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It's love?

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So close..

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Why do the worst girls love hamburgers so much?

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I'm going to have to ask you to leave

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please leave

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I'm so fucking hungry, these hamburgers look so good but I can't afford one right now. Jesus christ I hate my life.

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You just proved his point though.

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I fucking love Kanata
Wish she would bully me

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Nobody is proving anything.

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What type of hamburger would you buy me if we you were to purchase a random anon one?

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Anyone eat a hamburger today?

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no but I almost did

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That's cute.
I want to cook spaghetti for her :3

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I almost went out in the cold just to get a damn burger because of you guys and these threads... Then I remembered I liked being at home better.

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No, but I wish I could eat a non-beef burger right now. Maybe a chicken burger or something.

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Oh fuck i love cheeseburger threads.

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>chicken burger

Sounds pretty lame dude.

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cakes are cute too.

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My grandma was hungry so she asked if I wanted a burger. She wanted Burger King which I hate so I opted for Wendy's which is probably the best fast food burger around here.

I ordered a 1/4 double with everything but ketchup (and some value chicken sandwich). It was smaller than I thought it would be, I didn't really get full which was a disappointment. The top bun was really hard, it had obviously been sitting around and there were visible grease thumbprints in the bread that I had to tear off (huge pet peeve of mine). The meat was about as good as it gets for fast food, Wendys rarely disappoints when it comes to the patty. Some people complain that they're too greasy but I find them to be just right for me, the people that complain are probably just used to shitty McDonalds patties. There was a good balance of toppings, the mayonnaise blended well with the lettuce and tomato and if you could get over the hard top bun it provided a pretty good bouquet of flavor. The toppings were fresh and cool so the burger obviously wasn't sitting under a lamp for God knows how long waiting for me to buy it, had I been making the burger I would have placed another pickle slice on top to slightly offset the "fatty" taste of the mayo with an acidic punch. There was very little mess, a good easy burger that's very manageable and good for a novice.

I don't eat fast food much and I have had better experiences from Wendys but I'll rate this burger a 5/10 on my burger scale. If this was a fast food burger scale it'd be more around 7/10. However for the price of nearly $4 I kid of wish I had just forked over the extra cash for a 1/2lb or larger, maybe then I wouldn't still be hungry.

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4 dollars for a burger? Are you in canada?

What the fuck

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Nearly $4. I think it was somewhere around $3.70.

I generally don't waste time with the value menu burgers unless I have spare money for my order that I want to pad the meal with.

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Make way for the queen

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wendy's is expensive shit for some reason.

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Logistics of never freezing patties probably gets spencive.

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It's free fries day at BK in the UK today, and one of their big double burgers is only £2 today. I'm still too poor for this promotion.

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If only ZUN!bar was here...

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God dammit, now I really want to eat a hamburger. It's been a while since I last ate one

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