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Give me one reason why I should let you humans into Gensokyo

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I can bake cakes and brew beers the Gensokyoites may be unfamiliar with. I can also bring news of the outside world that Yukari is too stubborn to share.

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You shouldn't.

Now make like a Flan and fly away.

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I wouldn't want to go to that backwoods shithole.

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We can slap thighs and make a gooey mess.

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The 2D girls aren't going to bang themselves.

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You're a lewd ass slut! Get the fug outta /jp/!

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One of two, you let us in after a small agreement or we'll find a way latter by ourselves while we hold a grudge against you.

I ensure you'd like to have an agreement rather than see how we enter "dry"

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Well you let Sakuya in...... I don't mind being a maid in Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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I love you.

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I'll let em in for $50 each

or 1500 years of servitude, which is equivalent

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serving who?

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50 bucks ain't shit. Take my money for now, whore. once I learn magic you're fucked.

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not enough dick in Gensokyo

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If you don't have what it takes to believe that magic exists even before going there, then even if you go there, it will be of no use to you.

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I don't get why anyone would want to live in gensokyo. There's nothing to do there. I mean, come fucking on Cirno freezes frogs for entertainment, WHY? because she doesn't have access to a goddamn playstation that's why!

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I don't deserve to go to gensokyo.

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It's all a matter of perspective. People are entertained by different things. Me, I'm bored of playstations and stuff. I just want to go wander around, and be able to survive on my own without doing something stupid like getting a job and fitting into society.

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You wouldn't be able to survive on your own.

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That's the problem.

Well, I'll figure something out.

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Yukari would sexually abuse you

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I'd make everyone's life... funnier.

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You know, you could pretty easily do that right now. Just walk out the door and live out of your pockets. It wouldn't always be comfortable, but it'd be an adventure.

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Is that so? Then I just have to rape her twice as much to teach her to behave.

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Humiliation would work too

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stop roleplaying losers

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Because I have tulpae to fight my battles for me and keep me from being eaten by a youkai.

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Choke on a cock.

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Would you willingly give up your humanity and/or freedom to become a slave to ANYONE you can choose in Gensokyo?

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I'd never give up my freedom, but I'd give up my humanity in a heartbeat. I'll become a youkai. Stupid little humans can busy themselves with calling me a monster while I go off doing whatever the fuck I want.

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is this e/b/in meme? xDDDDDD


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Yes. That's not even a question. The alternative is being a slave to society and I'm pretty sure no one wants that.

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Maybe in the SDM.

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No. That'd be gay. Besides unlike those porn doujin, they wouldn't want to fuck you. You'd probably be cleaning dishes all day until you die.

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>Stupid little humans can busy themselves with calling me a monster while I go off doing whatever the fuck I want.
You'd most likely get exorcised just for existing.

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Ohoho. But wait until my skilled charm and ravishing good looks fills absolute lust in their eyes.

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Are you too retarded to believe that Gensoukyou exists, and yet you feel the need to go make everyone else conform to your lack of imagination?

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Nope, bullshit.

There's a chapter in Oriental Sacred Place where a wolf went around eating humans and became a youkai, and never got exorcised. Reimu wasn't even mad. She never really does exorcisms anyway, since these days about all she does is beat people up and then leave them alone. Kasen went and made the youkai into one that eats other youkai, and then everyone lived happily ever after.

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I'm pretty sure by now, Sanae would try to exterminate you, Miko would too, maybe Mokou if you accidentally wander in the Bamboo forest. Or Byakuren will come to convert you.
You know you're given the option to give up your humanity OR become a slave? And you can just secretly learn magic to turn yourself into a BODY RAVISHING handsome man in which no female can resist.

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Somebody needs to be fed to Yuyuko

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feed the mouse to the yuyuko

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As one of the only males, you would be abused

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I'll enjoy it.

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i make great eggs for breakfast

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I can mow lawns pretty well.

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there are plenty of males in the human village

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As a human who lived in the outside world, I could become something akin to a confidant for Sanae, and if I showed that a human can remain calm and composed in Gensokyo, maybe she would start taking it easy too.

I'm sure there are some Youkai or perhaps a certain miko who would be really glad about having Sanae out of their hair and thus would sponsor my passage to Gensokyo.

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Gensokyo needs to keep up the good old humans/yokais war and I'm fairly incline to demons slaughter.

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Name three.
All female humans.

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Because i have the drugs open up

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You can wait. Virtual reality will one day give you a perfect world for you to defile then delete and repeat.

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There are no more humans that exterminate youkai completely, and there are hardly any more youkai that attack humans. It would be a problem if the number of either youkai or humans were to increase, and it would be a problem as well if it decreases.

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But when I die that will end. And meanwhile I have to depend on people in this world to keep me alive.

And that's terrible.

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You will be resting quiet and incorruptible, cared for by perfect automatons, equally incorruptible, while your mind freely melts into another world, indistinguishable from reality.

There will be great metaphysical debates on 4chan, and you will live happily forever.

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I think that's an exaggeration. Youkai still attack humans. In WaHH and OSP, there are various instances of humans dying when attacked by youkai.

Besides, a youkai that does not attack humans is by definition not a youkai (word for word from Yukari's PMiSS article). Humans have no greater enemy than youkai (word for word from the Youkai PMiSS article).

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That doesn't sound too bad after all.

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What if I'm already in Gensokyo?

And why assume I'm human?

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Because youkai aren't real and neither is Gensokyo.

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Citation needed.

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How about you cite this!

*grabs dick*

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Nothing you've never seen is real
There is no other side of the moon
Nothing outside the observable universe, or inside a box you've never opened

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That's stupid, if Youkai or Gensokyo wasn't real, how would I be posting?

Your turn.

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I'll get youmu to stop cutting

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She's just prepping for the lotus seeds.