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Welcome fellow NEETS/Hikkis/Emotionally stunted peoples with traumatic first world pasts.

How was your day? Oh, the same depressing routine where you brood about little-to-none productivity and how your brain refuses to funnel energy into tasks other than the internet? Never would've expected that. Or how about you having physical spasms over rememberng embarassing things that you've done in the past? Have you ever blurted out obscenities because of it?

Who do you blame your problems on?

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I wish my siblings and older parental figures were more useful.

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epic demotivational.
I feel so comfortable now, like its 2003 and I'm not a loser.

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It feel like I was back on 2005

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I've had a very productive day, I watched tons of anime today and marathoned a korean manga.

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> black text poster

So 2011

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Manga: a Japanese genre of cartoons, comic books, and animated films, typically having a science-fiction or fantasy theme and sometimes including violent or sexually explicit material. Compare with anime.
>a Japanese

There is no such thing as a "Korean manga".

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I blame the spammer.

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So 2000 and LATE

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oh eat shit

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>How was your day? Oh, the same depressing routine where you brood about little-to-none productivity and how your brain refuses to funnel energy into tasks other than the internet? Never would've expected that. Or how about you having physical spasms over rememberng embarassing things that you've done in the past? Have you ever blurted out obscenities because of it?
Oh, God. This describes me perfectly. ;_;

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>Or how about you having physical spasms over rememberng embarassing things that you've done in the past? Have you ever blurted out obscenities because of it?

Yes I do. I think people noticed them, but they didn't say anything about it. Except my mom. ;_;

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My mind feels like it is going to explode.

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I understand all of you. Please be well.

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OP made me cry.

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Don't be sad

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Did you really have to start a thread with a motivational poster with an anime screencap in it? Fuck off.

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Manhwa then now shut your autist mouth and stop bullying him

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I've read one manhwa in my entire life, and I had to pick the one that ended in the middle of an arc a fifth of the way through.

Fuck, I'm still buttmad.

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Everything will be ok

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You should consider yourself lucky.

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It's good for attracting the type of people who spam NEET threads.

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I had a fun NEET day in the woods today.

I shot a whitetail deer right through the side of the head and no meat was wasted.

Hunting is something that all NEETs should try. I used to sit around and feel lethargic all day, but nothing makes you feel more alive than pulling that trigger and killing something. It really fills you with energy and the mental fog and depression of being a NEET is lifted as the adrenaline rushes through you.

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How the fuck do these guys pay rent? Trust fund babbies?

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they live with parents :-DDDDDDD

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There have always been two types of NEET. One seems genuinely happy and content living a life with a dim future and minimal social interactions.

The other is pretty much the opposite in that they long first and foremost for social interaction. Most everything in their life is governed by their desire for interaction. Following that they would like a promising future, which usually means worrying about entering schooling or training of some sort eventually in the future. Finally, they're discontent with the labels society has put on them and would like to change their lives for the "better".

Disgusting people, that second group. They really are the lowest of the low. Especially all the people here wanting to get a job, longing for friends outside and being depressed about their NEET lifestyle. Just die already if you are so sad about your NEET life.

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Wish I had access to their secrets.
I have about 25 days before I'm out on the streets.

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Because the others suck, because the one in question ended before it got bad, or because in reality I only think it's good because of nostalgia goggles?

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Live with your parents

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Murder is a form of bullying.

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Ahaha, you sound genunely happy and content with your life. You really do.

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Wouldn't exercise be better than murder?

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>he doesn't live with his parents

get a load of this pleb

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What's a pleb and who are you quoting?

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oh no :(

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Tell me something I don't know.

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for the rest of my days

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How do I learn how to shoot a gun and hunt?

I don't want to be bullied by the more experienced rednecks at the shooting range when I go there and try to learn how to shoot.

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>tfw I was the second type because my parents keep bullying me

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the flan one is much cuter

post that one instead

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I wouldn't expect the gun store owner to let you go straight to the range if you've never fired a weapon before. I would expect a class or two on gun safety, as well as getting licensed.

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Of course, It's all your parents fault.

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I had my final exam today, about to NEET it up for the next month until next semester!

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Do most states require you to take lessons? In my state you just go in, they do a 5 minute check to make sure you're not a felon, and then you can buy whatever you want.

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>my feel when i was bullied so hard back in highschool that i became a shut-in and never got a job after, so I've been supported by my family for a whole two years.

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Guys, don't be mean.
Hunting can be both a fun and interesting hobby. Besides, he didn't waste any of the meat. Hunting can be an efficient way to procure food for a NEET.
Closing yourself off from society and living off the land can be rather relaxing and a good way to take it easy. There are indeed outdoor NEETs.

Not only that, but hunting is necessary in some parts or else the wild deer and other fauna will become overpopulated. This can destroy the local plant life, cause trouble for locals, and most importantly put a strain on food for the animals. This means that many animals will starve to death because there isn't enough food to go around. Some places have no more natural predators to eat and thin out the deer so hunting becomes necessary.

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You're lucky you get a whole month off, my last exam is on the 20th and next semester's classes stat on the 2nd.

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>Hunting can be an efficient way to procure food for a NEET.

What does venison taste like?

People have told me that it tastes "gamey" but I have no idea what that means.

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Shin Angyo Onshi is a manga serialized in Japan and written by a Korean.

It is a Korean manga. Q.E.D. bitch.

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Gamey just means it's meat from a hunted animal
What a useless description

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Awesome. I definitely prefer it over beef, although growing up in a family that hunted frequently might have influenced my perspective at a young age. I find it to have a denser flavor.

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What is it with people who always talk of having to be somewhere "I have somewhere to be!" is it not enough to simply be?

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So is there a cure yet?

I'm good at quite a few things. I'm not reprehensibly ugly, I'm not obese, I don't spill spaghetti when I talk to strangers, I got decent grades in university...

Why does the world fill me with so much terror? It's like out of nowhere my brain decided "NOPE, WE AIN'T DOIN' THIS SHIT NO MORE."

I'm guessing the only way out is the threat of starvation/death.

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In the grand scheme of things, the NEET life is the good life.

>> No.10204376

It sounds like you may have some sort of anxiety disorder. They have drugs for that.

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fuck I hate myself I could virtually solved all my problems but Im jut so scared of everybody and of how they gonna juged me that I have to hide myself all day long...

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Like most meats if it is cooked well it is delicious

>> No.10204384

Will look into it. Thanks, nig.

