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Alice has style!

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Alice is cute

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Alice has fashion sense! She's a city mage after all!

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Yuuka called Alice to her office!

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Gotta love a woman in a suit. Snappy.

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Is that supposed to be Eirin?

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That's Keine, duh.

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Next time post the pic with the hat, jeez.

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But that hat looks silly with a suit.

>I'm sorry, I can't see very well with these glasses on...
>...Could you come a little bit closer?

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Why did you make a statement then post a picture that disproves it?

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I didn't think I was.

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You think wrong. But that's what I love about you.

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Aw, shucks.

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Sanae got an internship?

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Just so you know...Reisen's not mad about nobody paying her any mind in this suit thread, despite her actually wearing a suit.
No sir, no frustration here at all.

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Professor Reiuji, please teach me!

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Reisen is pretty classy. Just look at her clothes!

Don't worry anon, we'll add a splash of bunny to this thread.

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Even Eirin likes Udonge's outfit.

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Foxy lady.

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Get the fuck off Mokou, no-one thinks your pretend-cute act is endearing. You're an eyesore and you're ruining the suit with your existance.

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>Marisa Squad is on the case ze!!!

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That's not a suit. That's an uniform.

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I beg to differ, sir.

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I'd argue that it's still formal wear anon.

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To many bunnies.
Does Koa wear a suit? I forget.

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Kinda looks like one.

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Formal but not on business-related activities unless you consider blowing people in the men's bathroom for cigarrettes "business".

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Don't start that crap.

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Huh. Sounds like a very strange activity to do, anon.

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Make room for a superior rabbit, Faker.

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Damn, dude, quit it. Don't just turn it into a Reisen thread.

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Mokou get out, this is a thread about cute girls wearing suits. You're not cute. Please learn your place.

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Shouldn't you be asleep?

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I think shes cute, guess that means she gets to stay.

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Kaguya pls go

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If this is now about school uniforms then Alice won't lose!

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...it's no use. Keine looks better in a suit than anyone else.

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And who are you to decide this? What level of nobility do you posess in your blood to make such a bold statement? You do know, she won't get any prettier after a magic kiss, do you? We're talking about gutter scum. I'd advise you to clean your lips with dirt after courting her.

I'm not Kaguya but I wish I was. She's beautiful, elegant and has the best servants she could wish for. Now that I think about it, I don't have any pictures with suits on, otherwise my contribution to this thread would be more than helping with board self-moderation.

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Mah pics.

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Hypocrisy is bad, Mr. Special Snowflake.

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I love Mokou but I don't think she looks good in a suit.

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How about now?

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Please, stop ridiculing yourself and stick with your rags. You're ruining haute couture.

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No. Mokou shouldn't wear formal clothes.

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Still cute, as always.

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Well that puttered out quick.

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I can't get over how cute Alice looks!

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Best thread I have seen all week, if not all month.

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Yuugi-sama, this is very unprofessional...

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And I think your tone is very uncouth. Were you sneaking looks at me?
Please see me after class, Mr. Anonymous~

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And then Anon was never seen again.

Or perhaps in the hospital with broken hips.

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Hey kid, wanna learn about "BUDDHISM?"

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Office-Relationship with Iku!

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Don't be ridiculous. Yuugi-sama, you've had your shirt wide open for the entire class. Sneaking is not the right term to use.

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Behold! The NEET transformed!

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Cute image dude.

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Fine Nerdlord, I'll put on something else.
You better get ready to do some "extra credit" though.

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What if your teacher was also your mother?

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I went to school with a kid that had a teacher for a mom every once in a while. I don't think they liked it.

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you mean the kid's dad married and divorced a bunch of teachers at his school, and the teachers didnt like it?

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Oh, we're moving on to teachers now?

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Oh my.

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>remilia has eyes in her head.jpg
I like you.

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Not every suit is worn for business...

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Somebody got it! Hooray!

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It's only my favorite fucking theme in a fighting game.
<s>Ok that and Jotaro's theme from the JoJo fighter.</s>

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Now why would you go and post that?

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Because I was searching my Danbooru history for "touhou suit" and that's the first thing that came up. I'm sorry.

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I wish I was half as swag as any of these touhous.

Sadly, you need money to own clothes like that.

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Too fabulous for this party

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You got a problem with half-breeds?

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Partners in crime.

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Ugh. Suit aside, voluptuous Keine is just no good.

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Smooth Criminal

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Clothes don't make the man, it's how you wear them. Own what you got, then you'll have real style.
Like that one stylish Japanese hobo, whats his name. Fucker knows he's got swag even though he wears shit tier jackets.

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kaguya stop posting pls

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Uh, scratch that, the dude's Chinese. Asians all look the same, amirite?

Anyway, Brother Sharp is swag as fuck and he don't give a single shit that he wears rags. It's all in the attitude.

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Brother Sharp also wore dresses, because he just doesn't give a fuck. He also understands the importance of cute, frilly dresses.
A true /jp/er at heart.

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Yakuza Ran

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But yakuza IS business.

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Alice: Do you find this brutal evening likable?
Marisa: It isn't bad.
Alice: Then surely you are a magician of the untamed fields.
Marisa: As opposed to a magician from a greenhouse?
Alice: As opposed to a magician from a city sect.

You gotta love how Marisa demolishes Alice's pretentiousness.

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Touhou girls being as classy as fuck...Yyyeeeaaahhh...

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Teach me, Miss Kazami!

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Who's that on the left supposed to be?
Her younger self?

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hey newbie it's Reisen II, the "Moonbitches" {can't be arsed to type their names} lapdog ok!

>> No.10238539

Watatsukis motherfucker.

And yes, there's another moon rabbit named Reisen, just call her Reisen II. she's also way cuter with the floppy ears.

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Teacher, I'm sorry.
I won't fall asleep in class again, I swear!
I'm not good at history, please don't call me stupid!
I'm not useless!, please don't force me to read anymore.
I'll do better next time.
Don't yell at me please!
Please, Miss, I don't want to study anymore, I want to go home, please.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm stupid!

Oh no, the trauma, god please no...

My history teacher on junior high school was the only woman that made me cry since I was a kid. Shit... and she wasn't bad looking at all, but I was scared shitless to notice.

If I ever see her again I'd like to pin her to the floor and rape her senseless until she cries.

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Do military uniforms count? Because I have a thing for women in uniform.

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a SUPERIOR version.

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