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Go down an alleyway, see this.

The sign says "1 round 100 yen, the second and on 50 yen each."

What do you do, anon?

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Note that 1 dollar is currently about 83 yen.

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Chen is cheaper.

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one round of what?

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Ask her if shes alright and if she would like me to take her to the police or a homeless shelter, as she looks quite young. Even if she said no I'd likely contact the police immediately after leaving.

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I would just give her some money, if she dies, the world will be destroyed.

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I take her from her abusive lifestyle and get her some fresh clothes and a hot meal at my house.

It makes me sick to think with all this internet globalization pornography doodiddery, people would happily take advantage of a young, innocent girl.
I can guarantee you that if you took away mobile phones, a fairly recent invention, reports of rape would triple overnight.

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Concealed the Conclusion is non-canon,

but to any 2hu fan who wants to cry themselves to sleep tonight, go play it. It's sad as fuck.

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Pick her up against her will, carry her to my flat, show her to the shower. Leave, find a nearby clothing store, return with a bundle of new clothes for her. Take care of her and teach her about how to take care of herself so she doesn't end up like this agian.

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Beer. You pay her for the pleasure of drinking with her. Naturally, you have to pay for the beer, too.

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I tell her she's mine now, and take her home and put her on a leash.
I'd take good care of her obviously, but I don't see why I should let her go now if I want her for myself.
Trust me, I know whats best for her and I will do it, but she has to be mine.

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Would ask her how many rounds she used to have in a day, then make a quick calculation and take her home if I can afford it.

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Take her home for a whole year of course, forgot to mention.

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I'd lick and smell her feet, and maybe ask her for a footjob.

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Why hello Reimu, you want this 100 yen coin? Just act like a dog for me for an hour and I'll let you have it!

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I would not let Tewi near precious Reimu!

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What would I do if I walked down a street and saw a vulnerable 2D girl? I'd offer her a place to live and daily meals and live the dream of course.

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i'm sad now
thanks /jp/

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Nice try, FBI!

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She is of legal age

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Ask her if she has any other cosplays.

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Offer her $20 for her hair tubes, use them as dick warmers on cold nights

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Yup. That's Tewi alright.

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What a stupid looking bow

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I wouldn't pay for contraception

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That demure look is pretty hot, but the bow is too ridiculous. I'd go find Ran.

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I would give her shelter and make her the perfect meido.

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No thanks, that image does the job good enough for me.

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Looks like some kind of post apocalyptic shithole so I doubt I would be in any position to offer her shelter. Maybe offer her to be my traveling companion?

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phenomenally shitty thread

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id run up and snatch her food

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We're enjoying it, DORK. Sounds like you're the shitty one.

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Would reimu let herself sink this low before just ending it?

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that's not how it works

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Kick her in the face really hard, mount her and punch her throat and jaw until she passes out. Then I steal her donations, shit on her face and then douse her in my piss.

Fucking humans. Get out of Gensokyo.

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M-Maybe she is so cheap because no one will buy her and no one has.

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Does stuff like that really happen? The sign that indicates x amount of money for x amount of time. Where at? I imagine a person would just have to give them money and not say anything.