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from Dream C Club

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Why is Yukari blushing?

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Where's Yukari's right boob?

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Accidentally ate it.

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It's too hot so it ripped her skin.

So can this be a Yukari/Merry and Renko thread?

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What are we discussing in this magnificent thread?

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This thread was already deleted. Don't push your luck.

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Thank you for reading my post! You made me feel significant.

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>This thread was already deleted

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It's a heinous shitpost.

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It had no discussion about Maribel/Yukari's relationship, no Merry & Renko images being posted, and there were at least 2 other Yukari threads up.

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>It had no discussion
Yes and? If the thread gets past page 5 it should be deleted?

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You could stop whining about how nobody is discussing the topic of the thread and start discussing in yourself instead, if you really cared about it.

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Onegai, don't let this thread leave the frontpage or it will get deleted for lack of "discussion" ;_;

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It means it's shit if it went straight to page 9 with no discussion or images being posted.

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It would have quietly expired, forgotten. But the fateful intervention of the janitor's fell hand and /jp/'s autistic ways, it will live forever.

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Good thing you aren't janitor.

Or maybe you are in fact...

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It would have quietly expired, forgotten. But the fateful intervention of the janitor's fell hand and /jp/'s autistic ways have gifted this thread with life eternal.

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Does C stand for coat-hanger?

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Why is Yukari eating ramen in a closet?

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Why is she getting raped in a closet?

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fuck you touhou wiki, why would you do this
in before rebuttal, "mary" is just as legit, and we've used it for like 5 years

fuck you too

I feel guilty because I have all the Fuantei books released this year but I'm not planning on scanning any of them. But I guess the chances are most aren't even interested in Hifuu books so

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>but I'm not planning on scanning any of them
Are those not available on Share on something?

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I don't know. I haven't seen them anywhere and I haven't looked because I have them, and I heard people complaining about their works never getting scanned anymore. I only know they're not on voilé (and my scanner is shit anyway)

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I really want them to have their own official manga. It could learn us more about their everyday lives and particularly about the world they live in, and I think it could be really interesting to see ZUN explore that kind of universe in a little more detail. It wouldn't necessarily need to be very long, maybe one volume with some shorter and longer stories. The stories could be more light hearted, something that would be a nice contrast to TGA and NToJ which I think were both pretty serious.

I don't think it will ever happen though, because if ZUN wanted to make a manga with them he probably would have done it a long time ago.

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Why was this not deleted?

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Just keep reporting it. Eventually the janitor will give in.

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Sorry, I have better things to do.

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Don't turn your back on destiny.

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Why do you want this deleted?

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Hai hai~

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Why is she eating her hair?

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is it hot?

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Hai hai~

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gay as HELL

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Janitor has gone rogue

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Why wasn't this deleted yet?

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Who's the father?

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Maybe he mistook Mari for Yukari in the first thread.

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My sides would go into ordit if this gets trashed before the fridey night official shitposting thread or the gigs!bar's video games thread :--D

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It's okay, I forgive you.

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I enjoy pregnant bellies
Do you

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How does someone eating noodles arouse you? What a pervert.

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Exhentai and google image search is not working

I need to masturbate to this

Help where is the rest

I want my pregnant touhous

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You have the pixiv id in the filename you goddamn spergcommander.

Almost as dumb as Jenny.

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Who's Jenny?

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Amazing how "his" mind works:

- Somethings looks like yukari -> immediately deleted, since there can be only one thread with a yukari picture.

- Somethings looks like a shitposting magnet or a daily spam -> better clear the report queue to show everybody that shitposting is part of the board's culture.

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I wonder who else besides >>10214001 can be dumb enough to not notice the file pattern.

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why wasn't this deleted?

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I don't, I think that pregnancy and childbirth are disgusting.
It's not THAT obvious, many galleries can use a pattern like this. But that guy should have tried SauceNAO before posting, so you have a point.

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