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Which artist who draws touhou related images

would you punch in the fucking face?

My first vote would go for Littleshrimp. The guy who draws the retarded looking slutty 2hus, Imizu and Warugaki's beatdown would come next.

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Are you the guy who complained about Warugaki and Imizu having shit personalities some number of days ago?

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I don't want to punch any of them.
They are simply having fun with their hobby.

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dan kim, mizuri kei or however you spell his name.

And every yurifag artist.

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Avion Village. I'll murder that fucker.

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None of them, but if I had to go with some the second guy you mentioned probably wouldn't be a bad choice.

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The bitch who drew Silent Sinner in Blue.

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Wasn't he more significant as some kind of sperging psycho about his sonic h fanart or something? Or am I getting him mixed up with somebody else?

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Another thread from some frustrated kid that's jealous of famous artists.

Nothing new to see here, move on guys.

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What's wrong with Aki★Eda?

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The art is unbearably shitty. Worst complaint are the fucking creepy fingers.

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Whoever draws all of those crappy cat Parsees.

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That's a cuddly picture even if the art is scratchy.

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>The guy who draws the retarded looking slutty 2hus
Oh shit, there's just one guy that does all of those?

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Frickin love this artist.
>hit people
Like, no. Grow up.

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The monsters that make those foul short haired Tenshi pictures.

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He probably means the slutty brown Patchouli guy. I sympathize.

He got his art removed from places like Danbooru, I don't remember the details, it was something to do with people threatening him.

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Those motherfuckers that draw the fluffy touhou pictures.

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Are you talking about the Tenco's story images?

Me, any of the guys that have done rape/abuse doujinshi of Tenshi.

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>He got his art removed from places like Danbooru, I don't remember the details, it was something to do with people threatening him.
Huh. Sounds like "homeless people drama" level stupidity there, actually. Or furries, same same-old, I guess.

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That one who draws Satori with a dyke cut.

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I think that one does more than one like that.

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How is this shit artist even likable in any regard?

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People having fun makes me so mad. How dare people enjoy themselves and bring amusement to others.

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>The guy who draws the retarded looking slutty 2hus
What's the matter, too canon for you?

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Too black Tewi for me.

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I love his yandere 2hus

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This guy right here. I hate him so much.
Also Tiramisu Tart.

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Any artist from the following circles: るくしあ大陸, きつねとぶどう, 全裸屋敷, 不決断, 早く病院へ, ってください, タクティカルノーツ, あめしょー, 54BURGER, Ark Emerald, barista, Marked-two, MeltdoWN COmet, MMT!!, ありすの宝箱, ORANGE CHANNEL, MegaSoundOrchestra, ふらいどきっちん。, アビオン村/F, ウミナリ, えくりぷす, オロリヤ鉛筆堂, かみか堂, ぎゃんぐ工房, さぺろんブラック, しゅべすた, たかどや亭, てぃらみすたると, トンガリゴリゴリ, のうないカノジョ, ひきわり納豆, りとる☆はむれっと, ワトサト, 伊東ライフ, 汚染軟体猫, 革命政府広報室, 丸色季候, 月下美刃, 限月, 松本ドリル研究所, キネトスコープ, にゃんこの目, また明日。, 暗黒暴走組, 魚骨工造, ナハバル, ウミナリ, くまたんFlash.

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Holy crap it's like Mike Tyson's Punch Out

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Every single one who draws both pure yuri and porn with faceless men, with the same characters.

Aya Shachou, the Chigaura circle artist, scumbags like those.

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I take it this was a shitpost layered in five plates of irony.

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I would commit many unspeakable horrors and torture to Hyton. If you don't know who that artist is, good.

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gaoo is the first who comes to mind when thinking about annoying artists.

Abusing Touhous is never cool. Faceless males/artist self inserts are never cool. Combining those two? Still not cool. Also his little stories are beyond shitty and i will never understand what people like about them.

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How the hell could you hate Imizu? Do you just hate good things?

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That guy(girl?) should probably get an award for most frequent sudden doujin endings. Seriously, almost all of his doujins just end without any buildup whatsoever.

Here's this doujin about a Touhou character having sex wi-END

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Imizu needs to partner with Gensoukoumuten, Karaagetarou, Aozora Market or somebody else that knows how to write a decent story.

Imizu draws like a pro, but has doujinshi literally about Yuugi burping and destroying the temple. Or Udonge getting cunt-punted.

If he wants to do comedy, Minato Hitori, Bomber Grape and freaking Karaagetarou can WRITE comedy.

Sincerely, Imizu is a fucking waste of potential.

