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2 weeks until the demo is released. Anyone excited?

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What is reimu's hair color?

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poop brown

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Reimu is damn long.

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Black with the blood of her enemies.

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Ever since the events in EoSD, how long has it been? I mean, Reimu must be in her late teens by now.

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she was obviously slashed in half

game is 18+

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Oh god.

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Reimu looks way too happy. Where's her badass combat scowl?

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I think SoPM mentions that three years have passed since Kanako moved into Gensokyo.

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EoSD was about ten years ago (in real life and in continuity).
Reimu should be in her twenties, but something something magic something something time dilation.

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I think it's a dark brown reaching totally black.
In this picture, we can see a picture of Reimu-sama, (canon ZUN artbook) and it's dark brown, maybe because of the background.

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Maybe she likes getting beat up by Marisa?

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Even PMiSS talks about magic extending your lifespan.

I doubt Reimu would actually use something like that, but there probably are some side effects from using high level magic for so long.

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She looks more like a retard.

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>reimu with long hair

i have been eagerly awaiting this moment

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"Hey, I see a coin on the ground!"

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Me too!

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wtf reimu has always had long hair

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not as long as it is this though

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purple is for gays though

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in fact the only game where she clearly had short hair was in and i guess sa

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purple is best fuck you

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PoFV art is the best art

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Not really. It's everything that was good about the IN art combined with everything that is bad about the later art (especially TD).

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gangsta as fuck

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>UFO art

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But IN is 3rd at best, beaten by UFO.

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Fighting games feel too illogical and too complex in one dimension.

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UFO art is shit. It's too flat, but just pillow shaded/gradienty enough to be annoying.

I bet you like TD art too.

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what the fuck did you just fucking say you little bitch

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Cel-shading is cool faget. Also, UFO art is the only one without retarded proportions.

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ufo is pretty cool

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Do 2hus even wear shoes

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shoes are unpure

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MoF art.

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Oh wow, I never noticed how painful that foot looks.

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yeah, it's bent weird but meh.

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MoF had second worst art followed by TD

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Dull as shit sprites. Don't care.

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hoped for a STG but got a shitty fighting game in return

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concurred. TD art was the worst. But I think MoF art is cute.

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You're worse than the tryhards who think IaMP was the best fighting game.

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>demo has netplay
>i stomp all your shit
>/jp/sie bitch tears everywhere

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MoF has a mixture in my opinion, see there Nitori looks great, but kanako looks bad

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gg no re

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Like hell you will

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>demo has netplay
You wish

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stop liking what I don't like - u

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"oh god i cant stop sucking 10 dicks without choking' - u, sanae and miko

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can i join

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MoF art is very cute.

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I'm gonna take advantage of netplay before tourneyfags come and become masters due to 24/7 grind.

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Geez that was a fast reply, are you hungry or something?

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Hahah, if they're the tourneyfags with actual fundamentals learned, it'll be less than an hour before your ass gets beat.

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look how cute Minoriko's outfit is!

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Why does she have two left feet again?

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and then there are 2 left hands.

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So ZUN has a fetish for lefties?

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Besides I'm not much of a fan of fighter games.

I'm gonna make the most out of that hour!

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You could say I have the strangest boner.

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Can't wait for more jojo references

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Is she wearing socks or is she really a freaking albino?

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I see what you did there.

Me too, bro, me too

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She's wearing socks, dood.

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it's happening all over again

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I think she's wearing shoes

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I bet Miko and Byakuren will not be playable in the demo

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I'm really hoping for Shou to be in the game and have some of those delicious curvy lasers as zoning tools. Make them controllable too, kinda like Hol Horse's gun in Jojo's.

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she's just holding the stick in a weird position, I see one left and one right

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Well if you accept that left arm's hand's finger as her pinkie than yeah she's got the right proportions but with ZUN art, limbs are CRAAAAAAAAZIEEEEEEEE~!

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Me too.

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Playable characters in the demo will be:

Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and either Futo or Shou

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I asked ZUN if Mima was reappearing and he just smiled and winked at me putting his thumb up and a star flew out of his face.

