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Praise the Buddhists!

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Mor lyk butthist :P

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How can she run a pure temple when she dresses like that

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I really don't understand Byakuren's appeal.

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She's a pure ara~ ara~ mature lady.

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You can use any of the other hags for that.

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it's not the same
each one has a different appeal

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- Byakuren: Elder sister
- Yuyuko: Elegant lady
- Yukari: Temptress
- Eirin: Nurse/Caretaker
- Kanako: Mother

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only yuyuko and byakuren are top-quality ara ara~

byakuren is the caring one, while yuyuko is the carefree one.

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I want to train with Hijiri and become superhuman

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She does it with religion magic.

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Butts and anuses?

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Byakuren's Beautiful Blessed Busty Bosoms

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Is Byakuren ticklish?

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I hope so

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Her body is made of steel. I don't think so.

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Yeah right and fire is her blood.

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This is the only byakuren pic I have. Enjoy !

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amitaba minna-sama

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>Praising a murderer

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All of the buddhist characters are delicious.

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truly a Saint

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is the big one a tanuki?

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But would she be able to take on Yukari, Letty, and monster mode Keine at the same time?

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How is she praising purity and equality for youkai and the like when she abandoned humanity and uses demonic self-enhancing magic being incapable of going to heaven, and will surely be condemned to hell?

Sounds like a hypocrite. I like her theme though.

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I wasn't referencing EMIYA. Byakuren can actually turn her body harder than steel.

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People keep trying to make that sound like a bad thing. I like her because she did all of those things. I feel that it makes her a more interesting character.

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She didn't abandon humanity. She ascended it.

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So whats the source for all these byakuren abilities ive been hearing about lately.

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I may have exaggerated to have fun, but genuinely, Byakuren is the scariest touhou for me, I might be able to reason or trick all the scary grimdark canon touhous, but reading Symposium, I can't believe Byakuren believes what she preaches, it's all too much.
I don't want to associate with someone like that.

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SoPM and DS.

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Which abilities?

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Good thing buddhists don't aspire to go to heaven then, uh?

Byakuren seems to be on her way to become a boddhisatva (by some roundabout ways that would raise eyebrows among most buddhists).

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How is she scary? Are you serious? She was a moeblob during the meeting with the other leaders. And her ideal is so noble and beautiful it makes me cry.

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That's yet another reason I like her. For some reason I like religious fanatics in fictional works, especially ones that truly believe in what they are preaching and use their faith to kick asses.

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Gradient hair isn't even possible.

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She was a child loved by God, of course she'd have gradient hair. I imagine her brother had it too.

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I mean, scarier than Miko, the politician that merrily inflicted a religion she didn't believe on her people to more easily subjugate them?

Or than Futo, an arsonist that purposefully killed Tojiko by messing with her soul jar?

Or than Seiga, that's explicitly defined as "wicked" (even if said wickedness happened outside the camera right now).

And this just to cite the newcomers. Touhou has a couple of genuinely scary motherfuckers around, like Koishi or Flandre. Not to mention the mastermind types like Eirin or Yukari.

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Miko has her looks working against her. She looks more like some punk ass kid than a politician.

As for her followers, they seem more like goons than political advisors.

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Hey I get it, you're trying to be ironic!

What an asshole.

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Bizarre character designs aside, Miko is a professional politician and acts as such. I can't understand how this doesn't put people immediately on guard against her.

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We see the reason for Seiga's "wickedness" in WaHH. It's not very scary.

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Maybe she looks that way on purpose to throw off lesser opponents who can be easily tricked by what's on the surface.

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Maybe it's because she's the one of the few touhous that has an actual high human friendship level no matter what the reason is for it.

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What was the reason? Controlling the dead is inherently evil, and from reading the fanbook, she seems to be a real danger. She uses an obscure holiday (in Gensokyo) to steal as well.

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This is called "pandering to your constituency" and should not be taken as an indication that she's up to something good.

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No, of course not, but at least you can walk up to her and talk with her with out her outright putting you off, or killing you. In fact her level of friendliness implies that she would be the one to walk up and talk with you, even if after you tell her that you did not wish to be some kind of subordinate.

