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If Gensokyo was an school, which club would you join?

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The sucking-of-cock club

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wow, these guys really want to kill 2hu

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Robotics with Nitori.
Already did that in high school except that Nitori wasn't there.

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Bird Youkai club.

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What kind of activities does that club do?

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Fly around and shit over some statues.

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Le Shinbun Club.

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Kendo with Youmu

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fuck yo clubs i'd be doin all the teachers

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Newspaper? Why?

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flower arrangement

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I wish that Yukari-sama teach me all day,
if you know what i mean.

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Not that guy, but I always wanted to write for the school newspaper, or be part of the AV club. Those two always seemed really cool for some reason.

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I fucking love you Tom

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But Eirin woud be the school nurse.

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The pic was kind of related.

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Adult Video

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I love you too so much.
awww yeah
gomenasai but Eirin could also be the medical science teacher, assuming that gensokyo school would have funding for that.

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As well as biology or chemistry, and maybe general science.

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Tom, I want to join whatever club you are in.

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Audio visual. Basically if there's something on schoolgrounds that needs to be recorded through video or audio, you're the one doing it.

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Thanks, Tom.

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Gather shiny things.

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The "Skip School and Get Wasted" Club.

Weightlifting club is also acceptable.

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I can see that playing into all sorts of shenanigans involving the other clubs.

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On the assumption Yuyuko will be a teacher, I'll have to go with joining the student council.

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Okuu must be the founding member.

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the fuck hags club (jk I love them ok) and the rain collecting club.
yes. and Byakuren will teach theology, assuming that gensokyo school would provide such a deep subject. what about Yukari? I dont know...

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The 2cool4school club

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Alright, I look forward to being in the "Wooing and Making Love to Mature, Classy Ladies" club!

But what sort of specific activities does the "rain collecting club" engage in and what benefits me from being a member?

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Whatever club Flan, Koishi, Suwako, or Mokou are joining.

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As long as I can make sure that bitch Eiki stays the fuck away from me, I'd join... But, I don't know what I'd do there.

Well, I'd find something to do.

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the benefits are being with cute girls who enjoy collecting rain with you. basically we measure rainfall in gensokyo. it sounds boring, I know. but it's a hobby of mine.

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Go home club.

I wonder who else would do this.

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Best club

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The friendship club.

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FIRST robotics?
What team number bro

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Fug school! I go 2 blocks down and join the leather club with Tenshi. Now, seriously whatever club she is, if she happens to be just a delinquent, sure, i'd join her.

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That sounds kinda silly, but it seems like a very cute hobby.

As long as you are in it, Tom, I too shall be a member.
Maybe Ichirin and Unzan will be in it. Perhaps even Murasa too! And a new Rain/Weather based Touhou as well.

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Please show others the same respect they show you by keeping niche interests contained to one topic. There are multiple Touhou threads, but this is not a Touhou board. Touhou is one of many interests here on /jp/.

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You'll never catch us, Council Drone!

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Shitposting club.

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I'll be teacher's pet

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thank you wonderful anon. they will all be in it. Tenshi, Ichirin/Unzan, everyone. you and I will be the presidents.

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Whichever club lets me be the lewdest.

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None, nobody likes perverts

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I'm not sure how accurate this is. Anime has shown me that I can still have friends even if I'm a total creep. You might want to fact check your assertions

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Entomology Club, studying Wriggle and Yamame

More like Keine than Kanako. Kanako would be in the religious society.

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That's funny because anime was shown me that anything that happens in anime is completly untrue and unrealistic

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I wonder if reimu would be in the student council or something like that

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I'd volunteer to be in charge of cleaning the touhou athletics clubs clothes.

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Only if she would be forced to do it as a headmaster's relative or something.

She's way too lazy otherwise.

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Why the hell does Alice have a phone, it's not like she calls anyone anyway.

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She may just use it as a portable internet or gaming device.

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and Sakuya ;_;

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Sakuya left Student Council to go to a club that Remilia created.

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probably the Tea time club

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Mayohiga math association. It has all the elements: a clever senpai, a lazy, even more talented leader and a cute, ditzy but hardworking kouhai.

Anyway, whoever joins the kendo club has got to be a complete fucking idiot.

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>Anyway, whoever joins the kendo club has got to be a complete fucking idiot.

Yeah. Who'd want to spend time with an ugly dork like Youmu?

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Alright, this is how it'll go down in a gakou touhou anime.

Reimu and Marisa- normal high school students with completely different personalities and slowly build up their friendship throughout the season.