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He can just draw & let light novelist to do all story & plot. Just like current manga trend.

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Sakurako is the worst artist who draws touhou porn.

Just thinking about his art makes me sick.

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Yeah the farting contest thing was a bit too silly, but something about super childish humor drawn EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY is extra funny.

I would love to see him team up with a better writer though, i have a strange feeling he doesn't even think up a story untill he's done drawing things.

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Yes, this is what I meant.

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The art style is definitely love-or-hate as well, I'm in the latter group.

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man I love that artist

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A lot of the stuff he made in the past was pretty cruel, and his art is by no means that great, but he still draws some cute pictures and can be nice to Touhous if he wants to.

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Shironegiya. Yuri NTR is the most horrible thing in existence.

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I actually thing it looks pretty cute. His art made me like sluts.

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Mizuryuu Kei. Also whoever is the artist for Waterwheel, although they haven't released new stuff in a while.

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I do not wish to harm people simply because they expressed their idea or made something not of my taste.

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What happened with littleshrimp? Did he just fucking explode one day and destroy all evidence of himself?

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In a non-specific order:
Onikobe Rin
mitsumoto jouji
ao usagi

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Oh, also Aya Shachou. He used to be cool but then he started drawing Renko and Maribel mind-break rape. Fuck him.

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i agree the art looks pretty good. i find it difficult to fap to his stuff though, because it's too far into slut territory. i like a healthy balance of cute and lewd.

>ao usagi
he makes me laugh

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Bullying is wrong.

>> No.10244354 [DELETED] 

Please. no bullying.

I'd hug Tani Takeshi.

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I was reading through some old iichan threads the other day and came across this:

Not only do we have !WAHa.06x36 to blame for Bad Apple!!, but he got into Touhou through bkub comics.
What a dumb secondary.

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You say it like everyone who is into Touhou has gotten into it through the games.

>> No.10244470

I got into Touhou through the games.

>> No.10244482

Good job speaking for yourself Mr. Everyone!

>> No.10244511

Well, I don't think he does touhou, but hitting and kicking FatalPulse's head enough times for it to turn into a lovely paste has always been on my most wanted things -list.

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This is what bkub really believes.

>> No.10244568


Are these different photographs, or did she just crop one?

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that guy who draws 2hus as nazis

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Post good fanartists
No i'm not joking I genuinely like this guy's pictures

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You got a problem with Nazis?

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It was a comission at NYCC you dumpass

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I liked him back when I had only seen a few slutty touhou pictures. Once I actually read something by him I started hating him.

>> No.10244639

Back to /v/, ``please''

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i don't care it's still awful

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He also sucks at drawing penises.

Well, he didn't destroy any evidence from my HD.

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Why hasn't Zun teamed up with Araki yet?

>> No.10245028

What. Who's Buront.

>> No.10245036

If I had the chance I would give Walfas the biggest high five

>> No.10245134

Some dipshit from FFXI.

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I don't get it, why do people hate Littleshrimp again?

>> No.10245209


I don't either. Is it just a bandwagon or..

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I personally love his work!

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I was never aware that /jp/ hated Littleshrimp.
By the way, ''he'' is actually a ''she''.

>> No.10245353

But I saw a pic of LS cosplaying Murasa with facial hair...

>> No.10245366


Who the fuck cares. In fact, that makes it even worse.

>> No.10245489

Hating Littleshrimp is a bandwagon and generic strawman for the hatred of popular Touhou tumblr artists. People who legitimately dislike Littleshrimp's stuff aren't going to be so vocal about it. The vocal parties aren't really people who hate the work; I would imagine the target is the ubiquitous popularity of not-very-artistically-talented tumblr artists among the western fandom. It's a hatred of something abstract.

>> No.10245503


So pretty much Elitism. Why am I not surprised /jp/? I'll let the haters explain themselves though.

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This is a real word and it means "people who hate something" and that's how people use it, but why do I always assume people are 15-year-old fanboys when they use it?

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>People who legitimately dislike Littleshrimp's stuff aren't going to be so vocal about it.

But we ARE being vocal about it.

>> No.10245531

No one's said anything bad about him here except for one person asking if he deleted his stuff completely and another (me) asking why people hate him.

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-Bad Art
-Self referencing jokes
-Shitty Jokes
-Fanonized all the way to hell
-Obnoxious art
-Obnoxious humor
-Obnoxious Artist (I conversed with her, she's a bitch).
-The definition of secondary

Basically everything bad about the western secondary fandom put into art form.

