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Okay, now I can see why she's supposed to be the most beautiful.

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Why is she wearing a belt on her leg?

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To increase the lewdness?

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It symbolizes her grip over your dick.

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She just finished a Final Fantasy game.

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Who's she supposed to be?

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Because she ran out of un-collapsed veins on her arms to tie off.

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How stunningly accurate.

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Such a shame Inaba was nothing more than a parody.

Eientei deserve a normal manga.

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So anyways, why would she stay on Earth when lunarians wanted her back?

It's not like she's actually doing anything on Earth. Just wasting time in Eientei.

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she likes our planet.

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But why?

She just sits in her home all day doing nothing. She could be doing the same shit on the moon.

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So... I've been browsing /jp/ for like a month, and I still have absolutely no clue what a touhou is.

Can someone enlighten me?

And none of those answers that don't actually mean anything.

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It's not like if the Lunarians actually DO things. They eat peaches, abuse the moon rabbits, contemplate how awesome they are and then go back to step 1.

There's a subversive recurrent theme with Touhou, where the paradises are cold and boring and it's only the dirty earthen beasts that know how to party (think Yuugi). This ties not only with ZUN's alcoholism but the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, where you're supposed to love imperfect, rustic things.

So I can see a sheltered moon princess getting to know Earth and falling in love with the imperfect beings here. And Eirin just tags along, because she's a grandmaster of Home Office (she interferes with Lunar politics or ruin Earth's rockets just fine from her "exile").

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>sheltered moon princess getting to know Earth and falling in love with the imperfect beings here

I sure can see her falling in love with impure human cum.

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Really? People are infatuated with vertical shooter characters? As far as I can tell, there isn't even any voices.

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I do have to admit, the games look fucking hard...

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There are also fighting games, manga, novels, lorebooks and tons of other crap.

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Eientei would make the best whorehouse in Gensokyo.

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It's suddenly very 2006 around here.

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How does one get in to touhou? The wiki doesn't explain it. It just says the stuff exists.

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Kaguya's power over the eternal and the instantaneous means she alone can service infinite men.

Of course, with Eientei being the place it is, it'd be just Udonge taking it in the ass while the other girls watched and laughed.

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I doubt it.

Kaguya and Eirin have a thing for Earth and it's impurities.

Fucking impure beings is probably one of super weird and disgusting fetishes amongst lunarians.

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Even Udonge's name is a reference to how something pure can be corrupted by the Earth's influence.

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Getting into something because it's popular might be a retarded thing to do.

Anyway, you can play the games, ``whoa these faggots like this shitty art? lel i'd rather play le skyrim XD", find Touhou porn, start liking Touhou because of the porn, becoming a shitty faggy secondary and shitposting on /jp/ like a true retard.

Or you could play the games.

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Lunarians are pretty corrupted already if you ask me.

With their attitude towards everybody else, legalized rabbit slavery and tendency to imprison everybody who don't agree with them.

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Hey, let's post more pictures of Kaguya. Especially lewd ones

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It's `` and '', not `` and ".

Two opening quotation marks, two closing quotation marks.

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Sure, why not.

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bend over.

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No RP:ing you fucking faggot. its disgusting.

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I really doubt Kaguya like dominant guys.

If somebody said something like that to her she'd probably rip his dick off and shove it down his throat.

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Kaguya likes tender romantic loving.

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From a dozen of shota rabbits.

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If you took off your autism goggles for a second, you'd realize that isn't RPing at all.

Are you her husbando now? who's to say that she wouldn't enjoy it at all being that she's a slut?

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Okay now, how is she a slut? She never did anything even remotely slutty.

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All women love dominant guys.

Women don't want to fuck a man who lets them get on top.

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Are you really asking such a thing and playing dumb here? or can you not see the slutty fanart of her and not realize the fact she's lived for thousands of years and had to entertain herself by fucking men like the adorable slut she is?

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I bet lunarian sex toys made dicks obsolete.

Watatsukis have husbands and they were never even mentioned outside that one line in CiLR. Poor guys are probably in the kitchen 24/7 cooking peaches.

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Kaguya Thread?

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Ignore this poster anon


It's because the Moon doesn't get WiFi

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You'll enjoy this.

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>playing dumb here?

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Lunarians must be so soft and smooth.