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Don't forget, you love her feet forever.

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While I like submission, I don't particularly care for feet.

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>tfw you'll never be able to sniff and lick patchy's stinky feet

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Who are you quoting?

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Shallow and weak.

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The horrible reminder that echoes in your mind every night before you go to sleep.

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But I don't love any part of her.

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Suigin pls

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Thanks for reminding me.

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Same artist as OPs pic. Pretty much draws Touhou and feet.

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He needs to work on his lines.

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A lot of his art just isn't finished. If you look at more finished drawings, the lines are fine.

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Good god stop posting thumbnails.

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Are you retarded? None of those are thumbnails.

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Sorry, I meant toenails.

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>All this sample

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It's a cut down version of the full picture like a thumbnail is, and saving/posting them is a disgrace.

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Yes, 850 by 850 images are a disgrace.

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He's pointing out the fact that the image you saved is not full-size, and is scaled down so it can fit on your screen on Danbooru or wherever you go it. It doesn't matter whether it's still a decent size or not. Please don't post sample images.

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I like feet, but I don't care for submission. Too bad they're usually paired.

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Do you also think playing PS2 games at 1080p makes them look better?

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No, but I wouldn't call it a disgrace,

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It shows that whoever saved it doesn't have a clue what they're doing. When saving pictures you get the original, not a lower quality version.

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Upload high quality images, ``onegai''!

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what i wouldn't give for byakuren's feet...hell i'd even be content with sniffing those boots.

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It shows you've been on the internet too long.

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I don't see that on the rules, so fuck you.

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Being encouraged to do something is different than being obliged to do so.

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People get banned for that rule all the time. If you actually sit down and read them (lol) most of the rules aren't even imperatives.

Other boards take it crazy seriously, like /hr/. Post low quality images on /hr/ and you get banned.

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>Post low quality images on /hr/ and you get banned.

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fucken saved

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>If you actually sit down and read them (lol) most of the rules aren't even imperatives.
You could be a good soldier.