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Can half-ghosts get pregnant?

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I sure hope so.

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well if ghosts and humans can have kids, you'd think a half ghost could too
but then again, tigers and lions can have kids, but ligers cant

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That's not how you get pregnant, that's how you get fat.

Half-ghosts can get fat, right?

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What the fuck is a half ghost.

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Next question/thread.

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She would give birth to soulless, dead babies. Truly a horrible sight.

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Her kids would be human unless someone kills half of them

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She's got a full soul, it's just of mixed descent. Ghosts are pretty much pure soul.

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If Youmu is a baby, how do you fug?

Why not Momiji instead?

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Momiji is grandma dayo.

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momiji is a dog

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She'd only be in heat for 2 weeks in Spring and Autumn.

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Would her baby be a 1/4 ghost if she got pregnant by a human and 1/4 human if she got pregnant by a ghost?

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It would be stillborn. Her ghost eggs are incompatible with sperm of any type.

Momiji, on the other hand, is a walking oasis of fertility.

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momiji mirage

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You almost won me over but what Momiji is saying makes me sad.

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Youmu was neutered by Yuyuko by killing all her eggs so that she can focus more on her job.

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That's not canon

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Doesn't make much sense though. How does that make one a pervert?

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It's not canon, until she finds out she's sterile.

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What does Youmu do the day she finds out she can't have children?

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Let's be real here. Yuyuko's a sociopath, she'd do it.

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I like to think that FEAR ended on Extraction Point.

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