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Lets stop beating around the bush /jp/, which touhou would you fuck?

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Koishi or Yukari, obviously.

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I'm pretty indiscriminate... it's a guy thing.

If you make me pick, marisa, suwako, or flan, in that order. I got a thing for flat blondes.

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Doesn't Youmu realize what shes showing?

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None, I'd only make love to a Touhou, Fucking is for animals that follow carnal desire.

With that, I'd make love to Lady Yuyuko.

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She does, but she has her sword, so she can handle it

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>it's a guy thing

Hey, fuck you, manwhore. Don't lump me in with your filth!

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The dork

After I'd spoil her rotten

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fucking is a two-sided affair you can't just go off deciding to fuck girls on your ownsome

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Anyone who looks like an adult woman: Meiling, Yukari, Keine, etc.

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I mostly want to fuck Suwako and Koishi and Satori and Rumia and Reimu and Suika and Yuugi and Ran and Momiji and Kanako and Sanae

If I had to pick only three, I would go with Yuugi and Koishi and Suwako.

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Men have dicks, muscles, and a desire to stick their dicks in things for a reason.

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The one and only true answer.

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Every single one.

But if I absolutely had to pick only one, Reimu I guess.

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None of them, because I'm not into little girls. If they were adults... then Reimu.

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>I'm not into little girls

Are you gay or something?

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I don't know. I was pretty aroused by yaoi the other day.

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None because I'm not a slut.

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Stop sexualising Koishi

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But she's so sexual

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Without a clear sense of self, she probably can't say "no".

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Wow check out Koishi's belly and thighs, I would fuck the HELL out of her.

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She'd most likely go on with it anyway, she probably wouldn't even care if you stripped her in public, since nobody would notice. Do you think Koishi runs around naked rubbing herself against strangers in public?

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Koishi yes.

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i'll take the custard with caramel sauce.

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I told you already, didn't I?
You know which one it is.

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Epic thread, OP.

Almost as epic as that sage thread that was on-topic, not spammed, and deleted by the janitor.

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Wriggle but out of pure spite. I would hate it as much as she would.

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You don't like almonds, anon?

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They make sauce out of that?

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Any of the eternal lolis.

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Kanako or Ran

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who the fuck wears a swimsuit under your normal clothes?

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Its erotic.

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Actual children do this.

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But change Yuyuko to Yuugi.

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I don't sexualize touhou.

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Because Touhou is too holy. There's no way I can masturbate to such perfection.
I settle for other stuff instead.

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I can't fap to Touhou. I enjoy it too much and I'd feel guilty if I did.

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stupid faggots

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Touhou's purity and whatever makes it all the better to fap to.

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I was like this when I first got into the series, I pledged that I'd never morph the characters into worthless sex objects and enjoy the series. Several searches on Danbooru later, that shit went out the window.

Would make sweet love with Hina.

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I'm like that but with only one character, and she isn't even my favorite.

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I want to molest Satori and squeeze her breasts.

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The one behind the darkness one

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None and that's the truth.