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Oh my.. so you do these kinds of things when your door is closed? There's no need to be embarrassed, touching yourself there is perfectly normal! Here, let mommy help you with that, I promise I'll make my little boy feel good.

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I don't think my mother would approve of my masturbation material.

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"eww gross i wuld much prefer if it was my dad.. mmmm i get so horny just thinking of his yummy cock inside my boypussy."

-anonymous after fisting his gaping asshole

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I don't want to think of either my mom or dad as sexual creatures, thank you.

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The way this is blurred slightly annoys me.

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I could actually picture that line being in a doujin. Why are Japs such shitty writers?

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my moms like over 60. nope

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that's his oneechan, dude

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I wish my mom was so hot.

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Breasts in sweaters always look so nice.

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That's the mom of the two sisters he fucks later.

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Sexual relations with a direct family member is disgusting.

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My boss just saw that you fucking dickhead.

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Oh my.. so you do these kinds of things when your door is closed? There's no need to be embarrassed, reporting shitty threads is perfectly normal! Here, let mommy help you with that, I promise I'll report each one of these shitty threads.

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I get a mental erection at anything evangelion related.

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thats pretty hot

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What VN is it?

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Fuck you, stuff like that is hot. You probably want them to talk about how much they love each other before cuddling.

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My mom does this a lot when she's changing, because she wants to talk to me about things while in a hurry and doesn't want me to see her naked.

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she wants to fugg

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Why doesn't she just talk to you through a door?

How the fuck does she put new underwear on without you seeing anything?

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Your mom is a whore.

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She's signalling you to fug her.

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she gets home to change, takes off her bra like that. Then puts on a t-shirt over her sweater or shirt she was wearing, and then takes the one under her off and only leaves the top one on.

Possibly. A few days ago she was vacuuming my room and woke me up to tell me to get up, and then leaned over a lot while vacuuming and I don't even know why. I saw her panties, she was wearing a tiny red dress. Her butt looked really soft and her panties were riding up.

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You need to reevaluate the way you think.

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when she goes to sleep tonight you should feel her boobies

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No I don't, fujoshi.

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Say something smooth like "hey mom, wanna fuck?"

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You should make you momma feel young again by reminding her what it was like having you inside her.

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when was the last time you looked at your mom naked?
I remember 7 years ago she was sleeping naked in bed and I kept peeking through the door at her vagina.

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I wish my mom was remotely attractive. I feel like I'm missing out on this fetish.

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I've jerked off to her scenes at least 10 times

Is there something wrong with me?

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What VN is this? Please?

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In what?

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it has nothing to do with your mom being hot or liking your mom.

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Jerk off to pics of her from the 70s

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Why do you keep making threads about fucking your own mother? Every single day, "lmao mommy wants you digg", or "why haven't you fugged your mom yet". Seriously, stop. You're not funny at all.

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found it.
does the mother have her own route for once? is it the best one?

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My mom was a slut that get pregnant at 15, so I need to jerk off to picks of her from the 90's

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is she hot?

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Well, some of us have this fetish. Do you complain about touhou threads too, or NEET threads? What do you even want on /jp/? there are like 600 fucking pages, go look for a thread you like then.

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then why didnt you fug her yet?

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Wow, are you seriously going to start this? I will fuck you up, dude. STOP it. If you want to talk about fucking your mom, why don't you go to momfugger.com? Fucking your own mother is not otaku culture.

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I bet you were conceived while she was listening to Dr. Dre and smoking pot in your dad's 84 Chevrolet Citation.

How does that make you feel?

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I wish there were daily sister threads, or daily loli threads, or loli sister threads.

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I hate rap.

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I feel bad for him.

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I preferred if these threads remained as touhou imagedumps, but recently, for some reason, every thread in /jp/ tends to turn into a /soc/ shit.