>> No.10245575

>-Bad Art
Lot's of 2hu artists are.
>-Self referencing jokes
>-Shitty Jokes
>-Fanonized all the way to hell
Are you saying that most 2hu artists are always on the canon side?
>-Obnoxious art
So is >>10237732 but I bet you like this shit too.
>-Obnoxious humor
Sorry it wasn't a Japanese joke or pun.
>-Obnoxious Artist (I conversed with her, she's a bitch).
Well that's women for ya, but I don't think that really counts since it's more of a personal thing.
>-The definition of secondary
Many artists are.

Why do people throw tantrums about the western fandom spewing MAYMAYS in 2hu but bat a blind eye when the japanese do it. But nevermind this, i'm just going to get counteracted anyway since I know nothing of the Japanese fandom other than putting some character's canon personalities right down the shitter.

>> No.10245597


can you please post more littleshrimp stuff? its so hard to find nowadays and i lost my harddrive since the time he started taking all his shit down.

>> No.10245612

>Lot's of 2hu artists are.
Doesn't change how Littleshrimp is a piece of shit
>Are you saying that most 2hu artists are always on the canon side?
I'm saying that it's worse than usual.
>So is >>10237732 but I bet you like this shit too.
I fucking hate that bitch and her shit.
>Sorry it wasn't a Japanese joke or pun.
Her humor is absolutely cringeworthy holy fuck you must be fucking blind to not see it.
>Well that's women for ya
Ignorant prick.
>Many artists are.
Like I said, it doesn't change the fact that Littleshit needs to get punched in the fucking face.

>> No.10245615

Littleshrimp is actually a rather talented cartoonist, you just don't like his/her/whatever art style.

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Get the fuck out LS.

>> No.10245624

Seems like you're just nazmad that Littleshrimp was mean to you, geez i'll respect your opinion I guess just chill out.

>> No.10245629

>Lol u mad just chill out dude xd

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Uh, it may sound like I was bragging but it's not like I collected her stuff; I only have a handful I either found funny or that were posted a lot. I try not to follow this kind of drama-magnet artist.
But I can post what I have nevertheless.

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Who are you even quoting? Your ironic shitposting isn't helping me understand either. I actually don't even read Littleshrimp's comics to be honest, but the way you're coming off it seems like you have a blind hatred, either that or you're a troll trying to fit in here. In that case, pic related. Dood.

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File: 236 KB, 883x568, FUCKING BUDDHISTS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10245665


epic for the win

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>ao usagi

>> No.10245682

ITT: People getting angry over people who want to beat up their favorite epic as hell artist.

>> No.10245683

Did anyone say Leo Modesto yet

>> No.10245687


thanks for your hard work

>> No.10245701

what does that even mean

>> No.10245704 [DELETED] 

I remembered what it meant a few days ago completely forgot it existed

>> No.10245705

I think that:

>> No.10245710


From what I see on Danbooru on this artist, I see nothing objectionable about him. What don't you like?

>> No.10245716

>Shironegiya. Yuri NTR is the most arousing thing in existence.

Like seriously, are you fucking gay or something?

>> No.10245717

Please if your gonna tell him, tell him the correct answer.

It really means
> introducing threatening thoughts:

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File: 408 KB, 400x2252, byakuren's priorities.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 53 KB, 331x216, littleovaries.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10245881

also just judging by what I see posted up above, he's a typical vulgar teen

>> No.10245887

holy shit this is awful, who made this abomination?

>> No.10245890


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File: 978 KB, 600x3113, robot pirates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And that's all I have.

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File: 120 KB, 1280x720, 1356115835561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow that is so fucking funny! Hahahaha! LOL!

>> No.10245979
File: 38 KB, 330x371, 1355877133051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You guys weren't kidding. This is god awful.

>> No.10245996

I will punch Colonel Aki's face three times, then Nounai Kanojo, then Gin'you Haru.

After that, I will spread my ass and mouth to albatross so he draws more Mystia doujinshi.

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File: 673 KB, 950x882, 2011c5589aed26e549b0f6a07fe637fd copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Colonel Aki


>> No.10248031

i wud do ahegao for itou yuuji and watosato. good artsts 10/10 wud fuk

>> No.10248151


Iunno man. It's not that bad.

>> No.10248153

I actually laughed at Utsuho.

>> No.10248180


It's pretty bad dude

>> No.10248182



>> No.10248187


What this guy said.


>> No.10248197


Half of that is just "Hurr Secondary Shit" and the other half means different tastes.

