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Team Shanghai Alice definetely needs a better artist, why hasn't ZUN fired him yet?

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ZUN is the artists

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team shanghai alice is so large and big, with so many people that Zun doesn't even know who do the art, he can't fired him

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because he work for free

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wait a second, which one is shangahi and which one is alice???

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Alice controls Shanghai

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Epic, dude.

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WHOA! This thread is BLAST from the PAST!

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Calm down.

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Sorry, that's me.
I'll try harder okay, please don't fire me.

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Okay, you can have one more chance. But you really had better get serious about it this time.

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So is Alice zun's self insert?

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How do you know Zun isn't Alice's self insert?

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Team shanghai Alice

Alice like, alice in wonderland, written by a pedophile on a real young Alice liddel, who was abused.

Shanghai the most crowded town in china, the one child policy was for 80% here.
The unwanted girl where sold often sold for prostitution

Zun was a chinese little girl prostitute.

She escape to japan while learning the language on board of cargo ship by reading Koizumi Yakumo works on youkai.

She goes trought sex change surgery and integrated college.

But his menory and feeling as cute girl was still inside heart. Zun find two way for fixing this, expressing himself in his works and Beer.

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Yukari gapped little ZUN out of slavery

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She would have first had to gap herself out of being a fictional character and then gap herself out of being vivisected by every government, military, weapons development project and science team in the world.

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they would never learn that she exists if she didn't want them to

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Only a matter of time. She cannot escape forever. Well, maybe if she gapped herself out into space, where she would die, and try to direct herself toward a star or a black hole.

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She can just manipulate the boundary of everyone's perceptions of her existing and they won't know.

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Until it fails, and it will fail. They only way for her to try and guarantee her own safety is to do herself in so there is nothing to be taken away.

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But Yukari can beat Demonbane

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Or if she gapped herself in gensokyo?

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I can beat Demonbane. Step it up.