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relationship with Youmu.

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i don't like youmu very much

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Youmu a shit

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A relationship? You're thinking too long-term.

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Not feelin' it.

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An abusive relationship with Youmu?

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I want to be abused by Youmu.

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Youmu a love.

Say that to my face not on the internet and see what happens.

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I'm here now what the fuck you gonna do?

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You got a problem with Youmu bitch? You wish you had that bitchin hairstyle

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She doesn't much seem to be the abusive type.

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That's why.

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Her hair is dumb.
You're dumb.

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Don't bully

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I hate Youmu so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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I have an unexplainable and irrational hatred for her.

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>Her hair is dumb.
I smell see jealousy in your words.

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Hmm... I guess that sorta makes sense then, in a way.

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Explain to me how that style could appeal to anyone but the people with the lowest of tastes.

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Fucking DORK

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You can't smell words, dork.
jesus chris youmu fans are dumb.

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Stop bullying.
Also, that hair is actually kind of stylish.

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No it isn't.

It's shit. Feces. Excrement.

Congrats in having terrible taste in Touhou's. I'll bet you like Wriggles too.

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You got a problem with Wriggle, turdburglar?

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I have a hard time pinning a personality to Youmu. Maybe that's why I didn't like her in the first place?
She's cute though.

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Whoa, Wriggle? That's going a little too far, man.

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Dude, what the fuck?

NOBODY likes Wriggle.

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But I am genuinely curious as to what people see in it.

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Have no fear, the cavalry arrived.

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You don't like Wriggle either? Fuck you, you have shit taste.

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Wriggle a shit.

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Oh, it's you again. Why do you do these things? You have something against the color green?

You are incorrect.

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You like the worst possible Touhou.

I'll bet you shit in a bowl and eat just for a hot meal.

I'll bet you also love MLP and Nickelback.

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>liking the wriggle
haha oh wow

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What are Youmu's ten desires?

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Eat the dick.

You too.

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She only has eight, try not to make fun of her for it.

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To stop sucking in ten ways.

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I need the fuckings Youmu's ten desires, now

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8 inches, eight of them.

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Yeah, she has no tits or a life.

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Youmu would be terrible with relationships.

>> No.10172942

And just terrible at things that don't require being boring in general.

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Remember guys, all the cool kids on /jp/ hate Youmu

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I'm sure she'd be a great best friend.

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I wouldn't go as far as to say best friend.

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Yuyuko would secretly try to break you up, because relationships take away valuable gardening/misc. slavery time.

If she couldn't do that, she'd "accidentally" kill you and eat your corpse in front of youmu to deter her from finding a life of her own ever again.

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I'm done straight PUSSY GAZING every time I see Youmu bending over

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Why would I ever pursue a relationship with Youmu if Yuyuko was an option this whole time?

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What if you worked alongside Youmu? Would Yuyuko then try and get Youmu a harem for cheap labor?

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I'm not into older ladies.

>> No.10173131

Because Yuyuko plays the ditz but she is devious.

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Why would I ever pursue a relationship with Youmu if Yuugi was an option this whole time?

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She's a sociopath who can hardly restrain herself from eating sentients in public.

>> No.10173158

But she was never an option.

>> No.10173175

10 top best 2hu (in no order)

Top 10 worst 2hu

>> No.10173217

oh poor u

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Why do you hate Youmu she's beautiful

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>Top 10 worst 2hu
I'm gonna fuckin' kill u...

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>10 top best 2hu (in no order)

>Top 10 worst 2hu

My pleb tastes detector is off the charts

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Here, have this one. It's an easy fit.

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Bruised Youmu?

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>All of top 10 worst
I really did, just puked in my mouth reading this because of how genuinely awful this post is. This is truly, the worst post on /jp/. I really hope, I'm being "tricked!"

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Seriously, what the fuck is a half-ghost.

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Thank you for posting this in the correct thread instead of allowing it to stand as a topic of its own. You're helping to better /jp/.

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It's when you have ghost semen.

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>All of that post

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I know the original picture. Good Job.

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