Remilia- Reimu and Marisa's general threat in the school. She's the student council president AND the captain of the dodgeball team. She acts coldly towards Reimu and Marisa. But in reality, her only friend is her caretaker Sakuya and her little sister Flan, and the towards the end of the season the two protagonists find out that her parents died when she was really little in a tragic train accident. She then softens up to them and they all become friends.

Suika- Borderline failing school, but somehow is still there.

Alice- That creepy girl who plays with her dolls at lunchtime and sits all by herself. Marisa wants to be nice, and one day she sits next to Alice. Every since then, Alice never stopped stalking Marisa.

Sanae- A really sweet, shy, and modest girl. That is, until, she gets pressured into drinking, doing drugs, and giving handjobs. There will be an episode where Reimu tries to stop her, but Sanae doesn't listen and says to her "You aren't my real friend! How could you do this to me!"

Satori- People tend to stay away from her, as they don't want their thoughts to be exposed. However, her and Reimu hang out sometimes and help eachother with homework.

Nue- "Quick- everyone hide! It's the goth girl!"

Flandre, Cirno, Rumia, and Wriggle: The teeny tiny freshmen that people throw pennies at.

Nitori- Math and engineering prodigy who transferred up.

Tenshi: the "popular" one.

Yoshika: Frequently at the nurse with Patchouli

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yuyuko is a pretty spitting image of a lunchlady

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That's unbelievably shitty, especially Sanae.

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> her only friend is her caretaker Sakuya and her little sister Flan,
But where is Patchy
I doubt that, she'll probably be the kid who has autism bursts.
She'd be the girl who gets on everyone's nerves just to piss them off.

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Head Master: Shikieki

Head Secretary: Komachi (who often gets yelled at by Eiki for being to soft on the kids and not giving them detentions like she's supposed to)

Eirin: School nurse

Yuugi: Gym teacher

Keine: History teacher

Okuu: Physics teacher

Byakuren: Theology teacher (thanks Tom)

Hina: Biology teacher

Mokou: One of the deans

Mamizou: Lunch lady

Dance 101: Iku

Japanese: Kaguya

Foreign language- English: Yukari

someone help me

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Sanae is a pure girl, those are all just cruel rumors!

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>Mokou: One of the deans
Wouldn't Mokou make more sense to be a lunch lady, since she supposedly runs a yakkitori stand?
Mamizou: Lunch lady
And what about Mysty?

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naw naw. Here's a better idea: for this animu, instead of focusing on the students, it will focus on the teachers, and how they have to deal with all of these weird youkai/creature students and how their lives are at home.

it will be a depressing anime.

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>Okuu: Physics teacher

Oh boy oh boy~

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It starts with Reimu enlisting in high school. She was the middle school dodgeball region champion and she wants to enter the high school dodgeball club. She finds out there's none. She begs her homeroom teacher, Hakurei Miko, to create a dodgeball club. She accepts so as long as she can get four other club members. She quickly becomes class friends with Marisa Kirisame, who never really cared about school activities. She happily joins Reimu on a whim.

On the next day, due to a misunderstanding, Marisa enrages Kompaku Youmu, the genius from the kendo club. They decide to settle their differences over a game of dodgeball. If Marisa loses, she joins the kendo club. If Youmu loses, she joins the dodgeball club. Youmu loses due to a technicality brought upon by Reimu (that smartass bitch) and, true to her code of honor, fulfills her part of the deal even though she was cheated into it.

The next week, there's a new mysterious transfer student. An european beauty, heir to the Scarlet conglomerate: Remilia Scarlet, with her personal maid, Sakuya Izayoi, enrolling along with her. Reimu quickly notices Sakuya is not only a personal maid but also a skilled bodyguard, with cat-like reflexes that only seem to be possible if time is stopped. Turns out Sakuya often dreamt of playing dodgeball, but kept those desires a secret from her lady, so Remilia doesn't feel like a burden to Sakuya's dreams. In a touching scene filled to the brim with yuri undertones, Remilia learns of this wish and gives Sakuya her blessing. Remilia often cheers Sakuya and her team from the sidelines.

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Kill yourself.

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The final member is a familiar face: Sanae Kochiya. A second-year, former middle school dodgeball regional champion. She's offered a club position by Reimu but refuses, trying her hardest to make her own dodgeball club like she tried last year. She fails again. Cue flashbacks of people telling Sanae how useless she is and how she will never be number one. Unable to hold herself back any longer, she hides in the roof and cries. Reimu finds her and comforts her. She sees Sanae not as a rival, but as an equal. She wants Sanae. Sanae joins the club.

