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Sup /jp/?
My Puni Hole DX arrived today and I just finished deflowering it. Hit me with questions.

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I really need to fap.

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H-how does it feel?

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Did you switch between anal and vaginal during the sesh?

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2lewd OP

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Of me fucking it? Haven't taken any. Timestamp incoming tho.

Fucking amazing. It's the perfect size and you actually feel the bumpy, wavy structure inside. Especially the anal one, which is a hell of a lot tighter.

Of course, that's why I bought it.

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Laughed harder than I should have...

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sorry I mean "too indecent obscene"

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Can you use it hands free?

Does the outside collect dust, lint, etc.?

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>Can you use it hands free?
Yes because it's a whole 2.4kg which isn't thrusted away as easily as e.g. a fleshlight.

>Does the outside collect dust, lint, etc.?
Probably. I put it on a piece of cardboard to prevent that since it feels very sticky.

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Please, no emoticons here.

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How do you clean it up after use?

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Easy. Just let some warm water run through both ways: pussy, anal and the top hole for a minute each.

I happen to have an unscrewed shower head so it's very handy for cleaning it.

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What's the point of cleaning it? I don't have this particular model but I have a different masturbator like this and I never bothered to clean it, used it for years and never noticed any problems.

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Oh and before anyone asks: The CD that comes with it is loaded with garbage. All censored pics.

The lube is awesome though. I believe it's water based and it takes a while to dry out, compared to different brands.

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How much was it? Where from?

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Mold, smell, etc.

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Do you cum on a paper towel? If you cum inside of it, you gotta clean that up, bro.

I forgot to clean my STU for a week or so and it was ruined the day I wanted to use it again. Don't wanna get too detailed there if you know what I mean...

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Huh? The cum just evaporates inside it, I don't think it's a big deal. It smells a little bit maybe but it's a comforting and familiar smell.

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Get more detailed.

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You are going to get moldy dick, son.

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1. Where did you buy it from / how much was shipping?
2. For the love of /jp/ please upload the CD that came with it!
3.Compare the anal to the pussy, What type of structures do they have and how lewd does it feel?

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Please take video of you fucking it, or at least pictures.

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Dad? Do you browse /jp/, too?

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I doubt it. I mean I scrub it off every month or so when I bother to shower (usually when I start to feel a rash forming somewhere or other and want to nip it in the bud before it gets worse) so I doubt much mold could grow.

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>How much/from where?
65€ + 65€ shipping. Yeah it's crazy but if I'm gonna spend a lot of money on something like that, it doesn't really matter HOW much to me.

>Upload the CD
Maybe later or tomorrow or something. But I definitely will.

>Compare the anal to the pussy, What type of structures do they have and how lewd does it feel?
Pussy: I LOVE the labia majora of this model. It looks and feels very real. As I said, you can actually feel how the inner wavy canal structure guides your dick while the texture just feels awesome. It's hard to describe...
All in all it's a little more premature version of the fleshligh STU with an improved canal structure.
Anal: Tight, more pleasuring. Especially the insertion feels good because it's not as "soft" as the vaginal hole.

Not today, buddy. It's my first time posting on /jp/ but it most likely won't be the last time, now that I got this sexy tool.

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Why is molded rubber worth two hundred dollars?

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Fucking children is illegal. Fucking this thing isn't, but it puts you down a bit, financially I mean.

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Glad to hear its good, I wanted to buy it but the $80 shipping turned me away.

Picked up a few other holes instead.

Girl in the box was mediocre while Ubu Virgin was 10/10 would fap gain

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Welcome to /jp/ friend. Try to lurk a lot before taking part in the community!
I await the CD upload.

If anyone knows any information on where I could get this hole asides NLS please indulge me. i can't handle the $70 shipping they charge for the weight of this.

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Someone uploaded the cd in the last onahole thread, nothing too intresting

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I forgot to wash my fleshlight and now it's been sitting in my closet for months. Do you think it is still recoverable?

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care to link to the post?

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You could fuck midgets.

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Depending on where you live, you most definitely won't find a better offer on the shipping. It's really heavy for its size.

The custom package description helps a lot if you're living with roommates or parents. I put "computer parts" and convinced my roommate that it's a new PSU for another friend of mine.

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Hurr durr, that's not the same thing.
1/10 for making me reply.

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Where do you hide it?

