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which touhou would you fuck?

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Only the most powerful, beautiful and sexy one.

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>complaining about a touhou thready

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I don't see why you're talking about Yorihime while posting a picture of Yukari. Did you pick that image by mistake?

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I would fuck Youmu and Yuyuko.

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She's really pretty, and sexy. <3

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frig off secondary

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Well considering Yukari is even on the superpowers wiki under omnipotence, I think Yukari wins. Border of Yorihime existing and not existing :/

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I think there's a limit to her powers.

Considering she can only gap to the moon around once a month, she can't just go 'Oh, gap between winning and losing haw haw I win'.

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>check the original
nope nope nope nope
I like powerful women. :3

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Um... Superpowers wiki is made by westerners... I don't think they know as much about touhou as the Japanese... Sorry dude...

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Make a face about THIS!
*whips out arms, hugs you tightly*

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Well certainly she can manipulate the border of life and death, as she has a spellcard to such effect. Also, last I checked, yori can summon the powers of gods, whereas there are multiple 2hus who either are gods or have complete control over the powers of a god.

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Spellcards are just light shows with pretty names. It's not like Cirno's perfect freeze actually freezes everything around her, also if a touhou is a god she has a predetermined set of powers. Yorihime can just summon the god that counters that gods' powers. Yorihime is the strongest sorry man...

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H-hey what are you doing da ze~ *shoves away*

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in no particular order:

would not fugg:

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From the afterword of that book that came after PMiSS (It includes the profiles of SA and what-not), ZUN said that Toyohime was much more extraordinary than Yorohime.

So in essence, Moon Sister Master Race.

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Why would you not make love with those characters?

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( ._.)

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Tenshi because Tenshi.

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She can only summon like one god though and if she's so strong then why can't she protect her own people when a human witch and a mid-grade youkai come blasting through eientei and wrecking the lunarians' plans?

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epic, simply epic

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Yorohime doesn't live at Eientei.

She lives on the moon.

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I would fuck cirno because she's a baka just liek me

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Because she was a nice person to the witch and the youkai because she knew that if she got into the fight it wouldn't be fair so she didn't do anything... Sorry dude...

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If she's so powerful she could get off her ass and help

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Wud fug yukkuri

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Do remember Eientei's members are runaways from the moon.

Remember the whole plot of IN was to keep the moon away from Gensokyo.

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I don't care for Sanae, but I really hate kanako because she looks like an evil bitch from her game sprite and she basically tried to take over gensokyo by force, which is a dick move. From what I've gathered from the games where she is in, suwako seems like a mean bully who would laugh at you, and if I were to fugg her, she would be making fun of my rather small penis, and I would not enjoy that.
I don't want to get my pelvis turned into dust.
I hate sunflowers so I hate her.
I don't like her because she's a drunk.

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Okuu and only Okuu. Possibly Orin too, but only if Okuu allowed it.

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>I hate sunflowers so I hate her.

But she loves all flowers! Not just sunflowers! Why do you hate sunflowers?

>I don't want to get my pelvis turned into dust.

She's really gentle with pretty boys like you!

>if I were to fugg her, she would be making fun of my rather small penis

You have a small penis?

Can you show it to me?

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>Can you show it to me?
here's a picture of it


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too lewd

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hug me

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Touhous are for hugging, not fugging.

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You can't fool me! I saw you refusing an anon's hug earlier!

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>suwako seems like a mean bully who would laugh at you, and if I were to fugg her, she would be making fun of my rather small penis,

Doubt she will, your small penis would be average considering most if not all humans in Gensokyo are Japanese.

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Would hug:

Would not hug:

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get ober here and fugg me :DDDD

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Don't give me that look.

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OP pic related