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I just woke up and got angry over some idiots on facebook, who totally missed the point of a long post of misunderstood genius I made. Hopefully after some time with my /jp/ friends and once the pills kick in I can go back to taking it easy.

It's definitely not a good idea using Facebook after you've stopped going outside. That's the kind of place that gets hikkis in a lot of trouble. Maybe it's time for me to swear off it again for a while.

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Had a pretty good day at work. I guess the only bad part of my day is when I went to my favorite pizza shop and they didn't have any of those pepperoni/sausage slices.

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what was the post about?

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If you're going to post about work or education, please do not post about them in the NEET thread.

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>Had a pretty good day at work.

>> No.10204411

that's what you get for using facebook, you idiot

>> No.10204412

Didn't I already tell you to not post in the NEET threads?

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>insinuating that this thread is just for NEETS

I really don't see the harm, I am basically discussing what I did today and so is everyone else.

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If you're going to post like some kind of crossposter with greentext and anime images, please don't post on /jp/.

>> No.10204417

gigs went from spammer to shitposter. he plans to kill /jp/ from the inside.

>> No.10204418 [DELETED] 

I don't even use Facebook anymore since my feed or whatever is usually full of friends talking about stupid shit or my family members making racist or horrible jokes.

>> No.10204419

gigs is here to blog about the stupid and inane shit that goes on in his daily life just like the rest of you already do.

>> No.10204422

He can make a new thread for it then. This thread is for NEET lifestyle discussion, not generic blogging.

>> No.10204428

And yet, generic blogging is all this thread contains.

>> No.10204429 [DELETED] 

Wow, I didn't know that would set anon off so much. I will leave this thread then, geez.

>> No.10204431

The difference is that people who blog in this thread don't post about work or education. Nobody wants to read about that junk.

>> No.10204432


North Korea. Armchair politics, what else? I made one of those "it's not that simple" posts that never gain any traction and was replied with "yeah well this is the way things REALLY are because of a thing I read about once."

Knowing things about east asia is suffering.

>> No.10204438

nobody wants to read about NEETs who masturbate all day either

>> No.10204446

I do.

>> No.10204447

If you don't want to read what's in this thread, you can simply hide the thread.

>> No.10204449

that's because you are retarded

>> No.10204456

Work and education shouldn't be grouped together in the first place.

>> No.10204459


since these threads get spammed with work shit anyway, I would much rather see them if they were made by you, gigs

please come back

>> No.10204469

oh jesus christ

i've got no fuckin' job man

>> No.10204472

They're grouped together because this thread is for people who are not in education, employment, or are receiving training.

>> No.10204479

So, assuming I took some time to learn a few Kanji today, I shouldn't post?

>> No.10204482

it would be better if these threads did not exist in the first place

>> No.10204488

Mentality of a shitposter right here
When the thread isn't being bothered by "crossboarders" posting stupid shit, these threads are fine.

>> No.10204489

On your own and depending on your post, sure. If you're going to post about learning kanji it'd be less off-topic to post in one of the Japanese language threads.

>> No.10204497

blogging counts as shitposting too, nerd

>> No.10204504

So does "hating" on a thread that you don't like.

>> No.10204508

in that case it is okay to shitpost seeing as how this entire thread is shit

>> No.10204512

>The new guidelines of what is acceptable on /jp/
>* Neet lifestyle

>> No.10204514 [DELETED] 

I just came in this thread because I wanted to talk about what I did today. Thats what these threads are for, right?

>> No.10204517

go back to tumblr if you want to blog about your boring life then please

>> No.10204529

Are you so dense that you didn't bother to read the OP? It says "NEET/Hikki Thread". Nobody in this thread wants to read about your day at work or school, and it's also off-topic to post about that stuff in this thread.

>> No.10204547

Is it weird to have framed signed pictures of idols and such.

This is coming from a guy who gets off to futanari/cd/onaholes and pissing in bottles.

>> No.10204598

I am going to be a hikki tonight and stay in and drink whiskey and play video games.

>> No.10204606

Not really, I have signed copies of CDs from various video game composers.

>> No.10204630

have fun!

>> No.10204636

Dude, shut up.

>> No.10204674

gigs is very nice when he is not derailing threads like a crazy person. please don't trigger him in this thread.

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Hey /jp/
First time NEET-thread poster
About to start my 3rd year of NEET. I think I feel comfortable being NEET as I had every option open to me, yet decided on my own to abandon it, rather than never having the opportunities.
In saying that, I wouldn't be opposed to waking up tomorrow as the heir of toyota with 16yo jap schoolgirls lusting over me

>> No.10204805

I know you might be sarcastic, but whatever.

In my case it's exactly the opposite. I became NEET to explore the opportunities and pursue my interest, rather then waste time in job or university.

>> No.10204807

Which part is sarcastic?

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my day is going pretty good. been neet for about a year and on autism bucks for about five. its ok i guess. my mommy just bought me nachos with my autism dollars.

thx 4 da nachos, taxpayers

>> No.10204839

Nice, I just bought some tuna maki with mine

>> No.10204888

Haha looks like I'm gonna be a NEET again this weekend :( no parties to go to and I don't think I'll be answering my phone. oh well at least i get to have a nice time on vacation from work. feels good to be a TruNEET and talk about NEET things on /jp/ with other NEETs. Hiki 4 lyfe!

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This man speaks truth whether you like it or not. Us 'part-time' hikis/truNEETs drastically outnumber you full-timers here so there's not much you can do unless you make captcha a full background check. Just get used to it. After my last exam imma get my hiki on and marathon some of my backlog.

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My day has been ok. Just enjoying what I can.

I've been NEET for about 4 years and I haven't gotten on autism bucks yet. Just been kind of scumming off family members who will take me in and convince them I'm looking for work when I'm not.

I don't even think I can get autism bucks. Don't you actually have to have some disorder for it?

>> No.10204918


sorry for taking so long to respond. my doggie kept trying to eat my nachos.

tuna maki = sushi?? i love sushi! although the only sushi i have tried is california rolls.

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You're welcome. Beats it being wasted on wars or something.

I'm curious about the autism bucks. Is it enough for you to live on by yourself, in the future when your mother passes on? If not, what kind of plan do you have for that scenario? I understand there are weird restrictions regarding the autism bucks, like limits on how much cash/assets you're allowed to own to continue receiving them.

