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Well that's just in the capital then.
It'll open jobs up in the less-developed areas.

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Why isn't a state?

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Prostitution should be illegal and I'm not even joking.

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Being a fascist sure is edgy.

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Why make things even harder for you mom?

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Imagine how great everything would be if Japan was a state

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It would be flooded by whites and niggers and loose every unique aspect of it's culture.

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>no loli

It would be a terrible terrible world

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stop america's unholy crusade against the world

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No, my mom works retail. I could understand the confusion, but there is a difference.

It's not about being edgy, it's about not having people work in dangerous jobs.

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I think Korea should be a state so we could make them stop being such subhumans.

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Because most of it's inhabitants don't speak English.
That's it. That's the only reason.

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There would be none of that shit
By now they would all be speaking a proper language like English.

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I'm having a huge erection now picturing the japanese Tea Party, japanese Fox News, etc.

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It's dangerous BECAUSE it's illegal. If it were government regulated and controlled it would much, much safer.

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It would be the biggest voting block in the entire country.
All the politicians would pander to their vote and mainland America would slowly be Japanized.

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Ja-japanese trailer trash!!!

Thanks, OP. I came a river.

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Sex is never safe.

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We can change that.

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American christian-fascist imperialists want to destroy every country's independence. They are the scourge of the world and 9/11 was good.

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Neither are guns yet I don't see you crying out for them to be outlawed.

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There are a couple of yanks who do loli stuff.

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go back to seabed, Bin Laden.

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Guns should also be outlawed and beat cops be restricted to using nightsticks. If they need guns, they should call in SWAT.

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Guys, if Japan was a state of America, that would make Japanese the largest minority group. Imagine, we would all have pander to them and learn their customs and language so that we can strive to be ``equal''.

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It would be better to just make the Mariana Islands into a state.
Then you can just take quick trips to Japan and shipping would be cheap. And Japanese tourists can come for casinos and such.

They essentially are one anyway, they speak English and have the same rights as US citizens and even US passports. In fact, many of them up and left for the American Mainland after they got citizen rights and the ability to move anywhere.
Don't know why we don't make it one, and places like Guam too. We could turn the islands into tropical paradises/super military bases.

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I hope you're not serious

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Welcome to how civilized countries work.

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All those poor Japanese Gun Otakus....
I wish to liberate them all and go shooting at a range with them.
It would be a dream....

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Yes because banning guns will surely prevent the citizenry from obtaining them and crime rates will plummet!

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Worked for YUROPE

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"civilized" countries
I hope you were being sarcastic.

Gun-hating Euros make me sick.

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The only get guns now because they are so easy to obtain. If they were illegal, then they would be harder to get. Use your head!

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Gun owners are football watching douchebros and wannabe tough guy rednecks.

None of you have what it takes to kill a man. Even if that man is trespassing on "your"( the irs') property.

And nobody wants to take away your guns.

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At the very least, we would have less children gunning themselves to death.

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Maybe we could just make them into a territory.
Like they will have all the rights, benefits, and protection from being a state as well as the ease of trade and ability to move to and from the mainland, but without actually being a state. They could work independently for most things though, involving domestic governance, laws, and voting.

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In my opinion we should ban everything.

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Just because they're harder to get doesn't mean crimes rates would decrease. The black market is a very lucrative business. And you think people shouldn't be able to have guns at all? Only the government should have them? That's dangerous thinking, friend.

See pic

And more swallowing pills and cutting themselves with razors.

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Without guns, crime rates will obviously skyrocket to levels only seen in such hellholes like Japan and Denmark.

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americans can do what they want with japan. but if american boots ever step on my country's soil, you will suffer.

stay in your country, pigs.

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I think the US should be a state of Japan.

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Razors don't have the same appeal as guns do. You don't show a razor off to your friends and then accidentally slice their wrists.

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I like how you didn't specify your country. It's like a huge bluff telling the US not to go anywhere.

Just how tough is this guy!?

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America works differently than small, silly European countries. We have different cultures and dangers. We have more crime and delinquents altogether and gun removal will only make things worse.