>> No.10248223

I think most of that is just "Baaawww it's western! I'm self loathing white pig!"
Otherwise nobody wouldn't give two fucks. Actually if it was Japanese everyone would be like. "Woow so different of Japanese!" And then grow some hipster group. I like bomber grape... so obnoxious...

>> No.10248250

>I think most of that is just "Baaawww it's western! I'm self loathing white pig!"

You're assuming too much.

>Half of that is just "Hurr Secondary Shit"

>-Bad Art
>-Self referencing jokes
>-Shitty Jokes
>-Obnoxious humor
>-Obnoxious Artist (I conversed with her, she's a bitch).

>> No.10248254

I actually find those to be funny. Who the fuck cares how "secondary" it is since everything is going to be secondary at some level due to it not being canon.

>> No.10248263

No, he's right. Stop pretending your subjective opinions hold any merit in determining how shit a comic is.

>> No.10248279


Are you seriously grasping at literacy to say "I'm right you're wrong!"

Also whenever I see "The Artist is a jerk" I usually take it with a grain of salt unless actual evidence of them being a jerk is shown so don't point out other artists who act like asshats.

>> No.10248273
File: 62 KB, 297x353, 1355892122307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It doesn't matter if it's secondary or not, the jokes are just shit and the art is just shit. It's just as unfunny as that lunarisaileron whose jokes were so bad they got deleted off of Danbooru. There's nothing too complex about it.

>> No.10248281


But I'm right, and my opinions are factually objective.

>> No.10248283


Holy fucking shit do you even understand the meaning of different tastes? Get your head out of your ass please and thank you.

>> No.10248290

Ask anyone with half a brain and he'll tell you Littleshrimp's jokes suck ass.

>> No.10248295

Obviously they aren't as shit as you say if some people like it.

So quick to judge other people for their abilities aren't we?

>> No.10248300
File: 108 KB, 844x551, what a bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10248301

I guess I have half a brain...

You're amazing, you know that?

>> No.10248304


Ask anyone who isn't frothing with blind hate and they will say "Meh".

>> No.10248312

Okay, bad grammar, spelling and sentence structure but he/she is still right if you're being so opinionated on the internet.

>> No.10248309
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>Obviously they aren't as shit as you say if some people like it.

Oh yeah if it's popular it must be good! Right?

>> No.10248315


I'm blind. Where's the actual asshattery? The post it is responding to is also not shown which means I cannot fucking say if it's a overreaction or not.

>> No.10248316


But we aren't blinded with rage. And it's true, LS's garbage is just "meh"

>> No.10248318

You're grasping at straws here. People like stuff you don't like. Deal with it. You can't force people to like what you like and hate what you hate.

>> No.10248321

Whoa I thought white knighting only existed in other social websites

>> No.10248320

Post what he's responding to and then we'll understand the situation. Such a one sided example.

>> No.10248325

>popualr so not shit
Homestuck has a huge following. It's unbelievably shitty.
>so quick to judge other people for their abilities
Is that not the purpose of judging an artist?

>> No.10248331


Is it truly white knighting when we are defending someone who we barely even know? Oh wait with a closed mind like yours then yeah probably. But let's try to minimize personal attacks like the one I just used.


Then why can't you be content with that and move on?

>> No.10248333
File: 57 KB, 454x454, 1298315063294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah because I totally know how created those comics before this thread...

I had a few saved amongst my thousands of random images and didn't know someone who goes by the name of "Littleshrimp" on the internet drew them.

>> No.10248334
File: 213 KB, 965x688, 1355803570316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's right, I agree. I guess I'll let people enjoy their Robot Chickens and Family Guys while I enjoy my Monty Pythons.

>> No.10248336

>is it truly white knighting
Yes. You'll be added to The White Knight Chronicles once this thread dies and I look up your posts on the archive. Have a nice day.

>> No.10248337

How the fuck do you manage to turn "some people like it so its not as shitty as you say" into "its popular so its not shit"?
Supposed to be who.

>> No.10248338


Urrgh. Let's not bring Hamsteak into this. It's base is close to breaking and most of it's fans are cancer. While I disagree with the fact Hamsteak is shit you shouldn't really bother dragging in something like that as a example.

>> No.10248342

Albatross kinda stopped being fun when they switched to males.

I never understood why being white is supposed to be an excuse for artistic disability. If deviantards want preferential treatment, they could play a card that will actually inspire people's sympathy; say, mental handicap. I mean, it's perfectly believable with their artistic and literary skills, no one would even blink.

>> No.10248344


Y'know atleast I'm not trying to get into LittleShrimp's pants. And guess why that reasoning is there: I doubt LittleShrimp comes by /jp/ all that much.