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Please don't post here.

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>Where do you hide it? No idea yet, I got it today and I'm lucky my roommate's out partying.
I guess I'm gonna put it in my cupboard and wrap some clothes around it I don't wear anyway.

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>Where do you hide it?
No idea yet, I got it today and I'm lucky my roommate's out partying.
I guess I'm gonna put it in my cupboard and wrap some clothes around it I don't wear anyway.

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Put it in a large ziplock bag with some baby powder inside the bag. Then really anywhere

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You got any idea how I'm gonna dispose the naughty boxing other than burning it?

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Like hide the onahole in the bag in the box, if he finds one its discovered anyway.

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Did you cum inside of it? If yes, it's probably gonna smell horrible as you open it, but I think the stains are gonna come off with some alcohol.

If not, then you're fine. Cumming outside pretty much saves you from having to clean it.

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OP, you lucky bastard. I want one!
Post the model/where you got it?
Kudos in advance.

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Should still clean, you do have precum

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>Post the model/where you got it?
Forgot to do that in my previous post.

Also thanks.

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It has a butthole too? You should stuff poop in it so you can fuck it and smear the poop all over yourself. You can also stuff poop in and record it and watch the poop get squeezed out as you cum all over it.

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Your entire load will probably leave stains, the precum won't. It evaporates together with the saliva/lube.

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That doggystyle position looks so fuckable.
Makes me want to rub my dick between the buttcheeks. They spread, right?

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Yeah... No I'm not gonna do that, thank you.

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Oh yes, they do. That single picture pretty much convinced me to buy one.

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Precum isn't water there will be residue

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Yes yes you will do it and you will enjoy it because I will pay you lots of money to record it for me so I can fap to.

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You think alcohol will really save my precious toy? I'm going to try this tomorrow.

>> No.10230573


Fuuuuck! God dammit OP now I have a boner.
no fapping till I get mine

>> No.10230582

Will post penetration picture/s when I'm hard again... assuming that's cool with this board??

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Not sure about your particular situation but yeah, alcohol is very recommended for cleaning fleshlights.

Also, why are you saging?

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Yes, it is. Looking forward to them.

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>mfw I'm a girl and I will never know the pleasure of cumming inside a cute toy

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a/s/l? ;)

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>Also, why are you saging?

Because he felt his reply was not worthy of bumping the thread.

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You shouldn't post them here as an image or you'll get banned. Please link to them instead.

I am waiting warmly.

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At least you can know what's like to receive from a dragon without walking like a crab for the rest of the day.

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It feels pretty awesome yea. I get a nice feeling of satisfaction watching my semen drip out of any toy and it's not just the orgasm.

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That's still against the rules.

>> No.10230609

Is that common on /jp/? Let's just say I come from a board where saging is dangerous in terms of potentially removing the thread.

God damn, I gotta lurk more.

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What board is that?

>> No.10230617

That would be really silly if so.

/jp/ is one of the few boards where sage is used correctly. Please lurk before posting in other threads.

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sorry, i just had to post this.
this is sold on the same site as OP mentioned, should you be interested..

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It's allowed on /jp/ if he spoilers the image. Please lurk more.

>> No.10230622 [DELETED] 

You gotta lurk less.

>> No.10230630

How do I spoiler?

Wouldn't buy, too unrealistic.

>> No.10230637

You click the check box near File.

>> No.10230634

Take a wild guess.

>> No.10230636

Rewriting the rules now, are we?

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Stuff poop in the butthole so it can be an authentic butthole so you can have hot stinkly dirty anal sex.

>> No.10230645

Nope, /b/.

>> No.10230648

Someone already said this.

I'm sorry.

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it's not that great. dragon dildos are rough and feel alien
hsuuutuupp! I can't even cum easily anymore, you guys are lucky you can just fap and it goes away, it's not like that with girls

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It's fine. It's going to smell awful and might look gross, but the same happened to me and some hot water and a little cleaning will clean it up fine.

>> No.10230653

Eventually a man can't even satisfy a women if she pleasures herself too much

>> No.10230654

that feel

>> No.10230663

what am I supposed to do, not touch myself at all?
yeah. fucking. right.

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Sucks to be you

>> No.10230678


There are girls on /jp/ now? This is supposed to a boys only club!

>> No.10230676 [DELETED] 


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I like hearing from girls.

