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/jp/ should have a minecraft server. To talk about amimu things. and Otaku culture. and other /jp/ stuff.

in the mean time, does anybody have a personal server to play with me? I'm lonely at the moment.

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wouldn't that be full of normal people? I don't want normal people, I want the people of /jp/. I like them.

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Well maybe the people of /jp/ don't like you and what you're trying to do.

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Show me how to run a server and I'll host one just for us OP.

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You don't speak for me, faggot. Go fuck yourself.

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Some guy hosted a ``/jp/'' server called TROTE but it was shitty and it didn't even allow people who didnt buy minecraft in. Then tomatochan hosted a server and it was amazing. The end.

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it's sort of an in depth process, I don't expect it to be done tonight.


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/jp/sies may be autistic but at least we can generally tell when something is shit

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what are you implying?

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yes, for example you are shit

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Sounds EPIC, OP!

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Sounds hard, why don't you set it up yourself and send me the files and configurations and tell me what I should change and I'll host it.

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tru/jp/sies don't care for socializing

you want /jq/ers and /soc/ faggots

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That virtual leggos is shit.

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I don't want to set one up because it sounds hard.

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We should have an Ace of Spades server.
Specifically an AoS server that has a version before shotguns and SMGs were released.

It'll be a war between the shitposters and everyone else.

Are you ready?

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Too bad then fuckass loser.

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BOOF had a server for /jp/ before. No idea what happened to it though.

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sounds koolio

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fuck off

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get a load of this friendless loser

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I said it'd be a shotgunless/SMGless server so that's a version way before it was released on steam.

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Your internet friends don't really love you.
If you were to die tomorrow, you would be instantly forgotten.

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not if I'm a superstar like the trips of /jp/ I won't

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Is minecraft playable on internet that averages 500-700 latency?

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Is this the /jp/ video game general?

Anybody here playing planetside 2?

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He had it closed 90% of the time

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I can have it if you want me to.

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Do you want to play diablo 3 with me too?

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I am. I was looking forward to DUST but this seems pretty good too.

Fuck the grenade spam though.

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I don't play with shit.

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I ran a server for about 3 months. I closed it down then after no one had been on for a week. I feel bad for the people's creations vanishing though ;_;

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So is anyone hosting it or what?

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nobody is hosting the MC server. Unless you'd want do that anon-kun.

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I can try.
What version should I use?

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I got a solution for you
Register at: http://mc-de.su
Get our launcher: http://mc-de.su/download.php
Our dynamic map: http://mc-de.su:8123

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Minecraft is bully central

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why when we are on 1.4.6.?

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the latest one

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the server state is offline

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With feed the beast mods please? Minecraft doesn't have enough stuff to do to settle my autism

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it looks like it is, but it isn't

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Okay how's this going to work?
Will I have to use hamachi?

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you're right thanks.

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Great idea baby

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needs more players

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depends what you mean by playable. you can build and mine shiz with little problems, blocks just take a bit to appear/disappear, is all. but, with that latency, all the mobs are gonna rape your ass if they get a chance to get near you~

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We already did that.

It was awful.

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I'll play. Server name and IP and stuff?

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What's wrong with steam?

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He's just trying to be hipster.

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Is that you, milk? Please take your ugly normalfag ass back to /cgl/.

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Well I can't figure out how to start up a server
I guess I'll leave it to someone else.

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Digital Restrictions Management is an enemy of your freedom.

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And the fighter against DRM is an enemy of himself.


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why don we play here?
seems preety nice

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/jp/ pls

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Why should I care about freedom?

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Any diablo 3 otaku here


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I locked myself out of my account. It was a stupid game, anyway.

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You mean you got banned for botting right.

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Do any of you guys play TF2?

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No, I mean I used one of those security key things because I wanted to use the money auction and possibly earn some money, but I lost the program that generates the codes when I reformatted my hard drive. So I locked myself out, like I said.

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I do

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You are stupid as fuck.

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I was already as far as I could get in the game, so it's not like it really matters, I wasn't playing it anyway. Hell Belial was unbeatable.

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>hell belial

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what are you pleading for

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i need somebody good to give me gear


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earn it yourself, fucking manchild.

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that was just a joke don't bully

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Yeah, you don't have enough space to avoid his attacks and they kill you almost instantly. For some reason, that Can't Beat Airman song was always playing in my head when I fought him. "Next to assure my victory, I will save a Smoke Screen till the very end."

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Come on kid, let's game. Just point me to the charlies.

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mine wasn't a joke.

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>can't walk around his fucking ground explosions

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Like I said, you don't have enough room to avoid them. This isn't Touhou, you can't graze them.

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You are the dumbest shit ever. I bet you love saying "like i said" a lot like you're a fucking genius and everybody else can't understand concepts like you can. Fuck off moron. Ugly bitch.

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We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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If you understood, you wouldn't have said that. They are unavoidable. The only way to beat him is to have damage reduction.

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too obv dude

nice dh edge tho but the babby class atm is barb

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I don't mean from class abilities, I mean from equipment. The ones that have reduce all damage.

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My sister got me guild wars 2. Anybody feel like playing with me?

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D-do /jp/ want to play a game of Civilizations 5 together sometime?

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I ran a server for some time but people stopped playing after two weeks or so. Not interested in hosting one unless some tru-autists start playing there.

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I bet you're really good at civ 5 and you just want to make a fool out of me. I still lose on prince difficulty.

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>lose on prince difficulty

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ITT newfags who never played on AoRF or BOOF's server.

Epic for the win.

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I don't know how to play better

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wow they sound like total nerds