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Unnaturally prolonging her life.

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I'm sure Miko is really good at photo-ops. Each other Bunbunmaru these days must have a picture of Miko kissing a baby or something.

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So it's one more reason why she's wicked.

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You told that nerd.

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our lewd overlord

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The last battle that will decide the future of Gensokyo!

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Miko is at a disadvantage with easy grip hair.

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Don't you shit up this thread with that garbage.

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Angry Byakuren is so beautiful

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i want to drink her milk if you know what i mean

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she's not angry, she's smiling

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i want her to drink mine if you catch my drift

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I like Byakuren a lot, but I don't quite like mature touhous and that seems her role in most fanon works...

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I also would like her to force her penis down my throat until she ejaculates semen deep into my stomach

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Are you able to use the power of CHI to absorb attacks from bullies?

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Super human "Hijiri Byakuren"

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Oho, is that you again? The guy that unconditionally hates cute cat ears?

But why, they are so cute!!

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she isn't a murderer you retard. And who are you quoting?

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i want to put my dick in her vagina, if you're picking up what i'm putting down

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More of her butt please.

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I want her to rape me

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Because they are horribly unneeded and an overall horrible fad. Now begone, heathen.

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I'll praise a murderer if I want to. Got a problem with that?

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Does anyone else want to see Hijiri beaten and raped?

I think it would be just lovely to see her horribly humiliated and abused, to see her treated as a dirty slut unworthy of any praise or followers. I think it would be a great sight indeed.

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I'd like to see that happen to your mom, dude.

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Who cares about the pretentious guys in "Heaven" and the retards who spend all their time torturing people in "Hell"?

She is a friend of youkai. And at the same time, despite all of the betrayal she has suffered at the hands of humans, she does not hate them. I would hate them, if it was me.

And so, she says the things she does. There are many people who hate her, so I don't think she cares if there is 1 more.

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The scariest Touhou, by far, is Eiki.

She honestly believes in things like "right" and "wrong." That line shouldn't exist, because it's only used to find reasons to point fingers and torture the whole world. I can't believe people like that exist. It's so abhorrent, I don't even want to think about it. The idea that I'm going to be "judged" by such pretentious fools has always scared me more than anything else in existence.

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>I can't believe people like that exist.
You must have trouble believing in a lot of things.

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>He doesn't believe in right and wrong

I think we know who the retard here is

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>He believes in right and wrong.
In my eyes, you're the retard.

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Everyone is retarded but you're a special kind.

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There's nothing wrong with walking up to someone and stabbing them in the gut just because you felt like it?

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>it's only used to find reasons to point fingers
Yes, that is exactly what happens. Everyone is out to get you. The justice system? It's a sham run by the Illuminati. That's right, everyone else are the pretentious fools! You're completely justified in thinking that you are the only person who could possibly be correct. It's also okay to project your insecurities to make claims about society as a whole.

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Not him but right and wrong are social concepts.

And no, in war nobody would look down on you from stabbing an enemy because you felt like it.

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lol, dude. Society needs Justice to work. More than that, the largest societies were all based on religions/philosophies that spoused a metaphysical justice: That bad things will happen to bad people who escape punishment on this life.

Eiki is an embodiment of that. The huge chinese idea that there's an emperor in the sky and celestial judges dutifully rewarding or punishing people for what they did in this life. This idea allowed chinese civilization to thrive and survive, despite adversities.

So yeah, you're right to be scared by Eiki, but at least understand that she needs to exist.

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Nice butt

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Sure is

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Do they have any winter holidays?

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>Praising hellbound heathens
I only praise christian conservative touhous.

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Bumping for more Byakuren

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New Years?

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I think I want to buy this doujinshi when it comes out (C83) but not sure if it will fit in my budget.

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Wow that art fucking sucks

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It's a doodle in a matome, it's not meant to be great.

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You suck at drawing dude

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...it's not mine
it like that artist, but it's super cool if you don't, i don't really care

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I will praise her butt.