>> No.10204924

It depends on where you're at and how lucky you get with your diagnoses. For instance, in Canada it's very easy to get autism bucks. You might have trouble elsewhere though. I know here in my State it's pretty difficult. You can't just say "I'm depressed :( give monies pls"

>> No.10204927

Wow, good game 4chan, this is the first thread I've ever read where I can't tell who the actual trolls are. Fuck you all. :(

>> No.10204928


There's guides on how to fake disorders to get it. Uncle Remus' guide is quoted often, sorry I don't have a link to it. It's archived somewhere though.

>> No.10204931

I'm not even motivated enough to do anything on the internet & I suck at video games.

What am I supposed to do when I can't do anything? ;-;

>> No.10204933

Yep! Tuna sushi is best sushi
You should lay off the nachos - they aren't japanese enough anon and aren't healthy enough

>> No.10204935

>For instance, in Canada it's very easy to get autism bucks
I don't know where you heard this, but it's not possible to do through the Uncle Remus method. I've tried it myself.

>> No.10204938
File: 308 KB, 1169x962, 8ca2e775eb69249d4aa9f5aef5ecf03c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've heard of Uncle Remus just never looked it up. I'll do that thanks.

In murrica... So I'm not sure, I haven't really tried, but it would be nice to have some cash.

>> No.10204939

Uncle Remus' guide is good if the person evaluating you is retarded or lies for you. You may have been able to make shit up a while ago but this sort of thing is starting to get a lot of attention. Kind of like drug seeking behavior (people going to the doctor just to get drugs) but instead of drugs they want government assistance.

>> No.10204957

get on some meds which will improve your attention span

>> No.10204960

They are starting to catch on. My Mom is a social worker and gets involved with sort of stuff and she said they have methods in place to be able to tell when you're just looking for handouts and when you have a legitimate illness or disability preventing you from working.

>> No.10204971

They won't let me have those types of meds. They just keep saying I'm schizophrenic because I don't eat a lot and they assume that it's because I think someone's poisoning my food.


>> No.10204976

Perhaps they are right.
Do you take those meds at least?

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I don't know... I wouldn't mind working I guess, but they make it so difficult to actually find a job, it's just easier to be NEET. Like if I could go out and say give me a job, and then have a shitty part time job, I'd probably do it.

But it's all the competition with other faggots that ruins it, just make it not even worth it to try.

Either way I'm happy being NEET. Cash would just be a bonus.

>> No.10204993

Nope, they made me gain weight in the past and I don't hallucinate nor am I delusional. I've also been to multiple psychiatrist, each one said something different.

Four of them said I was anxious & depressed, two of them said I was schizophrenic & one of them said that I was autistic.

>> No.10204998

Technically you can be handed a job in the right places. Of course these jobs are so unpleasant that it's usually the illegals and imported foreign 3rd world temps who are the only ones willing to do them. For example, working at a slaughterhouse. They experience high turnover and labour shortages. Then again, the working conditions in a fucking Wal-Mart are infinitely better than that. But it is still possible to be 'handed' a job with no qualifications or connections if you absolutely hate yourself.

>> No.10205008

Please join us in another very relevant thread. It's a very sad development, and it might affect quite a few people here.


>> No.10205024

You could have elements of them all
I studied a little psychiatry when I did medicine and unfortunately it's not always a clear-cut discipline.
Listen to the psychs and take the meds and see what happens
(and yes, I'm NEET now)

>> No.10205047

Do you honestly think the meat, fish and chicken you eat went willingly? Get a grip.

>> No.10205053


>Is it enough for you to live on by yourself

it's about 700 bucks and i don't think i could live on that. if i didn't have to pay rent then maybe i could live on my own. all of the money is usually spent on food and helping my mom pay bills.

>mother passes on? If not, what kind of plan do you have for that scenario?

i plan on getting a job soon but if she dies before that then i don't know what i would do. i don't think im brave enough for suicide.

>limits on how much cash/assets you're allowed

i think it's 2000 dollars but im not sure.


i don't eat nachos often. im underweight so i dont worry about eating stuff like that.


i really hope i get a job before this happens.

>> No.10205065

You'll gain weight by eating lots of sushi

>> No.10205067

>it's about 700 bucks and i don't think i could live on that.

Man, that was the most I earned when I had a job, and I worked nightshifts so that included a 60% bonus.

>> No.10205094


With a roommate you can probably manage on $700 a month.

Dunno if you can own properties or inherit or be transfered one. But if you can, having a little apartment in a nicer part of a city somewhere would be good - you'd pay property tax, which is a lot lower than rent, and can walk anywhere you need to.

>> No.10205168


that sounds expensive


i hope i get paid more than that if i ever manage to get a job.


i don't think i could live with a roommate. that sounds scary. thanks for the information. i think i can get my mom to transfer property to me.

>> No.10205190

Does the US government give out money for being a schizoid? I was diagnosed a month ago. I also haven't been in education for about a year along with being fired from my last two jobs, both of which were had over 2 years ago. Are my chances looking good or bad from here?

>> No.10205354



LOVE, /fit/

>> No.10205368

I wish the government would give out money for that.

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File: 154 KB, 329x473, say that to my face fucker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

think ur though uh?

>> No.10205376
File: 305 KB, 913x1001, Yuugi_Lift.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you even lift fagstorm?
I could kick your ass.

>> No.10205384

Back off bitch, I can bench 100.

>> No.10205387

.... y-you too...

>> No.10205388

Please don't post this meme on /jp/.

Just let it die already, I beg you.

>> No.10205399
File: 32 KB, 640x300, shutuprosa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shut up Rosa

>> No.10205403


>> No.10205444

Since this thread is being trolled to shit (and was a troll thread to begin with) i guess ill waste someones time with a hikki blogpost

I graduated from college last year but didnt have any friends and just stayed home slept ate and played vn and touhou when i wasnt in class, which i barely ever went to anyway. So you could say i was pretty much on my way to being a useless shutin even while getting a useless degree.

Anyway its been a year and my mom doesnt seem to have a problem with me staying inside doing nothing all day back at her house which is how i normally am anyway, i wonder how long it can stay like this

>> No.10205463
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>Please don't post this meme on /jp/.

>> No.10205478


>didn't have any friends

Can you please elaborate on the possible causes behind that reason.

>> No.10205479

Has r07 ever seen a real gun?

