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Nitori Enterprises would like to announce a new product: the Nitori DanmakuMaker!

With just a push of a button, fill the sky with beautiful Danmaku, flying in all directions!

Warning: Nitori Enterprises is not responsible for injury, destruction, death, or repetitive stress injury caused by the DanmakuMaker.

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It's "Nitori Electronics"

Get it right.
Also, those are dragoon pods.

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Nitori Monopoly

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And now I'm thinking of a Touhou boss with DRAGOONS/bits/funnels/etc.


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And now I'm thinking of Kira Yamato as a Touhou boss.

The brick going down got in the way of the bile coming up.

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So... basically bullets that shoot other bullets?

Nothing new for Touhou.

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Colony Drop is a cheap, cheap spell card.

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They're already found in IN.

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Kira is already in Touhou. His name is Yukari.

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There is something... off... with her hips and thighs.

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Why Nitori has so many pockets?

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artist cant handle perspective, big surprise.

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I think I would like to sample your goods, little girl.

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I find Nitori really out of place in Touhou cast. technology? as far as I know only illusionary/fantasy materials are the only thing that emerges in gensokyo. When the Moriya family settles, they didnt bring anything advance from the outside world.

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She's a little girl, what were you expecting? CLAMP noodle people proportions?

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Don't be silly. There's a huge stash of advanced technology in Gensokyo just waiting to be unlocked. Eientei even holds annual expositions for the Human Village of what sample of Lunarian technology they still possess. Plus, they're surely getting Commadore64s and FESes falling in Gensokyo by now; Apollo-mision-era documentation is apparent ...

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nitori tech is kinda like ork tech, it may look artificial but it's just a fa├žade and the true effect is magical. neither nitori nor orks realize this and both sincerely believe their machines work.

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Lies and slander.

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Apollo is still pretty popular in the outside world, while Saturn V is almost forgotten, but a proven system to apply for rockets. I guess they still use basic needs like kitchen appliances.

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That's sort of what I always thought of it as, when it comes to Nitori and "advanced" tech. For most of the stuff she's building though, I always thought of them as somewhat basic machines, like water mills and stuff like that.

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Pigtailed scientists are so hot.

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It is canon that the kappa are all super scientists. They are the source of all 'advanced' technology within Gensokyo. For example, the dragon statue in the Human Village that can predict the weather.

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>I always thought of them as somewhat basic machines, like water mills and stuff like that
This is a false assumption. Kappa can build all kind of shit.

The tools created by kappa are together with the tools of the outer world treasured as the two great brands of tools of today. However, it is unknown how to use most of the tools. The photographing device used by tengu are a good example of this. Even if you push the button it remains silent for some reason. Others are the clock that somehow tells time correctly, and a device capable of talking to people over great distances. Having produced devices for transmitting images to other places, as well as receiving them, the mountain society is said to become very advanced with their various devices(*3).

*3: It is also said that they are created by copying devices of the outer world, but the water-proof effect is outstanding.

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I don't know why, but I have a hard time imagining modern telephones in Gensokyo. I bet they have an extensive network of cup-and-string communication lines.

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Alice owns one, but no one calls her.

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>I have a hard time imagining modern telephones in Gensokyo
Only the kappa and tengu really use it anyways.

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well that's hardly a surprise

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If someone did, she probably wouldn't pick it up anyways.

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I'm imagining some sort of awesome steampunk kappa/tengu society.

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Marisa got a one-way phone. she can call anyone, but noone can call back. Yakumo family got a phone.

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It's all thanks to Super Science!

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Hell yes

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