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d e l

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post.replace('del', 'im sucking so many cocks right now im literally drowning in semen')

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del idiot

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Who would win that cold war?

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I hear that America's tits lactate strawberry milkshakes. Is this true?

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...yes... and?

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Please don't bully me

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I got a question, how big are dem titties?

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If only.

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Too big

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I like how the American loli looks like a whore trying to lead the Japanese one astray.

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There is a book about something like this. I just can't remember the name of it.

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The Man in the High Castle

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Why would anyone draw this? Japan has a national domination fetish?

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Japan has dumb hair. I'll take America.

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America does not put eggs on their burgers. This is filthy Jap propaganda.

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America has dumb hair. I'll take Japan.

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They both look like sluts, I'll take neither.

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"You'll like dicks! I promise!"

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They both look like pure maidens, I'll take both.

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The good side would have never used something as savage as nuclear weapons, there would have never been one.
Furthermore, the kike-ran soviet union would have been freed as well if Hitler had has way.

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Japan would have been powned out of earth. Don't forget that the axis winning means germany in fucking siberia. I wish good luck to japan against well armed late 40's panzer divisions. Enjoy being trenched on your island with v2 everywhere.

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Would you?

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I'm a filthy non blond, non blue eyed, only half germanic european. I don't want to stain her master race bloodline.

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Is she about to shoot herself?

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Trigger discipline ;_;

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Maybe she's about to pull the trigger?

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See you moe cowboy...