>> No.10230687

Oh my, this one has two holes. You could invite someone for some co-op fun.

>> No.10230691

It's too small for that.

The size of it rather resembles a 3-year-old than a supposedly 8-year-old.

>> No.10230695

You can have multiple orgasms and they are more involved/last longer. I would trade the ease of cumming for being able to do it a few times in a row.
Enjoyee...enjoyee...your parts.

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Wait, so... you actually... LIKE lolicon and little girls? Do you wish to be the little girl too? How old are you? Do you like cock too? Are you a virgin? What's your favorite color? Can you beat any EXTRA stages on Touhou?

>> No.10230700

Is that supposed to be a loli/girl trunk?

>> No.10230702


>> No.10230711

at the cost of my uterus hating me every month and lolhormones and all blood and all that shit? no thanks.
um, yes. sort of. old enough. a cock is fine too. yes, sort of. lavender. no :(

>> No.10230719

Okay, guys, this thread is just really gross.

>> No.10230722

>sort of

>> No.10230725

>yes, sort of

Did you break your own hymen?

>> No.10230727

>sort of

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>> No.10230730


I did

>> No.10230731

That might be the least attractive sex toy imaginable

>> No.10230732 [DELETED] 


>> No.10230734

Gurl, run. It wont be long until you start trying to lolify yourself to please your own lewd fantasies. I've spiraled downward so much that I don't even think it's downwards anymore. My closet is filled with all sorts of infantile clothing, I can't even.

>> No.10230738

is there a shota edition? muscles are gross

>> No.10230737

Good god, it's like having sex with one of those medical dummies.

>> No.10230739

I would be interested only if he looked like my cute bishies.

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There's nothing like giving a jaypee OTACOOL fujoshi some attention, namsayin?

>> No.10230747 [DELETED] 


What did you expect from shitty korean products?

>> No.10230754

Wow, this thread is stupid, too. Really stupid.

>> No.10230758

why is that bad

>> No.10230760

>Then Bowser in plain view

So is this the next thing after the Wii nunchuk that Nintendo thought up?

>> No.10230766

Will there be a wii u game where you plug in a flesh light and fuck it?

I bet I'd get high score.

>> No.10230913

It said to be the same way for a man as well.

>> No.10230973

The majority of the people posting in this thread don't belong on /jp/.

You should post in the onahole thread next time. You have no excuse for not knowing there was one up now that there's a catalog.

>> No.10231008

Quit trying so hard to fit in, faggot.

>> No.10231239

Do you feel like a pedophille yet?

>> No.10231258

Any video or review?

captcha: for olendam

>> No.10231266

Oh dear, the box art gives me second thoughts about importing something like this. Customs would probably flip its shit.

Oh well.

>> No.10231273

It's worth the jail time imo

>> No.10231296

Because I'm scared that nothing will satisfy me later on. That if I ever find the guys to go outside and talk to a guy, I'll accidentally blurt it out. And I'm mostly scared that if I ever even found someone to share my life with, I won't be able to satisfy them because I'm only thinking of satisfying myself ; -; I want out.

>> No.10231298


I ran out of lube so I just cum inside my onahole and never clean it, so the remainder of my cum acts as lube for the next time. It smells absolutely horrible and if I get the concoction on my boxers the smell is palpable. It hasn't broken though.

>> No.10231303

If I ever find the *guts

>> No.10231304


Huh, I ask them to label it as "computer parts" too.

>> No.10231321

Why can't they make anything like this without advertising it as some lolis taint. I see lots of nice looking things in these threads, but nearly every single one of them basically goes "btw shes 8".

It's like they enjoy seeing people get fucked over by customs.

>> No.10231340

Dude, clean it if you haven't yet. I had put away one of my onaholes that I forgot I had used without cleaning it and it literally melted a hole through it.

>> No.10231346

Sweet mother of god. I don't have an image for how horrifying that is.

>> No.10231349

It's kinda hard to advertize it any other way when it literally looks like you're fucking a toddler.

>> No.10231351

Because these aren't marketed for overseas obviously and for good reason.

>> No.10231359

Man, girls are pathetic. I revel in the possibility that I might sometime be able to tell that her body could never satisfy me like my Japanese onaholes.

>> No.10231377

>11.5 cm
Is that big or small? Not really a penis expert.

>> No.10231387

I think it's below average in most countries.