>> No.10248345

Kannagi come back

>> No.10248350

who are you quoting?

>> No.10248347
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>mfw people rage at artists in an attempt to hide their jealousy of the fact said artist can draw better than them

>> No.10248349

You're basing value on popularity you dumb fuck, those two sentences are saying the same damn thing.

>> No.10248351

Colonel Aki
The things I'd do them are unimaginable.

>> No.10248352


Heck. The art works. It's not in the way that it's great but atleast it isn't chris chan tier.

>> No.10248354


LS is a homestuck faggot.

>> No.10248361

No, its actually not. Learn to logic. You took what I said and stretched it. What I said is a counter to the "no one likes it so its shit" which is exactly the same as "everyone likes it so its awesome." Meaning what I said is exactly the opposite of what you think I said.

>> No.10248364


So? That doesn't make much of a difference about the huge following = shit mindset you guys seem to have.

>> No.10248366

They also think that a small following means its shit too.

>> No.10248368


It gives off the vibe that you are going "Oh it's popular that must mean it's shit". Try looking at things from different view points once in a while.

>> No.10248372

I'm sorry I don't place value on things based on how many people like/hate it.

>> No.10248375

But Family goy and robot chiken is shit

>> No.10248379

>what i said is a counter to the "no one likes it so its shit"

The actual post you replied to:
>It doesn't matter if it's secondary or not, the jokes are just shit and the art is just shit. It's just as unfunny as that lunarisaileron whose jokes were so bad they got deleted off of Danbooru. There's nothing too complex about it.

At no point do they say anything even resembling "no one likes it so its shit". They just said its shit.

>> No.10248380


I'm sorry for misunderstanding your viewpoint. That does not mean you should be using such a argument because well: It wouldn't matter then.

>> No.10248382

I like some episodes on Family Guy and some skits by Monty Python. It doesn't mean I like all of one or the other or both.

>> No.10248387

I actually like the some of the Meg and Stewie&Brian episodes of family guy but everything else is shit.

>> No.10248389


What the fuck?

Who fucking cares you nerd.

>> No.10248394


Are we seriously getting to the point we're throwing insults at eachother? I would like to think that's the point where we win but meh.

>> No.10248402

>Family goy

Oy, vey!

>> No.10248403


I don't see how admitting you like poop and fart jokes is related to anything.

>> No.10248407

Oh so you're a crossie too? Please leave.

>> No.10248413

God that brings me back to trying to get into Japanese parties in FFXI. The mentality is the same. I'm well aware that its existed for awhile but I think its pretty pointless.

>> No.10248418

If you can't even identify a wild shitposter, you really don't belong here.

>> No.10248420


Who are you quoting dude?

>> No.10248425
File: 835 KB, 850x850, Sick and tired of your bullshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


See this is what I hate about people like you. You don't accept the fact others are different. Please open your mind more next time before attempting to turn the argument into a shitslinging contest.

>> No.10248429


Iunno man. He seems to get they are simply shitposting.

>> No.10248431

I'm not >>10248394 if that's what you were implying. I was only referring to the mentality of intolerance.

>> No.10248451

Is there not a single man in this world whose company you find unpleasurable?

>> No.10248455


I think we do have people like that yeah. But sometimes it just seems people have no good reason for it. Thus people need others to call them out on their bullshit.

>> No.10248460

Are these times only when it inconveniences you?

>> No.10248458

Don't worry, I POSSIBLY can't find your company unpleasurable, or anyone on /jp/'s company, they probably smell and look too ugly anyway.

>> No.10248487

I don't particularly understand any of this shenanigans, nor do I know who half these people are, but art is subjective. I don't think littleshrimp's art is the best I've ever seen, but it's still silly and I enjoyed it, at least a little. On the topic of lewd/porn art, that's just the internet (and japan) being themselves. Can't fight a fire with a cup of water.

>> No.10248498


What I was should saying: People have people they don't like. They can either be vocal about it or just be silent and walk away. If you are Vocal atleast try to back your hate up with logic. Otherwise you should either start learning how to control your anger or have others calm you down.

>> No.10248504


>> No.10248513

This is Little-Shrimp's Tumblr, if anyone is interested

>> No.10248539



>> No.10248975

Agreeing 100%

Fucking Buront... How is that popular?

That is unbearably bleh

Also who's that fuckwit who did HorrorsofDeviant I mean Hearthrobbing Adventure

>> No.10249034

I was kinda expecting this to be the purpose of this thread from the first time I've seen it in the catalogue.

I don't think anyone is, go away.