With five members, the dodgeball club is made an official club. The girls begin their training for the high school dodgeball championship. Their direct opponents are the Eientei university preparatory school, the Yakumo professional school (famous for being a delinquent school), the Hijiri highschool and the Komeiji art school.

All the touhous are high school girls. The only difference among them is their year. Yukari would be a third-year sempai, for example.

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No Fun Anon, leave this place.

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You are the best thing since zun!bar.

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So, what's the point of making it touhou if you completely ignore canon personalities?

Taking gensokyo and rewriting it as a school setting might be amusing, but not if you reduce it to secondary fan wankery.

I'm surprised you didn't fit a pad joke there somewhere.

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The "Be late and always procrastinate" club
We meet before school in order to quickly fill in homework and maybe copy off of others.

Our afterschool meetings involve scrambling together that late essay that was due earlier during the day.

We even have lunch meetings to work on that one assignment due next period and during class meetings where you skip a class or go in late in order to finish your work.

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Man, I don't remember people throwing pennies at me in freshman year.

>> No.10176693

How's that a club?

That's regular school life.

And I went to a good high school.

>> No.10176694

10/10 would join.

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please continue.

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Have you read this trhead at all?

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>it will be a depressing anime
But why...?

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We can always have Letty as the jolly lunch lady.

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>regular school life.

This reminds oh how the day before (or THE day) an assignment was due I'd ask around saying "are you finished? Are you finished?'' They all usually said yes. I don't know why other people procastinating made me feel better.

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I think Reimu would be the bully. However, she keeps all of the other potential bullies in check by beating the shit out of them behind the gym when they try to do cause shit.

Everyone else tolerates her for the most part because the most that she ever asks for is part of someone's lunch or change to take the bus home which is a lot less than what any of the other bullies would have taken from them.

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Reimu is too lazy to do anything, always aces everything without trying. Marisa always asks to borrow things and never give them back, while claiming that she didn't borrow them. Rumia is always eating your stuff when you don't look in lunch. Cirno is always picking fights that she loses or just barely. Meiling is a chinese exchange student. Patchouli is anemic A+ nerdlord. Sakuya is an elegant lapdog to Remilia. Remilia is an upper class student who has all of her work done for her, but still studies with Patchy. Flandre is the girl who says anything and almost always happy. Letty, the senior who worries for Cirno. Chen is a junior in Cirno's group along with any other midboss and stage 1-2 except for Nazrin. Lily White is only happy during Spring. Prismriver band club. Youmu is a dork who's always playfully toyed with by Yuyuko. Yuyuko is like Rumia but more direct about it, and usually always jokes around. Ran is a secretary, Yukari is the principal, who slacks her work as much she can. Wriggle is the school trap. Mystia is bullied by Yuyuko, while being a great cook.

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...you're doing this on purpose, aren't you.


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Keine is the history teacher, Tei is the school prick, Reisen is the school cannonfodder, Kaguya is higher class who slacks everything and plays video games in class and usually skips classes to go to the nurse's office. Eirin tries to keep Kaguya in check, school nurse. Mokou picks fights with Kaguya on a regular basis, but is still a good person to anyone, has a fiery hot temper if pushed, however, also BFFs with Keine. Aya and Hatate are rival newspaper solicitors. Yuuka is the school gardener, she'll kick your ass if she sees you stepping on flowers. Medicine doesn't like the company of people but secretly watches Yuuka garden. Komachi is a slacker. Shikieiki comes to give everyone lectures on how to make the best of their lives, also trying to keep Komachi, Kaguya, Yukari and etc in check. Rinnosuke is the guy that collects things and wants to sell them but he becomes too attached to them. Suika is a slacker and drinker along with P.E. coach Yuugi who doesn't do anything about it. Alice is a loner/creep who enjoys puppetry. Minoriko and Shizuha are the forgettable ones, but are actually upper class. Hina is nice to everyone but avoids them because she believes she's bad luck to everyone around her. Nitori is an expert in math and mechanical stuff and has a huge ego. Momiji is dragged into things by Aya and Hatate, secretly hates the shit out of both of them and sucks up to their relative Tenma, yeah Hatate and Aya are related. Sanae is a transfer student who tries too hard. Kanako is a transfer teacher who butts in with the other teachers. Suwako is a transfer who doesn't give any fucks about anything but is a pretty cool guy.