>> No.10231392


I'm 16.51 cm, so take a guess.

>> No.10231394

I think 14cm is the average

>> No.10231416

You suck out your own semen.

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I was comfortable with my 12.5 cm. Now I'm just ashamed.

>> No.10231430


It is pretty gross, yeah. But it works.


I would if I had any lube. And it hasn't caused me any problems so far.

>> No.10231439


Your penis size is fine and cute, anon.

>> No.10231448

Six inches - 15 cn is a rough average.

>> No.10231452

Its small. 15cm here and I'm insecure about it. Its not big enough to look awesome, and not small enough to look cute...

>> No.10231456


i laughed my freaking behind off at that image.. i feel ur pain comrade xD

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>tfw you can legitimately pretend to be a little anime girl, most of /jp/'s biggest dream, an we can't...

>> No.10231490 [DELETED] 

I wonder if my penis is 6 inches, too afraid to check

>> No.10231502

There's no reason to be insecure about your dick, Anon. It's not going to be seen by anyone but yourself anyway.

>> No.10231505

My mother saw it.

>> No.10231507

Your doctor.

>> No.10231508

I want to hit the cervix, no mater what nano~

>> No.10231509



>> No.10231512

Is such a thing even possible?

>> No.10231516

Your doctor has probably seen much worse. No need to worry.

>> No.10231518

I plan on buying an onahole soon, and I wouldn't be able to properly pleasure my imaginary image of my Waifu with a dick that pathetic.

>> No.10231528

Eh, onaholes are pretty small.

>> No.10231529

These things are made for the below average penis. Being above average means you break them after a couple uses.

>> No.10231586
File: 59 KB, 590x700, 1353800510209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any ones that are 20cm long?

>> No.10231587

vaginas on average aren't that deep. People with big dicks often can't go balls deep or they cause pain to the girl until her vagina stretches and accommodates it.
t. porn watching and penis expert

>> No.10231594

Is there any reason to use the vagina instea of the anus?

>> No.10231601


Vaginas are nasty, so no.

>> No.10231712

I know I'm pathetic haha. It's why I never go outside unless it's for work.

>> No.10231718

How can you get this through customs without looking like a pedo freak?

>> No.10231725

Say it's for science.

>> No.10231731

btw i'm a grill

>> No.10231742

theres a dog on you, tell it to step off

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>> No.10231763 [DELETED] 

What happened to it?

>> No.10231774

I don't even know what that is
my jap onaholes are very usable even if the lips tear a bit

>> No.10231777

It looks like his weener shredded it.

>> No.10231781

He went ape on it.

>> No.10231791

Sounds hot. I'd love to put my meat on your and the slowly cook it at a low heat.

>> No.10231853

You're not supposed to drill that shit like a pornstar son

>> No.10231873

I am a porn star.

>> No.10231885

Cool, how many bitches do you fuck monthly?

>> No.10231886

And I'm a grill, your point?

>> No.10231902

We're all little grills here. You're not so special hun

>> No.10231911

I'm a bun, not a hun.

>> No.10231947

17 here, is that bad?

>> No.10231962

You're a hunbun

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A tip for anyone has both the both the Puni Hole DX and a Sasakura Twin or is planning on owning both. The panties that come with with the Twins fit the Puni Hole DX perfectly.

>> No.10232136
File: 485 KB, 1198x1599, pdx-top.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and top view

>> No.10232147

My penis is now erect.
I know what I'm buying with christmas money.

>> No.10232148

Nice panties.

>> No.10232149

Does that mean the Puni Hole DX was cast modeled on an actual loli torso?

>> No.10232156

>The panties that come with with the Twins fit the Puni Hole DX perfectly.
it's the same with the meiki cherry 2

>> No.10232162

It looks like a real severed baby torso!

>> No.10232178

You're a grill. Are you a Weber or a GrillMaster.

>> No.10232201

Butt view please.

>> No.10232245

Where are you?

>> No.10232380

What the FUCK is the purpose of that thing?

>> No.10232389

You don't have four dicks?

>> No.10232474

Do you?

>> No.10232533

I'm an Echidna so of course.

>> No.10232664

WTF is this abomination?

>> No.10232676
File: 116 KB, 872x488, 1352861429138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Onahole of the three fairies.

>> No.10233036


>> No.10233048

Spoilered NSFW images are still NSFW and are deleted as such.

