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If there was a line of puddings offered in Touhou flavors, which one would you try first?

How do you imagine it would taste?

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Give me a helping of Suika pudding~

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Youmu would taste like a light mint I'd imagine.

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I imagine Reimu as tasting cinnamonlike.

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Momizi. It would be maple flavoured

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Good question... I will choose based on flavor.

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Nue would taste like double berry
Byakuren would taste like nanners and plums
Ichirin would taste like cotton candy

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>that country feel when you have had Momizi flavoured pudding

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Why am I blocked from saging for three hours?

I want some Kaguya pudding. I bet it tastes like licorice.

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Does Cirno's pudding taste like snow-cream or shaved ice?

It has to be cold, I think.

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Yuugi flavored.
Bet it would taste like some sort of Rum-Pudding.

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Sake pudding. Or wine.

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That's more like Remilia.

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Sanae would taste like cocks.

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I imagine hers tasting coppery, or otherwise metallic, like blood.

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chocolate spider

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Well she's definentely not wine. Yuugi, I mean.

It's not a strong enough taste.

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Yuuka's would taste like pomegranate. Just 'cause.

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Then again, what else could she taste like?

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I think I could stomach a small pudding of that flavor... Not sure I would get a pack of it though...

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Momiji pudding == ???

Mokou pudding == ???

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They're too generic for pudding flavors.

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I hate pudding.
Would Cirno be an Italian ice instead of pudding?

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vanilla and liver

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Mokou Pudding = Shit

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Vanilla momiji. I guess it's fitting.

Flan pudding tastes like flan.


Yes, that makes sense.

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Nue pudding is the mystery flavor.

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fug why did i quote

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Mokou = extra spicy cinnamon hearts

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I wonder what sunflower pudding would taste like.

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Bitter. Like bee assholes.

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I used to eat sunflowers seeds from time to time.
If it tastes like that, I wouldn't mind it.

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Like dirt, as would her vagoo.

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Blueberry pudding with pink butterfly sprinkles.

Cute as heck, dude.

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Hina would probably be similar to how tootsie rolls taste.

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Who thought it was a good idea to put tobasco in pudding?

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Rice Pudding.

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Franks red hot sauce.

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Fuck the other flavours. Twenty bowls of Kanako pls.

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Leimu. I would lick her all out.

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For whatever reason I think Kogasa would taste like soap.

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All depends on the flavors available, Flandre might taste like those sprinkles due to the multiple colors. A Meiling flavored pudding might taste like lime with a hint of orange, I'd try that one.

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crazy ww kogasa flavor

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But she tastes like Eggplants, silly.

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mmmm Hina choco

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... Cucumber pudding?

Whatever it is, it should be refreshing as hell.

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What is Mima's taste?

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Tastes like it's been left out for too long.

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I imagine Patchy to be a sort of light sweet taste with a mild bitter aftertaste. It would be very addicting after awhile. I'm not sure how Nue would taste though.

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I imagine her as tasting like cream.

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so plain jello flavour?

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Fried Tofu = Fried Icecream!

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What does /jp/ taste like

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Sanae pudding would just be a container filled with cum

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Lots of cute little NEET cocks.

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What if Sanae is *made* of cum?

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Fried rice and furikake flavor, with a hint of cheap vodka.

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I imagine bubblegum.

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How does a thread about Touhou puddings have 65 replies?

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Because blue bubblegum kogasa pudding sounds good as fuck.
You know this.
You agree with me 100%.

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Suika pudding would taste like sake, which is good. But you'll die of alcohol poisoning before you can finish a cup.

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Vanilla white pudding is still the best pudding.

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So I would imagine it would taste like Youmu.

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it would taste like vaginal Sex with youmu!

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wriggle would be spinach flaver, worst touhou worst pudding

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strawberry banana flandre

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Unzan would be cotton candy. Ichirin would be some kind of minty lolly that comes with it.

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i would immediately grab the youmu pudding first. and then i would probably be disappointed when i found that it tasted like grass. and not the kind of grass that you smoke.

discouraged, i would then head back to the store shelves and try the flandre pudding. and it would taste like strawberries and cream and i would be happy.

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Did you make this?
It's pretty nice!

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