Europeans should really learn to respect our gun culture. I thought you guys were all about respecting and encouraging other people's cultures.
Stop being so bigoted against Americans. Guns are heavily engrained into our culture.

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There are countries that have successfully taken all guns out, and you don't see crazy niggers blazing the streets in those countries. Face it. Guns are only easy to get here because they are legal.

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If we outlawed guns, the delinquents wouldn't be able to pick up shotguns from Wallmart.

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It means he is afraid and too pussy to name his own country, least we liberate it.

Bets on either a German or a Finn.

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Accidental deaths do not justify removing firearms from the hands of the public. People should have a right to defend themselves.

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I didn't and I won't specify because the typical american tactic is to laugh and berate other countries and I won't give you that satisfaction. But you can probably tell which country it is already. I don't consider americans that stupid.

You have a country of your own, stay out of mine.

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They can call in the militia/swat teams/national guard/army/whatever.

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You should just move to gun-free Chicago and see what a nice place it is

I think only half a dozen people died from gunshot wounds last weekend in gun-free Chicago

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>the only way to defend yourself is by killing other people

Uh huh

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It's not gun-free, the cops still have guns.

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Many of them don't have many crazed niggers in the first place.
Over 14% of America is black. 43,884,130 black people, that's more than the entire population of many European countries.

They would most certainly pick them up from the black market instead. The guns aren't going to magically disappear. And if a ban ever was set in place, millions of guns would disappear and never reach the hands of the police.
Most of the guns used by the Mexican cartel comes from the military. But the citizens can't get shit. Same thing in Russia.

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They would find them in the seedy underbelly of society, where they usually hang out. And then only delinquents/criminals will have guns.


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im ok with a delinquent getting his gun that way

im not ok with leaving guns to a civilian that does even worse if is a christian or a jew

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Then why don't you stay off of our websites and use your own?

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Compared to tens of thousands of Japanese.

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Because I can.

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Like the average street tough actually knows jack about the criminal underworld.

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Most states with legalized prostitution actually, by volume, make it a safer "profession."

It'll never happen in the US because they're a bunch of vindictive prudes though. They want to tell you they live in the land of the free, and that the government should butt out of their lives, but they still want to have the church do that. And they won't let you put anything in your body except for alcohol (poisonous) and tobacco (cancerous) because reasons.

Japan likes it's autonomy. The US likes not having ANOTHER civilian asset within missile range of a bunch of fucking communists and more recently, islamic wack jobs.

And right now there's just not a lot of good reasons. The US would be "buying" up it's largest debtor to take on a civilian population that's the globe's second largest debtor. Woops.

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That just gives a false sense of safety. Sex is never sex.

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They aren't going to be able to bring someone back to life. If the victim has a gun, they could potentially scare off the murderer before they have a chance to shoot. And do you really think that the national guard will be summoned over some thug killing a convenience store owner?

You don't need to kill them, you can wound them or even simply show them your weapon.

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If guns are banned, the black market will expand and thrive, making it easier for Jayqwon to find them.

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States with the highest number of guns per capita typically fall toward lower crime rates.

It's really only when you add grinding, systemic poverty and other black markets into the mix that you get the US.

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You seem to think "Criminal" is some secret race of aliens that lives among us

Criminals are people just like us. You give guns to people, some of those people will become criminals. All making guns legal does is give everyone the potential to turn into a massmurderer. Civilians with guns don't stop crime, they become criminals, or die anyway because having guns doesn't matter when the other guy attacks from surprise.

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yeah..first fist the social issues..then give guns to he people

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>Sex is never sex.

Typos aside, what about extra-vaginal sex such as handjobs? I can't really see how a handjob can be fundamentally dangerous

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>sex is never sex.

Come again? Sex is never safe?

No, you're right, sex as a profession isn't safe. There's plenty of unsavory diseases you can pick up, even while engaging in protected sex because condoms aren't infallible. Thing is, with it legalized you can get people tested, and vastly minimize the risk.