>> No.10205487

post the post the .... the post the post the one the post the one post the post the one the post the one

>> No.10205491

Going by his artwork I doubt he's ever even seen a real human being.

>> No.10205494

has you???

>> No.10205504

Congratz on graduating and getting trips. You made it farther than I did.

>> No.10205508


>> No.10205517


I didnt want to spend time with other people. also I quit facebook to make it easier to avoid people (instant social death in college these days apparently) why do you ask?

>> No.10205539


What degree was it? I was similar in college, except I did go to all classes.

>> No.10205551

During my time as a NEET, I began studying Japanese.

I'm not a NEET anymore, I'm still basically a Hikki with a job, though. I still study Japanese when my hours are cut.

>> No.10205564

I've really gotten back into CS again lately after being given a copy of CS:GO. I never played CS:S and have been playing 1.6 until a few days ago. It's made CS exciting once more. Some of the voices for certain models are hilarious to me, and some of the models themself (especially for terrorists) just make me laugh. Some of the maps have this horrible fog though, and some servers are just flooded with people talking. It's very annoying without voice_enable 0. Sometimes the bloom gets way out of hand as well.

>> No.10205565
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ohhhh myyy gooooooooooooowwwdd

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>Oh, the same depressing routine where you brood about little-to-none productivity and how your brain refuses to funnel energy into tasks other than the internet?

Yea that's pretty much my state of being as of right now, the only time I truly have fun is when I <s>play videogames with friends</s> and we have a grand ol' time. I had a job a month and a bit ago, but I quit because I couldn't handle the depressive reality of grinding for cash IRL. I think I might pursue something else soon though because I have money saved up that I don't want to spend any more of. I was doing landscaping before so I want something more relaxed and easy and maybe I won't hate it so much. I just need spending money so I can buyfag merchandise and eat well (my mom and her boyfriend spend all their money on beer and weed so there's never good food in the house and I don't get money handouts).

To answer the bottom question I don't know what to blame my problems on, at some point I just developed really bad social anxiety and self-esteem issues which then turned into motivational issues. But i'm trying to change, it's just hard.

Inb4 i'm a faggot for actually wanting to get a job and not live at home for the rest of my life

>> No.10205585 [DELETED] 

What are you spoiling?

>> No.10205588 [DELETED] 

What's the reason for the spoilers?

>> No.10205591


I would rather not say, but it required limited communication between classmates and more direct contact with the professors both in and out of class. Needless to say i barely passed, and you can probably understand how much you have to psych yourself up just to get out of bed and go to campus. I was kindof forced by my overacheiving family to keep it up. They and i both know im a private, anxious person. I can feel my mind slipping a tad. Its probably why im blogging on /jp/ now since i have little to no human contact nowadays and humans are supposedly social. Welp atleast my momma leaves me leftovers and dont kick me out

>> No.10205593

>Oh, the same depressing routine where you brood about little-to-none productivity and how your brain refuses to funnel energy into tasks other than the internet?

I sincerely enjoy the internet, but I need a proper balance in my life to appreciate it. I've been sick for a year now because I can't get to the hospital. I've had thsi major chronic sinus infection. It's been horrible. I mean being a hikikomori & NEET is one thing but being sick everyday due to allergies and sinus infection fucking sucks!

I never had a job and dropped out of school too early. But I planned to go back after I get my anxiety issues sorted out. I tried to work with my dad but some things triggered severe anxiety. It was bad.

I got stuck in a psych ward and group home and I got traumatized from it. Before that I had really bad anxiety anyways.

I had to live with a low functioning autists who would scream at me, and was unable to eat or bath himself. Also some fetal alcohol syndrome dude who tried to kill himself literally every week.

>> No.10205596


Thought it was fitting because it mentions hanging out with real life friends, which people on this board sometimes gets mad about as in "You have RL friends, not a hikki, gtfo"

>> No.10205597

>Try to break out, apply to several places
>None of them call back
>NEET for months
>Try again, new places
>One call, one interview
>Back to NEET

It's like society doesn't want me to try.

>> No.10205599

How is that a spoiler?

>> No.10205608 [DELETED] 


Why are you so <s>angry</s> at a black bar

>> No.10205616 [DELETED] 

Why do you feel the need to misuse spoilers?

>> No.10205622

we're all neets here can you guys just chill out

>> No.10205629

Please answer the question.

>> No.10205634


I simply wanted to know.

By your phrasing in your previous post, it had an implication that you might have had wanted friends but for some reason you weren't able to.

I pretty much have done the same until I dropped out. Been a full time neet for years now, but I have to return to school soon by next year so I can obtain a diploma and a decent education background in order to improve my chances landing a job in the future. I can't stand seeing my mom working her ass off anymore, plus she's getting old. She has done way too much sacrifices to raise me, it's time to give the support back.

>> No.10205635

Stop derailing the thread with your one man crusade.

>> No.10205644

First answer the question please.

>> No.10205658

I visited Tohno and it was still way too gaia for my refined tastes.

>> No.10205679

tohno is horrible

worse even than here at least for it's pretense

>> No.10205682


Because I wanted to use spoiler tags

>> No.10205684

probably to piss off wankers like you

>> No.10205694

That's not an appropriate use and is specifically outlined in the FAQ that misusing spoilers will get you banned.

Why do you use them?

>> No.10205701

>Or how about you having physical spasms over rememberng embarassing things that you've done in the past? Have you ever blurted out obscenities because of it?

I do this all the time.

I sometimes worry that I will blurt something out in front of people when I eventually leave my house.

>> No.10205711

it's pretty obvious, you know

>> No.10205715 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 781x720, 1351222722718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ban me shitlord

>> No.10205716

probably to piss off wankers like you

>> No.10205721


the phrasing was actually to headoff any accusations that i might be some sort of n-normalfag for actually graduating from a college, although ive been lucky enough to have the lifechances and comfort to even try to graduate when i had no interest in what i was doing. It was simply the fear of abject failure and being the black sheep of the family that kept me from quitting and doing just well enough to pass. Although now i have come to understand that trying to be something im not will only make me less happy and that doing my best was about as good the average. Its good that you care about your moms sacrifices, i do to, but i am too cynical and beaten down by that same family that i no longer have the willpower to try and make them proud, which was the only thing sustaining me before this year

>> No.10205727


Oh I didn't even notice that part of the OP. I do that at least a dozen times a day. It's getting really bad...it resembles physical pain.

