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Which character would you be dominated/owned/enslaved by and how would she treat you?

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Dragon slave! Bo'yaaaaa

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Yukari, I would be a Ran.

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Oh god please Suika I would be completely at her mercy.

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She'd treat me as she damn well pleases, who am I to decide for her?

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Tenshi because I get to beat her up.

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She's ten thousand times my physical strength.

It would be glorious.

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Suika would need to climb up you to smack you in the face.

Yukari on the other hand....

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>Suika would need to climb up you to smack you in the face.
That just makes it adorable.

I do agree with you though, Yukari is mistress worthy.

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Domination is for beta loser virgem nerdlords

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Remilia sama

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>She's ten thousand times my physical strength

I want Suika to carry me and put my legs over her shoulders while she sucks my dick.

Alternatively, I want her to force fuck me as hard as she can until my limp dick can't pleasure her anymore.

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Tenshi. Bully me with her stinky feet.

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I want to be dominated by Sakuya, but for that to happen, it would make more sense if I was owned by Remilia, who could tell Sakuya she's free to use me as her plaything.

I imagine Sakuya would be able to easily switch between a gentle, teasing, almost oneechan-like persona, and a ice queen dominatrix persona capable of teasing and insulting you mercilessly, depending on her mood. I've seen both those sides in fanon material. As a maid, I think she would gravitate towards 奉仕 style sexual acts, but doing it as she wishes, so it would always be clear that she's the one in charge. Specifically, any play related to stockings or gloves suit her really well. I'm also convinced by fanon pictures that her hip area is extremely erotic, so facesitting would be heaven.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a side where she's driven more by her own lust and starts getting sexually demanding. It could even add some unexpected moe points if it contrasts significantly with her usual elegant and composed attitude.

I guess femdom is perfect for /jp/, then!

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I'm pretty sure she would just outright kill your pathetic ass.

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Very yes

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>force fuck me as hard as she can until my limp dick can't pleasure her anymore.

I came.

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That was unnecessary, anonymous.

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>Ice queen

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Kaguya, Tenshi and Yuyuko.

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Patchouli she would be gentle

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Kaguya and Tenshi: Meh.

Yuyuko: Now we're talkin'

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