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I'm mixed. Not only because I don't think this crap computer could run it very well, but because of the flight only combat. How is a high octane brawler style character gonna work in midair?

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I guess we'll find out!


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I'm sure ZUN won't bring back any other PC-98 characters. His excuse for not bringing Mima back was unconvincing, so I think he just doesn't want to use those characters again.

The most we can hope for in this new game is Yuuka.

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Hopefully the answer isn't, they don't work. I need to smash faces in, I'm weak at long range combat. It's just not my style.

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It all depends on who he gets drunk with. I don't remember him giving a reason for bringing Yuuka in, so i bet one of his friends from Amusement Makers convinced him of it. He brought Alice because he was thinking about creating IN before even PCB and he thought she would be a good youkai partner for Marisa, even though he didn't like people asking him about PC-98 characters at that time. Maybe if he finds himself needing a character for a new game that fits Mima well.

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So I just found out that Byakuren's body is made of swords.

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He doesn't bring back any one characters from PC-98 because he knows it will offend many fans. He did that with Yuuka and Alice back when his fandom wasn't huge and most didn't think much of his PC-98 games. Now, he's trying to distance himself away from PC-98 as much as possible. Any hope of him bringing back anyone from PC-98 is laughable.

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Your post reminds me of how much I wanted to play Hong Meiling in UNL and how bad I was at her

It's strange being what amounts to a Street Fighter character in a DBZ-power-tier game

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>Any hope of him bringing back anyone from PC-98 is laughable.
I agree with this, but
> it will offend many fans

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She's not that bad. She's not exactly good but she has some neat tricks, plus she felt pretty natural for me to play as after a bit of trouble at first. I don't see her working very well in a game like this though. Well, in the way that she might end up even worse off in this kind of game.

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No, he was trying to distance himself from the PC-98 games around that time. Whenever asked about them, he would tell people he didn't want to talk about the past. He wanted the windows series to be a fresh start. However, more recently he has been more open to the idea of more PC-98 characters being around. He used to say he didn't want to explain where the characters were, but recently he said Genji is probably in the pond behind the shrine and that the other characters were probably still around somewhere.

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> He used to say he didn't want to explain where the characters were
Like he's ever bothered with it before.

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Yeah, it was a dumb excuse. The real reason is probably that he didn't want people to confuse the PC-98 and the Windows series when he was rewriting Gensokyo so much.

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HM will have infinites, glitches, and other poorly chosen features in its demo. Soku community will then rage and try to convince players to return to its older community with highly experience novice destroyers. No one will return and soku community will get desperate and start spamming how shitty HM is in HM community channels. After years of tension, HM community will finally revolt and gather in their own channel and other than a few exceptions, will remain exclusive from the Soku community.

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My nipples are hard in excitement. I can't wait to see what ZUN will give us this time.

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A 2hu fighting game.

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Demo? Wasn't it full?

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Is it confirmed that the demo will release this comiket?

>> No.10222315

配布は12/30 コミックマーケット83 東A62a 黄昏フロンティアの予定となっ

A lot of iamp players actually liked the swr demo. Though we all know what happened with the full version. But not even soku players are optimistic about their dwindling community playing much after 13.5 releases, even if it is a completely different game.

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Yeah, no shit. I was talking about the content of the game like new music and stuff.

>> No.10222404

Taso will be doing arranges of character themes of the characters who will appear in the game. ZUN will probably do 1 or 2 original themes for a new character or two.

>> No.10222415

Hooray more V

>> No.10222427

One of the specific reasons I liked Gen III was the trumpets, thank you for that.

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Sakuya will be playable. That's why Zun put her in the last wahh.

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Not in the slightest.

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I hope Futo will be highest tier

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I sure hope Koishi gets in as the only non-religious party.

Koishi seen here completely destroying a Tojiko player because she is toppest tier.

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>Not Okuu

Oh come on

>> No.10224866

What the fuck? They're charging $50 for a free game?

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