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Domestic violence with Dorkpaku

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Why is she getting beat up when she can slash with her sword?

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They enjoy it

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I would drag her outside by her hair and stick her in a cage outside in the rain, then I would bring her inside the next morning, rip out her teeth one by one and use her throat as a sex toy. From that point I would have her chained up in my bedroom on the floor so I could fuck her if I woke up in the middle of the night horny. If she dares to make even a sound I will beat her until the walls around her corner are spattered with blood.

She would refer to me only as "master" and if she referred to me as anything else I would take her to the kitchen, turn on the stove and burn her hand on it.

Every day I would make her spend an hour explaining to me why she is such a worthless failure who does not deserve the kindness I give her.

I love you Youmu

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Her face when you tell her you don't want to bath with a stupid dork.

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I would beat her merciless. I'd make her scream 'eyah!' and 'Yamete!!' that would only awaking my carnal desires more and more. I would beat her in short intervals of 10 minutes until she falls unconscious. Giving her 5 minutes to recover mentally. I wouldn't want her passing out too soon. While she's out I would browse /jp/ for a few hours.

Upon her waking she would panic in a darkened frenzy scared and in terrible pain. Of course, I say 'darkened' because her eyes would be have been closed shut from by beating. This is when the rape starts. I force her down and rape her while simultaneously beating her and crying her name. I'd also carve my name into her back with my fingernails only asserting the fact that she was my property.

I would never feed her anything except my semen and I would record her mental and physical condition every week. I'd watch her break down slowly into nothing but a rotting corpse smelling of semen and feces and after months of terrible abuse. After she has lost all reason and fell below the existence of a simple roach. I would release her into the world and wish her the best.

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I just want to shave her hair off and make her grow it back in a style that doesn't suck.

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We have so much in common!

Except dorks know how to write, right?

I would make HER keep a journal of her feelings and beat her if I didn't feel she wrote with adequate quality.

I would then read her journal and post it on /jp/, and let her know that nobody wanted to save her, they were all eagerly awaiting to hear your wailing and what tortures I had in store for her.

I would make threads like "Youmu gets kicked in the stomach for every reimu pic this thread gets" and I would deliver.

A youkai can't really starve but she can be hungry - I would feed her a steady diet of semen and urine, and perhaps some honey she can suck off my balls if she's a good little slut.

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What an awful thread full of awful people.

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Post that one Youmu bathtub pic. You know which one.

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I would love and protect Youmu, and never ever let her on the internet, and especially not /jp/.

Please don't bully my halfgirl.

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I wonder how a neet can defeat a swordmaster like Youmu...

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I would pay $1 US currency to beat up and murder all Muslim touhous.

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Fuckkin saved.

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Domestic violence is disgusting.

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Youmu doesn't know shit about swordplay, she just swings it around and bullets come out.

She would be helpless when that doesn't work in the real world.

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sug his cock

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what would u do to a sleeping youmu?

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I would have a superior European longsword.

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Done (there are no muslim Touhou project characters). Email me for my paypal.

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Rape her ghost half

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Throw her out of a window and into the rainy night outside.

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Put the barrel of a gun into her vagina and pull the trigger.

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Please stop bullying Youmu she's the best Touhou!

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I'm pretty sure there at the very least six Muslim touhous.

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>the best Touhou!

Are you lost?

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You misspelled "Please continue bullying Youmu for Satori's amusement, as Satori may not be the best Touhou but she is certainly at a position considerably higher than the dorky Youmu Konpaku."

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Making bold inaccurate claims like that will only get her bullied more.

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No. There are only shinto, buddhist, taoist, and super-edgy athiest Touhous.

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in fight games she looks skilled for used a sword.
and what about myon?, she can use it like a weapon

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You're all just a bunch of bullies I love Youmu and I'd marry her she's a gardener

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So Youmu is a mexican?

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You're a mexican

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And so is Youmu.

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Maybe she would be better if she just had her mind broken to the point that it wasn't capable of resisting anymore - she would do anything to avoid as much pain as possible, even though no matter what she does she's going to be hurt.

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What fun would it be abusing a broken person?

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Un-break her by bashing her head against a wall until she forgets who you are, then break her again

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Better to just wear a mask and pretend you are someone else when she clearly knows it's you so you can punish her every time she doesn't refer to you by your new persona. Then after a while you can take off the mask and punish her more for being a dumbass that couldn't even tell it was just you in a mask.

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I'll never fall for your lies Bully-san! Youmu is the best!

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Keep fighting the good fight. These nerds wouldn't even know what to do against a trained warrior like Youmu.

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You're right. I think I should focus my attention on Wriggle instead of hating all over the place.

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According to ZUN, Wriggle is stronger than you, fag.

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What she can do against tanks or apc's?

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Because she wouldn't want to kill her man.