>> No.10233084

For sharing.

>> No.10233087

So any upload on that CD?

>> No.10233138


>> No.10233201


Since when is hymen presence/absence the only thing that makes someone a virgin?

By that logic I'd have lost my virginity when I was 8.

>> No.10233206

Nice for you, non-virgin. That makes you a slut, I guess.

>> No.10233208

btw i'm a grill

>> No.10233215
File: 463 KB, 1049x830, fascinating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Tell us more about your tragic horseback bicycle accident.

>> No.10233231

Oh god damn, how is this goofy-ass thread still up? It's like 200 posts of purest dumbassery, and the op image could maybe considered nsfw if you wanted.

This thread is goofier than moot's funny hair.

>> No.10233259

Has anyone uploaded the Puni Hole DX CD yet? Couldn't find it while skimming through the thread.

>> No.10233384


>> No.10233434

you love our goofyness almost as much as you love moot's goofy hair.

>> No.10233795

OP here, I'm back

Yes. But the difference is I would never molest any children. These toys and my imagination is far enough.

No video (yet). The reviews are in this thread and on en-nls

Fleshlight does it completely private and sealed. Western people are obviously a lot stricter with stuff like that.

Read >>10231528 and >>10231529
I'm 13cm and the top of my dick reaches out of the cleaning hole when I'm applying some pressure. These onaholes are from Japan. What does that tell you?

The way they designed this vagina is very pleasuring, especially the outer lips (labia majora). I regularly switch between them. The only problem is having to lube both entries.

Mine got stuck in the customs office because the label came off and they couldn't identify it. So I paid an extra 25€ and felt horrible because I didn't know if they scanned it or not. They were all very weird to me, I figured it was because they're stuck up officials but I later realized by the tape they used, that it was opened and sealed again. Didn't feel as bad as having to open it in front of them, which I refused to do.
No matter what anyone says, the result is waaay worth it.

Definitely gonna get that, thank you.

Don't like it, leave it. There's a whole bunch of (to me) questionable threads up in this board I wouldn't waste my time in.

>> No.10233910

Does anybody know how to customize these sort of things so that they might resemble certain fictional characters which I may or may not have romantic feelings for?

>> No.10233991

I could probably date a 13 year old with nearly the same body size.

>> No.10234011

>I'm 13cm and the
16cm, fuck yeah internet dick wars

>> No.10234019

CD please?

>> No.10234060

Is mediafire OK or will I get unimaginable japanese punishment for posting a link?

>> No.10234076

The fire would just be taken down.

>> No.10234082


>> No.10234110

Don't bother uploading it when its already uploaded.

>> No.10234157

I uploaded the CD.
>lix dot in slash -ce8728
Pass is jp191212

>> No.10234186


>> No.10234224

What? ...No?

>> No.10234243

I need your confirmation on this, Derek.

>> No.10234420

>lix dot in
You're a faggot. Why couldn't you just use mediafire? Please go back to /b/, you cancerous shit.

>> No.10234429

Oh please cry me a river. You weeaboos wanted the CD and apparently the only way to get it is my way.

>> No.10234442

If you read the thread you would have found a nice mediafire link.

>> No.10234461

Nah, I got the CD right here on my desktop. I'd like you to just fuck off because this is one of the worst threads in recent /jp/ history. You're a worst poster than Sean.

>> No.10234481
File: 845 KB, 300x192, 1354430177618.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a worst poster than

Enough /jp/ for today.

>> No.10234583
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>> No.10234646

From the previous thread.

And for anyone in the UK worried about customs, mine got through unmolested.

>> No.10235157

Still waiting on that video OP. I know you b/ fucks get up to some pretty sick faproulette shenanigans so this should be nothing for you.

>> No.10236823


>> No.10236827

It sounds like money well spent thought, and I intend to get myself one.

>> No.10236850

Of course it's possible. It's a common large penis problem.

If you or anyone else needs support for having a large penis and all the problems that come with it, please Google "LPSG". It should direct you to the Large Penis Support Group forum where there are lots of others just like you, experiencing problems just like you!

>> No.10236863

Is the joke that a large penis is in no way a problem?