>> No.10205734

Please post your anime image macros on /a/.

>> No.10205765


No mad in the NEET thread

>> No.10205804

are you the same guy who keeps posting that all over /jp/?

cheer up dude. you'll nail a job eventually. plus, i'm sure your parents understand and will support you until you find your job.

>> No.10205809


Since I'm here, I might as well do a blog post as it has been a while from the last time. I stopped going on /jp/ for quite a time as I wanted to concentrate myself on other things without any kind of hindrances. Now I'm just taking a deserved little break for the work I've done. Within following months, my neet status will mark its end after a good run of years.

Right now, I look terrible; got red eyebags, black circles, blackheads on my nose.. I'm also goddamn anorexic due to the poor neet life. There have been days when I have nothing to eat at all. I'm figuring out how am I gonna re-enter society in this condition. The so fucked up sleep patterns doesn't help and fixing all of these would require a great effort for someone lazy like me. I blame the "Take it easy" motto. I've since removed it from my head.

My communication skills are subpar and too many people around gets me overwhelmed. I remember being called an asocial once when I got forced to reintegrate back into the society one time.

It takes time to think of something to say and choosing the right words. It gets frustrating sometimes. See, I've written a long post now and it took so much time.

>> No.10205812

No anime on /jp/.

>> No.10205826

>My communication skills are subpar and too many people around gets me overwhelmed. I remember being called an asocial

why do you guys are so worried about that social/asocial shit? nobody really cares about it, unless you are going to work as some sort of manager or whatever. nobody expects you to socialize at your work place, they expect you to work.

>> No.10205843


Good luck to you anon.i will probably have your outlook on life in a few years once i stop feeling sorry for myself and start working as a contributing member of society like everyone else wants us to be. That could just be the booze talking tho

>> No.10205889


Actually, I originally hated my mom due to various circumstances. I have gone to believe she has fucked up my life because of the decisions she has made and by not being a "good parent". But that's that and everything's that has happened is in the past. Nothing good will come out dwelling on it.

Instead of blaming her like I used to, I am now leaving that behind to move on and focus on the future. I think my mind has matured up a little bit as I welcomed myself to view perspectives I've never seen before. I was too blinded by my hatred to be able to see them.

Well I think it's a universal rule to follow whatever you're happy at. But often, it has inevitable complicated consequences.

>> No.10205977
File: 240 KB, 367x472, keep_pushing_me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10205979

What is?

>> No.10205988

Would you live in a tiny home?

>> No.10206375

Early morning. I love early morning. Everything outside is in absolute silence, you can't even hear any cars where I live, just like one every 30 minutes.
I just listen to my computer fan, turn off the lights, lower my screen light and slightly open the drapes so street posts make a lovely light in my room and so I can see stars when something is loading/downloading. Then I make myself a cup of tea in the electric pot I have next to my bed and replay a VN.

I love it. I love Early Morning.

>> No.10206394

Every time I go to Wal-Mart at night there's a somewhat cute girl working the night shift. Last time I bought condoms and this time I bought some Benadryl.

>> No.10206403

Tumbler stole my pickels-on-tablet image. http://thecarolinerailroad.tumblr.com/post/34315317727

I feel like I want to puke.

>> No.10206406

Don't take it personally, that's what tumblr does. Repost content after scrubbing any attribution and original context. It's disgusting, but people seem happy with that so might as well accept it as a fact of life.

>> No.10206407

I bought tampons once (please don't ask why), and the nerdy girl at the register said that I was a good boyfriend for buying them. It disturbed me greatly, but it might make buying a panties and other faggot-accessories easier if I buy some with them, so I don't get weird looks.

Probably won't help me buy loli panties though, so its worthless.

>> No.10206408

I masturbated tonight. I feel terrible. I had gone 20 days without it, and I was feeling good about myself, but I lost control and watched some Japanese Enema...

Lewdness really is a disease. I can't stop thinking about it.

>> No.10206419

But what if someone here thinks that its from tumbler? They even tagged it as ipad. They'll think I'm a 'die cis scum' shitposter. My reputation is ruined.

But most concerning, how did it end up there in the first place?

>> No.10206420

i wish i could send you all to yemen or africa espacially Somalia

That place it out of controll man

>> No.10206423

I'd like to buy some loli panties eventually for masturbation purposes. I don't know how exactly I'd go about doing it though.

>> No.10206424

Change into them in the bathroom.

>> No.10206430

Are you recommending he steals them?

>> No.10206431

No one really cares. They just want to get you out of there. If you are really worried about it you can use self-checkout, or go to a slimy thrift store and buy them there. The cashiers there are usually Indian, Mexican, or mentally I'll former-homeless people, and you shouldn't care what they think at all.

>> No.10206436

heaven forbid the day anonymous' reputation got tarnished. you're thinking about this way too much.

>> No.10206441

I'm using the holiday season to buy a bunch of little kid toys. No one asks questions or gives bad looks when I loiter around the girl aisle. Perhaps if you bought a lot of clothes with them people would assume it is a gift.

Also, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=node%3D1040662&field-keywords=panties

>> No.10206443

I was trying to become less pedo.
Thanks a lot.

>> No.10206449 [DELETED] 

Have you had any success? Whenever I try to avoid thinking bad thoughts, I just get frustrated and end up crying while masturbating in an Investment Banker thread after a month. I don't think its health to try to suppress completely.

>> No.10206455

I deleted my folder full of Mia Hays, Danielle Parker, Emily Alyn Lind and Thylane Blondeau pictures. I was heavily damaged and played piano for 10 hours without doing anything else. After that it had a good progress and I stopped thinking about little girls, but it's completely hard with all the media knowing that the young aged girls are such a huge market, and putting things related to it everywhere.
Would you recommend something?

>> No.10206465 [DELETED] 

No. All my attempts have resulted in failure and pain. It's simply too easy to do an image search for 'cute little girls' for my weak personality to resist.

I am still working on it though. A few years ago I deleted all my 'modeling' images and intentionally lewd things and I don't regret it. I wish 2D loli worked for me.

>> No.10206473

I also wish 2D loli worked for me.
I also can notice you have low standards, none of the "cute little girls" of Google does it for me, I had to search for "Child Actresses" list and found 3 beauties. What if we just stop searching? That's what I planned to do until this started.

>> No.10206474

I've got about two weeks to be out my parents' house. I need to get a job but I'm so awkward and have such low self-esteem that it's proving to be near-impossible. I've considered suicide but I'm too scared to do it.

