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Youmu is in grat trouble!

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Is that some kind of erected turd on the left?

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There are already multiple Touhou threads. Please keep them confined to a single topic so as not to clutter the board. That way everybody can enjoy /jp/.

>> No.10176318

Please stop stealing my meme and ban evading.

>> No.10176323

what happen, did she get bitten by a snake?

>> No.10176327


Please use the new built-in catalog function to search the board before creating a thread.

>> No.10176329

Why are Youmu fans so retarded?

>> No.10176335

all of them are secondaries

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Back to /vg/ with your Generals. This is /jp/ - Touhou Culture.

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Have you read your SICP today?

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Nah. If you want a board dedicated to nothing but touhou then there are plenty of other sites you can go to. You're sharing this board and should do your best to not shit it up~

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Touhou gets a number of threads proportional to its popularity. It never overtook /jp/. And never will.

>> No.10176385

oh man I love touhou shitposting

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