>> No.10176780

Tenshi is breaks everyone's stuff for the joy of them yelling at her. Iku tries to keep Tenshi in check, dance teacher. Renko and Merry are the S.O.S. Brigade. Yamame has a crush on Wriggle, Kisume likes to Surprise!!!!! people and is good at heart. Parsee is a stalker who stalks just to stalk. Satori is avoided by people because she smells like a zoo. Orinrin is gothic girl fascinated with dead stuff. Gokuu is the chemistry teacher who is fullblown retarded and usually forgets what she's even doing while giving a lecture. Koishi is the girl who just wanders from class to class and anywhere she wants with no one ever noticing, always happy and content with anything. Nazrin always sneaks around trying to steal things from lockers, lunches, etc. Kogasa likes to team up with Nue, Kisume, and Mamizou to SURPRISE!!!!!! your guts off. All of Myouren Temple rivals the Mausoleum as religious clubs. Kyouko likes cleaning things and singing in duets with Mystia and the Prismrivers in talent shows. Yoshika lives near a cemetery so people don't like to be around her, also like Yuyu when it comes to eating your stuff, she'll keep eating it even if she thinks it tastes bad.

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The Watatsuki's are upper class girls who are great at everything, but no one likes them because of their snobby, egotistical personalities. Great friends with Kaguya and Eirin, however. Kasen is great friends with Satori as they both enjoy animals. Akyuu and Motoori are writers. The Three Faries follow behind Tei's footsteps as pricks.
I'd do PC-98s but they mostly.... have no personalities to write on about.

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The puffy vulva club.

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chan pls

>> No.10176937

Whichever is the club for cramming progressively larger items in the various orifices of the touhoes.

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But where's the one who kills everyone?

>> No.10176958

Futo accidentally sets the school on fire trying to get back at Murasa for pouring a bucket of water over her during lunch, killing everyone especially Mima.

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Hina goes crazy and shoots up the school.

>> No.10176968

How does fire kill a ghost?
You should put at least a little thought into it, or it's no fun...

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Unless it's a sports club or something. Sanae's an otaku, right?

>> No.10176976

In this series, everyone is a regular human. So Mima dies harder than everyone else.

>> No.10176977

Sexual education with Sanae

>> No.10177007

I'm not sure what you are asking for.

>> No.10177025

You forgot that everyone hates Shikieiki far more than the Watatsukis, because the Watatsukis just mostly do their own thing while Shikieiki is always acting like everything's her business when it's not, always lecturing everyone on some arbitrary basis that she claims is objective, and just in general getting in the way wherever she goes.

>> No.10177038

But Eiki is justified because she's trying to help people just by giving them a lecture and is a nice person anyway, while the Watatsuki's act stuck up as shown in any works they've appeared in. Besides, they're just lectures, she's isn't ALL that hated.

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This looks more like a secondary school

>> No.10177210

Carlos pls go.

>> No.10177217

Really? She's doing what she thinks will help you. Telling you what she wants you to be. Not what will actually help you in your eyes. It's just someone trying to force their standards on you and being pretentious. How stupid do you have to be to believe that you know what is best for everyone? You don't. You only know what's best for you. You need to respect that everyone is different and get your head out of your ass.

And when it comes to important or difficult or painful things, people don't listen to words, because words are empty. If all you do is show up and preach to someone, it's like you're half-heartedly shoving your expectations on them and then walking away. Nothing more than adding to their problems. How do you think they feel?

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coffee club

>> No.10177282

the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer

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or photography club

>> No.10177378

Itou Life is my one true weakness

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sake club

>> No.10180597

I'd join the coffee club with you.

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Bird watching club.

>> No.10180717

Why is Sakuya so cute? I'd join whatever club she were in.

>> No.10180746

goddamn calligraphy is so hard to read

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same club as Hina

I wonder which one is

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Newspaper club for some tight crow pussy

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remember, she is just a little girl

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I wouldn't join a club. I roll solo.

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occult club maybe...hopefully something better

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jazz club

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ghost buster club

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Kendo club, deliquent, going-home club, wherever she might be. I could form my own and try to persuade her to join (and fail miserably), so I'd better convince her to make her own and let me be her first henchman, though I just want to be friends. There could be an episode where we're trying to get the permission for that abomination of a club and finding members. But that's kind of cliché...
"The TTC (Tenshi Terror Club) is now accepting members! If you haven't already joined a club or are tired of your boring old one, come join this one!"

Guess I'll just be a coward and join the art club or something.

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All throughout school I refused to join a club. And I'd do the same now.