I just want a job so I can afford a place to live. I can't take it easy like this.

>> No.10206476
File: 16 KB, 576x320, snapshot20091107162747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been a NEET for like 7 years now, next summer I'll become a wizard.

I really can't see myself doing anything else than fooling around in the pc 14 hrs a day playing mmo's and watching movies, faping or reading this thread. I haven't kissed a woman in 8 years or so. I've tried sticking stuff in my butt but it never feels nice. I'm getting fatter everyday, I don't have healthcare, if anything happens to me I doubt my parents will pay the bills.

Went to a shrink a few years ago, worst thing ever, the drugs fucked me hardcore, never doing that shit again. Somehow I'm pretty chill, it's been a long time since my last anxiety attack, but I have tinitus a condition which makes my ear buzz really bad ALL THE TIME, I'm afraid someday I might lose it because of it and end up hurting myself or something.

>> No.10206480

You belong more on /v/ actually. No one on /jp/ is fat. We are all schizos. And you have kissed a woman. And you can afford a shrink. And you read this thread.

>> No.10206484
File: 30 KB, 337x269, yop3i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one on /jp/ is fat

>> No.10206486


You could buy a loli onahole to relieve your stress.

>> No.10206494

I actually just like lolis in the "hug them strongly and never let go their warm heads, never, ever". I actually dislike CP and feel really heavy (I dunno) when I accidentally clicked on CP spammer images.
My stress is more "Why can't I just send her parents go eat shit, kidnap her and play with her (in a legal way)".

>> No.10206497

That was just an example of how easy it is. I actually tend to just go straight to photo sites like Flickr and dig around for a few hours, or just look at the thousands I have saved already.

>What if we just stop searching?
I've tried that, along with trying to think about women, or looking at loli. I get frustrated because I can't stop thinking about little girls and after a while I do something stupid. Am I unique in this? I assumed that others would experience this angst if they tried to repress their sexuality too...

>> No.10206498

I'd suggest therapy but admitting you're a paedophile to a professional probably isn't a good idea. What do you plan to do?

>> No.10206505

Do you see little girls in a really sexual way? Or are you like me, who doesn't enjoy CP.

>I get frustrated because I can't stop thinking about little girls and after a while I do something stupid.
Then get off the Deep Web for a while and play more Touhou.

I plan to just try to stop, if I never see little girls in my computer, there is no other way. Eventually I will just stop thinking about it.
There is no professional help for pedos that doesn't involve considering me sick. I'm really worried 'cause I'd like to play/kidnap a child, but I don't want to put anyone on risk.

>> No.10206506 [DELETED] 

I had one, but it got stained somehow, so I threw it out because it looked disgusting. I've given up trying to stop lusting after them anyway. Because it is very hard on me mentally and emotionally, Andi lack discipline and decency.

This is what like 2D for! I'm fairly certain that real girls wouldn't be half as cute as a 2D girl can be.

>> No.10206508
File: 505 KB, 780x800, 0cf4f609f699324428ef27908a65b0a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

10 year neet here. I hear you. It seems to get easier and more chill as the years pass.

At least it does for me.

Sorry about the tinnitus, I'm sure that's insanely annoying at times. Have your parents supported you all this time?

>> No.10206517

>This is what like 2D for! I'm fairly certain that real girls wouldn't be half as cute as a 2D girl can be.
Sorry, what do you like 2D for? I couldn't understand.

>> No.10206521

10 years? You're the first person I've seen who's on my level. I wen't through stages. At first it was very nice, having no responsibilities and being able to take it easy and do whatever you want. Then I wen't through the stage where I was constantly longing for social interaction, friendships/etc. Now I'm sort of back to square 1 except I don't ever want to have friends or meet a girl.

>> No.10206523

I like them sexually. I don't like CP. Molesting children is wrong and it hurts them.

>Then get off the Deep Web
I'm not that stupid. I'm just stupid enough to see a 'hey guys, check out this cp' post and convince myself that one little look won't hurt. Its very bad, I know. I haven't looked at it in over a year though, so don't think that I always do this.

>> No.10206532

Admiring cuteness. Am I not articulating well?

I think I'll just delete my posts before as wandering mod bans me and go to bed then.

>> No.10206539

I've been a NEET for 8 years and I haven't given a shit about real life social contact for about 7. I have a group of friends I've known for a decade from all over the country, met them a few times and we play games and chat on skype all night every day.

They know I'm a neet/hikki but they treat me as an equal and even look up to me and ask for advice since I was forced to grow up at 11 years old and most of my teenage years were fucking crazy. Haven't talked to a girl in 7 years and don't really want to, unless they were super funny / smart and played a game I play hardcore or something.

>> No.10206540

Alright, you like them sexually but you don't wanna hurt them.
Onahole is the way to go, seriously.

>I'm just stupid enough to see a 'hey guys, check out this cp' post and convince myself that one little look won't hurt.
Has happened to me a million times. I saw it more as confirmation as "let's see if I'm really a pedo". I remember it, a little blonde with a pink top and her legs spread open. She was maybe 5 or 7, and was a quality picture. I hate myself when I find myself thinking "I should've saved it".

>so don't think that I always do this.
Yeah, I also do exactly what you just did there. Trying to convince myself. Trying to relieve myself.

>> No.10206541
File: 950 KB, 1200x838, 1ba198ff3db4b560c7f54ba0e3e3a1bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started in your stage 2. It was pretty harsh for a couple of years but I kinda grew into it as everything around me died.

Now it's pretty nice and chill and I do what I like and am a lot more relaxed and accepting of things and go with the flow. I have a few long term net friends, one being another long time neet, and it keeps me happy.

>> No.10206552

I wonder if I'm gifted enough at making music to live off of it. I'm going to become homeless quick otherwise because my parents won't support my NEET for long.

>> No.10206554

Any other NEETs feel like they've dropped a few IQ points since starting their sedentary lifestyle?

I can no longer spell certain words (things like "separate") and it makes me feel awful. My memory is also atrocious.

>> No.10206557

>memory is also atrocious
That's a result of doing the same thing every day

>> No.10206558 [DELETED] 
File: 100 KB, 400x407, 1354172180303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never saw so many smug and complacent loser in one thread. Enjoy being friendless, single, and childless in 20 years, brah. Choosing to lose yourself in cartoons and vidya instead of being an adult can't end well for you.