By your logic we should work place injuries so that work place injuries never happen.

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That violates the first rule of gun safety. Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to destroy.

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Guns and niggers = crime (USA)
Guns and no niggers = no crime (Switzerland)
No guns and niggers = crime (UK)
No guns and no niggers = no crime (Japan)

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It doesn't matter whether banning guns worked well in Europe. Such a thing would not work in America because of the existing criminal culture and the extremely high volume of guns that are already available. They're not just going to disappear and criminals will still have them. All it would do is prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. Whether banning guns worked in a smaller, more homogenous country is irrelevant.

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We have a weapons board on 4chan and hence many gun otakus. Please respect them and their hobbies.
I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if someone told your country to ban Touhou or VNs.

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We all know who the real criminal here is.

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>You give guns to people, some of those people will become criminals
>Civilians with guns don't stop crime, they become criminals

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It's too late, they already banned loli. Now I have nothing to lose.

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Your butthurt is delicious.

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All banning guns does is create a potential future police state

Defenseless citizenry = sitting ducks!

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Vigilantes are still criminals.

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He is absolutely right.

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Yeah, good luck fighting tanks and fighter planes with your hand guns.

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Well that's in your shitty country. Not here in the US.
Please don't try to bring us down to your level.

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Well it certainly isn't helping murica right now

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Would you rather have no means of defending yourself at all? You have a better chance of fleeing the country if you do.

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Opposing forces and Guerrillas tend to do it just fine.
And the military is all American citizens, many even being private gun owners themselves. You would be hard pressed to get US soldiers to fight their own country and civilians.

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Daily reminder, if we have a military base in your country, you're our fucking bitch:

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you people are ignorant fuckwits.
Making guns illegal is not going to stop bad thing happening with guns. All it will do is make people ignorant of them and more dangerous.

Accidental shootings is a prime example of ignorance of guns. And they are all the responsibility of all laws and politicians who force anti-gun education laws. Yes they should be hard to get but not teaching about it is wrong.

Do you really think criminals buy their guns legally at wallyworld? Do you really know what it takes to buy a gun? Even a 22lr? DO not speak of things you have no experience in, it just makes you an idiot.

Criminals do not get their guns legally. Only crimes committed are those unstable in the head types and that is one in millions and maybe one every 2 years. You have more unstable people driving cars and killing people than you do with guns. Do not be such sheep and suck up everything the TV tells you. EXP when that political puppet or moron anchor cannot name things properly. It is A MAG not a clip.

Banned guns in japan works because of culture. In America it would lead to ruin. It is a mind set and the goverment would have to work for decades to adjust that. You would also need to spend billions to fight the black market but with conservatives in power and fat white fucks who will not cut the pat my back pat yours thought process that will never happen.

If there is no threat against someone to not do something they will do it. That is the USA. Kids will vandalize things if they know they can get away with it. Only thing keeping them in check is the threat of punishment.

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That's because murriclaps are retarded

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Why do Yuropoors insist on pointing out that they're not American? As if somehow being in the poor minority on an AMERICAN website is a good thing?
It's like going on an Apple forum and saying, "Macs? No thanks--I use a Windows PC." Congratulations, you're worse-off than everyone else on the forum.

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Smart criminals don't buy their guns legally, but most criminals are idiots.

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>pull gun on cop in retaliation
>get shot
>everyone is happy because they think you were a crazy criminal who tried to kill police

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I'm not foolish enough to oppose the government.

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I don't want to depatriotize, either, my family and job is here and how can I live if I don't leech off of them.

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So you would just let them have their way with you and do whatever they please?

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>Making guns illegal is not going to stop bad thing happening with guns

this is what i fond fascinating about USA

i also dont believe making guns illegl is the solution , but i do believe in regulation and restriction of what you can own

i mean, why the hell would you need a machinegun or a shotgun,
a pistol..that should be the only gun a civilian should be allowed to carry

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So yeah, let's ban guns and allow the government to have their way with us because of that.

Enjoy your labor camp