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Which Touhous do you fap to, /jp/?

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Aya, Futo and Suwako.

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Would you shut your perverted whoremouth please?

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all of them

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Like regularly or have fapped to in the past?

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Lewdness is a disease

If I fapped, I would reimu

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All dem twhoes
Err last one
any bitch that get naked
I just gotta beat it to
even the ones that aint

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REGULARLY all the ones that start with a "yu/you" sound in their name.

occasionally kogasa

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But Touhou characters are pure and innocent maidens. One must not fap to them.

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I most do to sanae...

but she isn't even my favorite touhou.. I feel bad myselft everytime I do...

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most commonly yukari, patchouli, eirin, yuyuko, reisen

but i don't discriminate

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One day I'll stop masturbating once and for all.
That might be the happiest day of my life then

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I don't technically fap to Yuugi, since simply gazing upon her divinely chiseled body causes the ejaculation process to begin itself.

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Tewi, Frandle, Rumia, and Mystia.

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Those who show their armpits.

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whch 2hu immune 2 bully?

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Can't ruin any self-esteem if it's already at naught.

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The only way to bully tenshi

is to not bully tenshi

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Nue, Flande, Nitori, Patchy

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Only Okuu, no one else.

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Ran, mostly. Also all the members of the old maid alliance.

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and Orin, almost forgot. Something about her...

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The one you posted, OP.

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And Nue

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all of them
i dont want any to get jelous

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But why? What about those touhous make your lewd desires burn?

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>>10220922 here

It's the skirts and thighhighs, they highlight the thighs and flat bellies.

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Patchy, Yukari and Kasen

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If there's an artist that has done a book I like with the character, then those. That said some of them have much better luck than others, such as Yukari.

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all of them, ALL OF THEM

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It's more than just lewd desires, it's love. Without love and romance in my fap material it just feels stale. It's always more mentally and physically satisfying doing it with her over anyone else. I also almost feel bad for fapping to other characters.

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Yuugi, Patchy, Rumia, Hatate, Ran, Yuuka.

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Lewdness is a disease.

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I fapped to Flan today.

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half of those look like dudes lmao you are gay dude so gay lol

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How could I not have known about that - thank you

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Is there a cure?

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I find it extremely hard to cum while fapping to 2D material. It's not that I don't find it arousing, I just need more stimulation than just static pictures. I only ever do it when I feel like having a two-hour masturbation session.

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Don't be lewd

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Unless you want me to make a blog-tier post, I'm just going to say that I really like touhous depicted as mature women, in general.

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>mature women
You disgust me.

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Get out of /jp/ pedophile scum, mature women are the best.

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It's fine, let him like whatever. Doesn't affect me.

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Yeah dewd.

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Anyone have TouHou femdom?

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sadly there isn't a lot of it.

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Reimu, Sakuya, Hong and Kaguya.

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Scratch another one up for Yuugi.

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I haven't been able to find much unfortunately.

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>almost 2013
>Still not tulpasexing

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None of them, though I do enjoy Yuri between Alice and Marisa

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All of them. At the same time. inb4 thread necro rant

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None of them.

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Does it count if I have wet dreams about them?

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Do you wake up with a boner?

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A lot of the time, yeah.

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If you touch it after you wake up then it counts.

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Sometimes I succumb to temptation.

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Patchy, but only through the mind

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Rumia`s vagina

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My mom.

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I want to kiss her.

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I want Kanako to do lewd things to me and act motherly at the same time.

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I try not to but i fap to every single one

Why /jp/?

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Ran is my absolute favorite, no substitutes.

But sometimes I like to fantasize about Yukari catching me alone and be like "Let's see why Ran thinks your so special, Ufufufu~..."

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If you don't fap to all them, even the ones from printed works, you're a secondary, hell I've even fantasized with Satsuki Rin blowing me in the darkness.

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The only Touhou I can think of lewdly.

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I'd never release my man juice to a touhou

but if I did it would be for Yamaxanadu

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No1 mentioned cirno?