>> No.10206564


>> No.10206566

Thank you!

What a nice fellow.

>> No.10206569

A bad end can come to anyone at anytime. Enjoy whatever you get, as long as you have it.

>> No.10206571

It's a proven fact that unemployment makes you dumb. For example, look at the Jews, smartest race on earth, and one of the most industrious.

Continue this life style and soon you'll be spamming "lol u tk hm 2 da bar|?" on .

>> No.10206572


It's a common occurrence especially for solitary NEETs I think.

>> No.10206579

Oh wow, Tumblr stole your pickles. Maybe they can waste time trying to figure out why it gets posted in every Higurashi thread now.

>> No.10206582 [DELETED] 
File: 138 KB, 700x583, 1326331155982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I remember it, a little blonde with a pink top and her legs spread open. She was maybe 5 or 7, and was a quality picture.
This one?

>> No.10206584 [DELETED] 

Biggest failure I've seen all week.

>> No.10206590

This joke doesn't work if you don't abuse spoilers.

Edit: That must have been a painful 30 seconds to kill before you could delete it. How many times did you try, only to be greeted by an error message. Be honest now.

>> No.10206592

Is anybody here going back to college soon.

I have been a bum for the past 3 years so if I go back now I will be quite older than my peers. Not sure how I feel about that.

>> No.10206596

No one will care. Including us.

>> No.10206599

Three years is nothing for college. There were some people 20+ years older than the norm in college and the rest of the class was a 10 year variation.

Seriously, nobody cares.

>> No.10206604

I tried last semester, but I made the mistake taking hard classes like Physics and stuff, and failed. it was interesting to see just how not-smart I was. I don't pretend like I'm smart anymore.

If I ever try again, I'd take something like Intro to HTML.

>> No.10206612

Intro to HTML will be both easy and rewarding. Best of luck!

>> No.10206618
File: 17 KB, 720x480, [ACX]Welcome_to_the_NHK_-_23_-_Welcome_to_Misaki!_[SaintDeath]_[35924C7D].mkv_snapshot_14.27_[2012.11.19_21.18.40].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been hikki NEET for 8 years now(i'm 24)

Filling out a job app, what do I put under identify and explain any periods of unemployment / Employment history?

Pls help me .

>> No.10206619

If they ask, say "personal reasons". I would tell them you had to look after sick parents if they pry further.

>> No.10206621

The best thing you can do in college, if you want to graduate, is work with/befriend people who are doing well and paying attention.

If you are shy you can ask if they want to get a few people and do the homework/study together, etc.

It makes things much easier when you have a peer group that you can talk to / help each other out / figure things out together. It is much easier to fall alone. When you have a friend, or a few friends with a common goal, it someone is struggling along, yourself included, someone can help them along when they need it.

Just some advice from someone who's been through it and seen both sides.

>> No.10206622

the job is at my mom's place of employment... that won't fly .

>> No.10206624

I don't think you should bother with all that, you're still relatively young. I'm sure you could get by just explaining that you were either helping out your parents, or exploring the world a bit.

>> No.10206625

Then ask your mom.

>> No.10206629

Thank you guys a bunch.

I'm suffering from anxiety already but I think if i show my parents I'm willing to try, they won't kick me out.

>> No.10206630

Depends on the type of job. If it's just a normal labor thing, nobody is going to care too much.

If you have a degree and working on a career or something (it doesn't sound like it) then you should have a story.

>> No.10206631

Given that it's been 8 years, I'd probably say that your mother would be ecstatic -- you know what parents are like. She's probably upset that you're this way and if, like you said, she sees that you're willing to try, you'll be set.

>> No.10206633

I'm trying to get a job now, but it's just so fucking stressful. Every time I find a job to apply to I have to write a CV for it. I never know what to put on the CV since I have no skills or experience. It's horrifying.

>> No.10206635

What kind of jobs are you looking for?

>> No.10206638

i actually do have a degree from taking classes online but I always considered it useless.

BA in history from generic online school so I wasn't technically out of education that whole time.

Yes, that's what i hope happens but i feel like she'll be even more disappointed if I don't get it than if I didn't try at all. I've never gotten a single job i've applied for and it's draining.

Thank you for the kind words.

>> No.10206639

Why not just take it easy for a bit and go volunteer at various places. I was going to tell you to just go for it with what you've go and apply to a lot of locations, just kind of see what happens. However, my captcha was "Volunteer," so I think that might be a really good idea as well.

>> No.10206640

I'd like to work in IT, but, as I said, I have no skills/experience, so right now I'm willing to do anything that's full time. My plan is to get a shitty job to support myself and during this time study independently/take some classes so I can start a career in IT a few years down the line...

>> No.10206641

I want to talk more about lolis.

>> No.10206642

Don't feel bad. I failed algebra 2 in high school so I'll probably look like a dick taking those supplemental basic classes. Luckily I took some AP classes and did fairly well on them so I'm not yet convinced that I'm stupid yet.

Anyways html is reallt easy and you cab probably master it in a few days and get it all done by the end of the week. Don't waste your money taking such classes.

>> No.10206644

So did I but Lord Normal came and the discussion of the ETERNAL topic of this kind of thread started.
Maybe in another thread, another day.

>> No.10206649

If you have some skills like using various software packages, messing with your computer hardware wise, installing os's, troubleshooting, etc, you can always say in school you were part of x bullshit club and maintained their pc's or did x bullshit work for them and build up the stuff that you know how to do but aren't officially skills. Just about anything worthwhile you can do can be turned into something halfway decent sounding.


>> No.10206650

It's possible to discuss two things at once. You can discuss your loli fetish in here if you like! (´・ω・`)

>> No.10206653
File: 117 KB, 1238x361, neojpinanutshell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10206656

Oh, yeah. I plan to sprinkle "nginx" and "OpenSSH" and "GNU/Linux" all over it, but I don't know if that's enough. Also almost all of the jobs I could possibly get are for Windows and I haven't used Windows since I was about 14 which is not good.

>> No.10206663

I feel so honored to have the neo-/jp/ title applied to me now to, I wonder what I should do to celebrate.

>> No.10206666

Hurrr murder hurrrr
I bet you think that meat comes from grocery stores.

>> No.10206667

To get into IT...probably not unless you have some cert relevant to what they are doing or equivalent experience (which you can't get because you don't have....etc).

