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We've discussed who's the strongest touhoe many a time, /jp/. But who's the smartest?

Yukari has everything going according to plan, Eirin's the sage of the moon, Yuyuko's quite smart behind her silly facade and Marisa's shown herself to be quite intelligent from time to time.

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Are you mocking me?

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Patchouli Knowledge

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>Marisa's shown herself to be quite intelligent from time to time.

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What the fuck? Marisa is a dumbass

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Marisa's dumb. She just bullies everyone else.

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The idiot act is a facade which Cirno wears so well everyone THINKS she's stupid and weak. The smartest and strongest truly does mask her power level.

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>Marisa's shown herself to be quite intelligent from time to time.

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She knows a Japanese mnemonic for Pi! I forget to how many places, though.

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Cirno = ultimate troll

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Remember that Marisa, Alice, and Patchoulli are all literate magic-users. Presumably with high int scores.

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Marisa's not a magician youkai or anything, just a normal human so she's had to have done extensive studying for her magic and such.

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Both Patchy & Marisa are Human.
Alice is half.

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Patchouli is a natural magician, which is a type of youkai with innate magical abilities, and Alice isn't human.

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Eirin is the smartest. Yukari and Yuyuko are more cunning. Marisa's dumb.

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not really, she's just a thief using magic devices. she dresses up like a stereotyped witch because she likes playing magician

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I remember something about how she used mushrooms as fuel for her magic, and how she actually tests out and records what works and what doesn't. She may be flamboyant and talkative, but I don't think she's a complete idiot.

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Wikia says both Alice and Patchouli are Magicians.

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Exactly why are so many people here saying Marisa is stupid? From what I've seen in the games she's usually the one who tries and figures things out, while Reimu is more the type to beat up everyone in sight unitl one of them confesses.

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Because a lot of doujins make her out to be a moron.

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itt fanon is canon

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Alice is a human-turned-youkai. Magic may or may not come naturally to her. However, she does have the highest DEX in all of Gensokyo.

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Mima blessed her when she became a Goddess.

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I didn't say she's stupid. Actually in the pre-windows games, she was described as intelligent, but the later ones say she's just wise. Judging from her dialogues she certainly is wise, but doesn't give much thought as to what she's saying hinting at a bit of stupidity, on the intellect scale.

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>Alice is a human-turned-youkai. Magic may or may not come naturally to her.
We don't really know anything about Alice's past. Except it possibly involved Reimu killing her mom. Until we know for sure, there's nothing to show us that she was ever NOT a youkai.

>However, she does have the highest DEX in all of Gensokyo.
Wouldn't that be Reimu? Super Evasion and all.

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Yukari: Philosophy
Ran: Math
Eirin: Medicine/Chemistry
Patuchouli: Magic

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Shut up, Narutofag.
She's the Hyrbid Witch, man!

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That's more like plot armor. Alice's hands are the most dexterous in Gensokyo.

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Nitori: Engineering

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>Alice was once human and became a youkai magician through training. She is young as a youkai, so she is considerate towards humans and still behaves as one of them would.

From Perfect Memento on wikia

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>Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
Written by Akyu. Not exactly reliable.

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Also, from the Imperishable Night manual:
>However, they have an absolute difference in that Alice is a magician as a species while Marisa is a human magician.

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It's got ZUN written on the cover, doesn't it?

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... It's written from Akyu's POV.

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Useful, when you're a fanon lesbian.

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It's still the closest thing we got to actual information about Gensokyo characters, putting profiles aside.

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WHY does Alice want to make a living doll?

For shits?

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So it'll take care of her other dolls so she doesn't have to.

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Marisa is pretty smart, smarter than Reimu I'd say. I mean hard work can only get you so far, she must have some intelligence and talent with magic.

I'd say Patchy Knowledge is the smartest though, from all the reading and such. If she worked at it she could probably kick all kinds of ass, but she'd prefer to just chill in the library all day reading.

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see >>1022976
>I didn't say she's stupid.

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also I consider reimu smarter than marisa, not that marisa is stupid, just reimu is smart. She's not as wise in contrast though(strange for a priest, but she isn't really a priest), and that her obsession with keeping things normal is a compensation for that.

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I'm thinking Patchouli, Eirin and Ran, each in their own way. Patchi is the literary shut-in type, Eirin is some kind of doctor/medical researcher and Ran just seems pretty smart. Maybe because she's able to set out the rules of the game so succinctly.

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FUCK I LOST TH- ah who gives a shit anymore...

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I'd say the science touhous from Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream. Namely Rikako, Chiyuri, and Yumemi.

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reading does not make you smarter touhou is not a place where you can level up

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>reimu is smart

Haha, no.

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Reminds me of the jewish kid in my AP Physics class with a 102% average and valedictorian of graduating class...

He once used a saw upside down and couldn't figure out why the block of wood wasn't cutting.

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You're always playing the game.
But that doesn't mean you have to care.

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>If she didn't have asthma she could probably kick all kinds of ass

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I'm afraid that's because of super science.

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I have a cute edit of that I'd like to share in the spirit of patriotism.

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How does japanese know what freedom is?

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We freed the shit out of them back in WWII, remember?

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they are all idiots for trying to fly a house to the moon

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But it worked

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