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Which character shottypes would you like in Touhou 14?

Youmu came back from Touhou 9 to Touhou 13, maybe there's a chance for Sakuya?

Personally, I'd like to see some of the other stage 5 bosses; Reisen, Orin, Shou and Futo.

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I'd love to see Pairs of characters again

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btw OP, who's the artist?

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He/She is known by the tag "lia-sama" on danbooru.

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I hope Kyouko is playable along with Reimu and Sanae.

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A chance for Sakuya, eh? Can you feel it in your bones?
Because if you can, I've got bad news for you.

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>maybe there's a chance for Sakuya?

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You can't give up, Sakuya fans.
You gotta keep believing, no matter how many times you're let down.
Even after your bones have been broken, you still have to keep believing!

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Sanae days are over hopefully
Also, I think Futo or Pairs as said by >>10170350

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ZUN has been ignoring Mima for so long that it is now possible to affirm that no character shittier than her will ever come back for as long as she stays sealed in the forbidden lands of Sober.

That means no Sakuya for OP, ever.

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They will never be over, Long live the glorious shrine maiden!

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I hope you are right. It will make me sad to see Sanae leave the spotlight.

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I hope for miko, yoshika and byakuren

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I predict Youmu will have the strongest and most fun shot type as always.

(and by always I mean both times)

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TH14 will be a phantasmagoria game, I can feel it.

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i hope, they are fun

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I would like to see them again as well, hopefully not limited to only human/youkai pairs. I think Patchouli and Meiling would make for a good potential team. Their team name could be "Mind and Body of Scarlet" or something to that effect.

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If Meiling were to get thrown into the mix, I think having her go with Flandre would be a better choice. Meiling and Patchouli don't seem to get along very well.

It could start out with Flandre wanting to go out and play/get involved in whatever the incident is and Meiling, being unable to stop her, decides to go with to at least apologize to all the people that cross her path.

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Youmu only get her turn because It was her chance:
Sakuya.- PCB, IN, PFV
Youmu.- IN, PFV, TD
see it? 3 and 3.
If you wonder...
Sanae.- UFO, TD. ----

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But Youmu needs another chance to use her good IN shot type, the one in TD was shit.

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All I really want is Youmu's IN shot type back. It was magnificent; best shot type ZUN has ever made.

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I'd like to see an Eientei team of Udonge/Eirin.

I think that would be perfect.

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i'd also love to see reisen as a playable character in a real touhou game

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Does PoFV or Soku count?

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no, i meant a STG

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Oh. I agree.

I think the two could get more characterization from including them in a game. Especially Udonge.

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I'd like to see Futo make an appearance and replace Sanae as the hip new touhou.

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not a chance, Sanae is too popular.

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>Sanae is too popular.

So was Sakuya.

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I'm crossing my fingers for Reimu again

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As this anon said >>10177075 Sanae will be in a next game to fill the 3-times-appearance

The chance that it'll be just the 3 of them (Reimu, ,Marisa and Sanae) but I hoping there's another stage 5 characters as heroines

I'm hoping for Komachi, Reisen or Shou
but probably Futo would take the spot

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PoFV is a STG dumbass

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>I'd like to see some of the other stage 5 bosses; Reisen, Orin, Shou and Futo
Nice try, but humans only

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Good luck with THAT, dude.

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>Nice try, but humans only

Futo is human.

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That's Raito cosplaying as Marisa, not Reimu.

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Miko,Tojiko, and Futo gave up their physical bodies which means they aren't human Seiga is the only one with a body now.

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Man, Orin as a playable character would be so cool....
But it wouldn't make much sense. I don't care though, I'd still love it.

Maybe Okuu too, or them both as a Team like in IN. That was a cool system.
I really just want new playable characters.

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I don't think it works like that. They have physical bodies.

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Yes please.

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that spell card would be soooo money

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I feel it on my pectorals.

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Reimu as the only playable character.
Homing bullets as the only shot type.

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Stop posting that image.

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So if we're having tag teams again we can count on Kanako being with Sanae, granted that she's a playable character, right?

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Is* anon


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If team Sanae is going either with both or none

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Why does Sanae have a pair of scissors growing out of her head.

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Its a plant

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Because it makes the character twice as cute and 4/3 as fuckable.

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