If you really want to try and get into IT, your best bet may be to try and get an internship someplace and/or looking into getting some certifications and checking into what requirements that the places you want to work for need.

>> No.10206669

I can look into apprenticeships since I'm still in the 16-19 age range (19).

>> No.10206671

That would be a good idea.

>> No.10206672

Don't. They'll know you're a tryhard.

>> No.10206673

The "neo-/jp/" you're complaining about has been around as long as or longer than you have.

>> No.10206674

O-oh, okay. ( ._.)

>> No.10206677

Ohhh you poor little thing.

>> No.10206682

I have decided to start blogging for money since I have no skills I don't expect to be anywhere near popular but maybe this will help me with my low self esteem.

>> No.10206690


>> No.10206713

Not him, but you really should learn how to shitpost properly.

>> No.10206721

Thats probably just about all that guy deserves.

>> No.10206742


I've tried, but it's close to impossible in germany, unless you've been visiting a doctor for years and always cried about being autistic or something.

But then, you might aswell cut off one of your legs and you'll count as "unable to work" and get monies4lyfetime as long as you confirm at your doctor every few years that you're still unable to work.

One of my friends has adhs and pretended "depression" and has been NEET'ing it up since 5 years(since he was 18 i think) doing nothing every day, complaining about having no money when he blows all his spare money(which is 350 euros for anything, food not counted) on cigs, alcohol and useless shit.

I wish i had that fortune, but instead, i only managed to be NEET for about 2 years, until i had to pick up business college again. At least i'll be able to collect "school grant" and save the money for later.

>> No.10206764

im 21 and my peers are 16 to 17 with the odd 20-22yo(which are usually drug junkies and prone to rage quick)

I want to be neet again

>> No.10206786

Take it easy dude.

>> No.10206793

>Emotionally stunted peoples with traumatic first world pasts.
Sounds like 19 year old student who was dumped by his third gf and lost the meaning of lyfe for the next five minutes. Don't worry, everyone had a hard youth <s>but yours is of course the hardest one</s>, but you will survive

>> No.10206817


I applied for uni. Assuming I get in I'll probably be rubbing necks with a bunch of 18-20 year olds. I'm 27. It's going to be a little awkward.

>> No.10206823

its not going to change for the next 7 matterboards

>> No.10206829

I'm so proud of you for getting your life back on track! I can't imagine how hard it must be, but I truly wish you the best of luck. Things like fucked sleep patterns, blackheards, and red eyebags will go away over time.

If it makes you feel better, my eyebags are the colour of seaweed.

>> No.10206995


I'm 28 and haven't had a single job to this day. I went to university and barely passed. Now I'm still living in my parent's house and eating their food. On good days, I try to apply for jobs, take a walk and feel like there's still hope for me. On days like today, I pretty much think everything is hopeless and maybe my next life wouldn't be as fucked up.

>> No.10207032


Yes. I don't know how I should feel about some speech class I have to take since I'm no good at speaking.

>> No.10207035

I guess thats just how it is, isn't it.

>> No.10207087

Pretty okay. 5 days sober, found out I'll be receiving Government income for my slew of dashing shortcomings and inconsistencies.

>> No.10207218

>I didnt want to spend time with other people. also I quit facebook to make it easier to avoid people (instant social death in college these days apparently) why do you ask?
Same here. I've been NEET for almost a year now and I'm slowly wanting less contact with people. I don't know how to tell my friends to fuck off and leave me alone.

I hope it's a phase.

>> No.10207246

Are you me?

>> No.10207255

>Same here. I've been NEET for almost a year now and I'm slowly wanting less contact with people. I hope it's a phase.
I don't understand.

>> No.10207260

NEET =/= Hikki

>> No.10207275

You've got me spot on. I blame myself. I'll try to complain less, sorry.

>> No.10207276
File: 10 KB, 704x400, zets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

21 year old, NEET 1 year, so called 'depression' at least 4 years.

i'll probably take some low pay job in few days just to not take any money from my parents.

i guess i could take better paid job, but i'd have to do the only thing in life i enjoyed in the past and i still don't hate it now (graphic design)


>> No.10207279


I wish I could help. Put your effort into something worth while; learn an instrument, read books - anything but silly video games. I changed my ways and feel like I am getting somewhere. I just need to find a job now.

>> No.10207288

>so called 'depression'
>i'd have to do the only thing in life i enjoyed in the past and i still don't hate it

Are you sure you're 21?

>> No.10207299

>Mia Hays

Oh god.

>> No.10207335
File: 181 KB, 509x659, B20100910A(S).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

exactly 21.3 years.

when i was 14 year old i noticed that there's no way i'll achieve anything in my life with such a shitty school i had.

but it's not like it matters or anything.

>> No.10207348
File: 800 KB, 807x719, justusinghispictureforattention.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey nerds, should I have popcorn chicken or meatball pizza for lunch?

>> No.10207354

I'd recommend:
ham burger

>> No.10207357

Dicks as usual lel

>> No.10207359
File: 340 KB, 1276x1119, stillnothim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think this is a fucking game?

>> No.10207364

you can suck my dick

>> No.10207368
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, commie something something accel world 01 something 043290384.mkv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I give you dweebs a chance to decide what I eat, and you all treat it as a joke? Pathetic.

>> No.10207380

>im so shitpost xdddd

>> No.10207382

Maybe you should grow the fuck up and learn decide for yourself instead of asking some "dweebs" on the internet.

>> No.10207384

>first world

No. Stop that.

>> No.10207389

What do you want him to say? "Developed country"?

>> No.10207392

this deprecation thing really turns me on, please continue.

>> No.10207399

If I attached a camera to my head and did a live stream "adventure game" of real life, do you think people would be interested? As in, people would tell me commands like "GO NORTH" or "TALK TO MAN" and I would do them (as long as it isn't too illegal).

>> No.10207406


Personally, I would like it if he decided to express himself in a way that wasn't pious, smug, sanctimonious, or devoid of understanding. Failing that, maybe he could at least do three of those four, instead of all four at the same time.

>> No.10207413

I've been wanting to do that but with a minicam attached to my cat's collar. Would it be invasion of privacy if other people let the cat into their house for some reason?

>> No.10207416


Where's your boyfriend? That guy who always talked about how much he loved you every time you posted.

>> No.10207419

meatball pizza u autistic fag

>> No.10211259

Why do I see so many touhou pictures on /pol/?

Who is the cross boarder?

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