it a sword. A *sword*. What?

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Horrible PV.
But busty Meiling redeems it.

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Water balloon tits and no hat

0/10 would not fug

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But then you stretch out to the less known Jazz circles and realise how horrible SWING HOLIC are.

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I don't like how you imply I don't know any other jazz circles. Jazz is one of my favorite genres, and while they're not superb, Swing Holic albums are usually overall enjoyable. A handfull of their vocal arrangements are glorious.

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Oh god, all that wasted animation.

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The hat really does not fit that absurd hairstyle.

these designs upset me greatly

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Hideous hair and no hat, would NOT fuck.

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I'm pretty sure I've heard the first song before, maybe it was another song that sounded a lot like it. Yeah, not my favorite style, I'm not gonna lie.

As for the PV I don't know what you guys are so asspained about, it's just an animated fanfic, I enjoyed it for the mindless self-indulgence it is.
Maybe I'm still a filthy secondary deep down.

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Tekken 5

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I like it.

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As long as Zikee is there, somewhere, I don't give a damn.

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>Jazz engrish with annoying accents.

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I liked their UFO PV.


I'm a bit bummed they're going back to the SDM again.

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They were always terrible.
Never kept any albums by them. Touhou Jazz with vocal just dont mesh well.

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I don't see anything wrong. Music is enjoyable and animations are really good. Fun stuff, looking forward to it.

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Holy shit. Is this supposed to like a speculation of Hopeless Masquerade? Also what the actual fuck is SoundHolic thinking with those shitty costumes?

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This sounds like an incredibly bad version of the Murder Princess OP.

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Sounds for Alcoholics pales in comparison to Sound Sepher. Hahaha!

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>meiling without beautiful alpha straight hair

Mon-Fr drawpha