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So Youmu is Youkis and Yuukos daughter, am i correct?

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No you fucking tertiary.

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No they are.

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The book reads "russian tsars" the guy is probably a nationalist, pagan and neo-nazi, so he's having a debate with this weeaboo to check if Nihon is an ally of future nazi russia or an enemy to be feared and nuked to hell (possibly it's the latter, see the Russo-Japanese war before WWI)

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Look into his eyes. This is obviously a reunion.

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He's clearly cosplaying Youki.

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...I thought that photo was from Japan. And wondered why the hell would he learn Russian. Now I've looked at surroundings. And dude sure doesn't have asian face features too. Mislead by quality Youmu cosplay and view from behind lol.

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He's asking why she's shitting on her glorious country's deep and rich heritage by dressing like a Japanese skank, and also her name so he can report her to the nationalist police force.

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Was that edit really necessary? It was a nice image as it is.

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>nice hair dork
>wanna fugg
>call me grampa and sugg my cogg

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I hope for no one tells him that's a dude, otherwise he'd go straight to the police and report him for spreading his homo ways of dressing like a girl in public.

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I judge Youmu cosplay quality by how accurate and well-done their swords are.

I have never seen a quality Youmu cosplay.
I intend to change that.

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What kind of dork wears socks over tights?

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HOMO troopers gon get a Youmu
And brutally beat a rape her

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To me it looks like she just walked into a store and bought hers.

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Youmu is half-ghost not 3/4 ghost

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Indeed. Most of them do, really. You see that at least 60% of the time. Maybe 30% of the time they take steps to make them look more accurate (flower, cherry blossom hilt, etc), and I want to say only 10% of the time do they make the whole thing for accuracy but I haven't even seen that.

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I wonder if that's a guy dressed as Youmu.

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whats the story behind this image?

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I'm a guy dressed as Youmu.

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Please explain the image OP. I don't read whatever language that is on his books and that is obviously where the punch line comes in at.

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you dont know what pycckne uapu means?

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Thanks and all of theae following make sense too.

I only would blast Japanese men, Japanese corperation big wigs, and Beuracrats/political heads about staying true to Glorious Nippon tradtion. Leave the kawaii Japaneae women alone. They don't know shit. I've been there done that and they don't know squat or even have the capability to. Once you meet them you can but only love them for who they are and what they have become today. I would love an Eilitest Imperial Japanese woman, who's family is eiltist. All the polotitians of Japan are like this. To have a woman with the same thirst honor, rightous blood lust, and self-taught ideals of Bushido as me would be a blessing.

Dare I say, the only feel that belongs on /jp/ is "tfw no Samurai gf".

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>The book reads "russian tsars" the guy is probably a (...) pagan

But all russian tsars were christians!

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The earliest forms of European Shamanism still exist in Russia to this day dude. Oh here is a little peice from the Japanese Russo war too.
I have got to get my hands on one of these babies!

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what the fuck is a mene?

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hey sean

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>The earliest forms of European Shamanism still exist in Russia to this day dude
But the Tsars weren’t shamanist.

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Russian Empire had it's own "Zionists" who were secretive wealthy Slavic pagans. They had a lot of power back in the day.

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Yeah. I know. A lot of peoples still practice their form of Western Christianity and remain part/full of their Shamanism too. It is a weird interrelationship of cultural and religious beliefs. Not all parts of Shamanism conflicts with Catholic/Orthodox either, so parts of them can coe exist.

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How romantic

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What is up with that book? I can't read it.

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