>> No.10236888

Does it seem like a joke? It's very much a problem. Clothes don't fit properly, you need to use toilets with caution, lower water levels in toilets, buy special condoms, wear compression shorts to avoid any bulge, sometimes the fly in boxer shorts is too small, teeth will always scrape while receiving oral sex, to your partner you can also cause jaw pain, soreness, ect.

There's a reason these types of support forums exist in the first place.

>> No.10236904

It is a problem, you can't enjoy sex as much. Even if a woman were to be the type to enjoy humongous penises, it isn't about her pleasure, its about yours.

>> No.10236913

Outside of sex, all this really means for people on /jp/ is that you're going to need to be very gentle with onaholes so you don't rip them.

>> No.10237388

Anyone in the US thinking of getting/got one of these? After seeing this thread I want this hole more than anything I've ever wanted but I'm terrified as FUCK to actually go through with it.

>> No.10237426 [DELETED] 

Anyone in Cali get a DX?

>> No.10237533

Looking to do some dp?

I don't have a DX but we could frot while stretching my onahole over both of us.

>> No.10237754

Yeah, I did, why?

>> No.10240043

>The cum just evaporates inside it.

Dude, there are proteins and lipids in semen that won't evaporate. Bacterias love that shit. So be careful, as improper cleaning of your onahole can get you an urinary tract infection.

That feel when you finally get to enjoy your faptoy after a week of slavery at work, and after a nice session of fapping you blow a gigantic load, and end panting and feeling your heartbeat pounding on your eardrums, and finally marking the end of the session with a sweet sight of satisfaction and a smile.

That's why I had to settle with a flip hole.
Still feels better than a real vajayjay.

Right, I was going to ask you guys, oil-based or water-based lube?, I don't want to damage my acquisition. And any home-made lube recipes?.

>> No.10241557

Oil will damage your ona.
Just buy some on Amazon, I got a heavy years worth for $10.

>> No.10242144

what about saliva?

>> No.10242218

>blow a gigantic load, and end panting and feeling your heartbeat pounding on your eardrums, and finally marking the end of the session with a sweet sight of satisfaction and a smile

Yes, this is what I signed up for.

>> No.10242235

Didn't you guys say there were some companies in the U.S. that sell these?

>> No.10242268

Now if only I had money

>> No.10242354


So then it's true that oil-based lube slowly "dries" the spongy material?.

I want my faptoy to last a long time, and I don't think saliva is going to contribute to that. And it's gross.


>> No.10245155

which country are you from?

>> No.10247385

Damn, I've never been tempted by an onahole before since they all just looked like rubber sleeves up until now.

Damn Canada Customs and the loli ban.

>> No.10247798

stupid phimosis means I can't use these things without being scared I'm going to rip my foreskin off.

I'd probably just need a lot of lube, but still.

>> No.10248921

Bad idea. Saliva will dry the skin of your dick because of its enzymes.
It's meant to be part of the eating process and breaks down stuff. Try chewing on flour, and it will taste sugary after ~15 minute.
Same reason you don't lick your lips in winter but apply grease on it (lip balm)
>And any home-made lube recipes
Just buy the shake and bake lube from rends. Same product that pepe and peace lotion are made with. Here:

Using onaholes cured my phimosis. And the day it did, the stimulation was so strong it was almost unbearable, orgasms were had.

On other news, I got my #1 softest and the oral one. Both are really good. Hotpowers ships internationally through EMS and marks the goods as "CUSHION" with a value of 100 JPY so no taxes.

Pictures and detailed reviews might be delayed be holidays and shit, but those two are already amongst my favourite onahole. They do have downsides, though.

With this purchase it only really leaves the venus clone on my huntlist, but I'll also have to see wether the meiki ZXY is durable or not and might get another one.
Also, for those in needs of onahole warmers, you might want to check: http://www.onaho.net/warmer2.html#a4

This particular one is the only they feature that doesn't heat from the outside(stupid) as far as onaho.net goes.

>> No.10249108
File: 750 KB, 1932x2552, hotpowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh well, I overcame technical difficulties, here are the pictures.
If you want specific ones, keep in mind I can only have cellphone quality.
Reviews should arrive at around jan 5th.

>> No.10250917


>> No.10250930

oh boy....

>> No.10254655


>> No.10254921
File: 43 KB, 409x322, ME-S001_MainImage1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just bought my first onahole and decided to go with a Sujiman Kupa Roa with Pepee lube... Did I do alright for my first purchase?