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Touhou feet are the best feet.

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Feet are gross.

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Patchy begs to differ.

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No they are not.

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It's so cute you say that

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Patchouli share wrigglejuice!

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I can share Wriggle...

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Let's try this again because new thread

How would y'all tickle the 2hus? Would you do it playfully, tracing your fingers gently on their soles, listening to the cute giggling and squeals?

Would you be more devious and have their feet restrained, tickle torturing them to the point of tears or even wetting themselves as they struggle to catch their breath?

Or would you take the most sensitive girl and drag your tongue across her soles, savoring not only the sweet and salty taste, but her quivering and squirming to your every touch as well? How about popping in one of those succulent tootsies in between your cheeks to suckle, feeling them wiggle and flex around in your mouth affectionately? Would you press on after her feet are already soaked, to the point where her soft giggling turns into aroused whimpers and moaning as her senses are overloaded from the ecstasy?

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I'd lick her all over I want her look in disgust as my cum shoots out all over her feet, as she realizes with a look of defeat that she can do nothing to stop me. And then, I want to see her cry, not silently, but sobbing, so I can cuddle her and reassure her that things are okay. Only to do it all over again every night for the rest of eternity.

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No wriggle, only wrigglejuice!

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No idea, but they're big, and would feel nice.

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Really? Look at her right foot: The one on the left. Feet don't look like that.

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I responded to the filename. I don't get the deformation, but if a Touhou magically appeared and asked me to lick her feet, they'd feel nice and I'd love too.

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the deformation is that the artist is shit and can't draw feet

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I see it. I see how bad it looks. Just saying I'd love her tenderly if she came.

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>Just saying I'd love her tenderly if she came.
You're supposed to love her tenderly until she comes, silly anon.

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Yuuka won't come if you love her tenderly. She needs you to be rough with her!!

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Then see
Rough enough?

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Flandre, you are best Touhou. Your feet need to BREATHE.

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I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but meido's been gone for a while now.

All we have now are new shitty janitors of the week who consistently get chased out of /jp/.

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This thread was porn all along

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"I found it...rather sexy."

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You should have seen the "Stop staring at Patchy's feet" thread

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You want to lick Marisa's feet to make her feel better.

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Not 2D feet.

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>2D feet are the best feet.

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2D media strives to praise the best aspects of 3D, while at the same time tries to belittle the horrible defects that are a an inherent part of it.

Look how most of 2D media reduces the size of the nose, or at least makes it a likeable part of human anatomy, unlike the real human counterpart in most cases, per example.

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What the fuck I didn't mean to quote.
I'm agreeing.

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Noses are one of the best things about a face and pre-moeshit anime used to have them. It's just that gooks have pancake noses so they try to forget about them in 2D.

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Patchy feet or Patchy butt... Which would you lay your head on while she reads?

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I'd lay my nose inbetween her toes so I could inhale the magical scent of her feet. Euphoric.

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"Oh Patchy your feet smell so good. I think I'll cum before you even get a chance to use your feet to play with my penis.

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Well, non-existent noses are boring too.

And an artist that is able to draw likeable noses, without reducing them to a small spot, is something that speaks well of his ability, IMO.

I just need a small, cute and feminine nose to kiss.

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You will never be able to feel Patchy's soft feet caress your shaft or suck on her toes.

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Smelly Kogasa feet. <3

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Alice would be the best kisser. Melting her shy heart would be the best part.

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/jp/, how do I try and not feel perverted about my fetish?
I just want her to tease me and command me to kiss her feet.

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I want a wife and drinking partner.

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Oh but what if her feet crushed your penis? She can be a tad too strong without knowing it.

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Who needs a penis when you have a Suika?

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I know, stop reminding me, it gets depressing to realize.

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But what about the pleasure?
You can make a Patchy tulpa. Or just keep lurking to Patchy.

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I still have a prostate.

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She could destroy that too. Why not ask her to use her feet gently in the first place?

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tulpa? What is that

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Some pretend shit ponyfuckers do to pretend they're with their horses or something.

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holy FUCK suika stockings

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Something you make that takes on a physical form. Then Patchy can be real and you can worship her perfect feet.
They do that? Shit's been around forever. I saw a thread about a Sanae tulpa a long time ago.

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Would you comfort her?

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Who would give the best footjob of all the Touhous?

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i dont think there is mexana in gensokyo

so touhou feet must be pretty smelly

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That just made their feet 100 times hotter.

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I want a Flan/Remi footjob.

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whoa that anatomy

Hina doesn't wear socks with her boots

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They must really smell bad...yum.

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Lewd, lewd dork feet.

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I'd love her feet.

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Dorky, dork lewd feet.

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You can't lick them when they have socks on.

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Is there some reason you are against licking a girl's sweaty socks?

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I prefer to suck out the sweat. Against their will.

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Plus these don't look succulent to you?

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"Oh dear, my socks are all sticky now, nerd!"

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You're pretty fearless aren't you.

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I love my touhous.

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I love it when stockings are drawn like that
There need to be more artists doing it

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Now THOSE I wouldn't mind licking.

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bumping for 2hu feet and experiences.

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No need to bump this every half an hour.

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If you're gonna bump at least bump it with something.

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meiling has such beautifull big feet

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Smelly feet are the best feet. Do you disagree? Also source? I only get tumblr shit.

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Sakuya's feet would be much better suited to give a footjob. Meiling does nothing but sleep.

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would you?

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Why the hell not?

She must be so experienced.

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Would I what? Because I'd do anything with those.

>> No.10102679

Those what?

>> No.10102703

Those sexy feet.

>> No.10102712

Like shove them up your anus?

>> No.10102717

...Almost anything.

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That thigh is hilariously short.

>> No.10102856

Wouldn't you still play with their feet?

>> No.10102862

With Satori's maybe, but not with some short-thighed monster.

>> No.10102869

You know you would. If a touhou begged you to worship her feet you couldn't say no to such a cute face.

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I'd sneak up while she was sleeping and peel those socks off quietly jerking off to her toes and rubbing my penis on her bare soles, cumming on them. Only to disappear without a trace.

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Good enough for me!

Got more?

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enjoy some sakuya

>> No.10105753

Lick them? Well if I have to...

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it looks like a snake anon
watch out!

>> No.10111438

It's kogasa's foot and ankle

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I'd lick them.

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I wonder how they smell.

>> No.10116151

Like earth after the rain.

>> No.10116169

So like a nostalgic memory.

>> No.10116182

That is the true embodiment of Gensokyo!

>> No.10116189

Can I go please?

>> No.10116200

Do you have a passport

>> No.10116212

Well, yeah, but I don't know if it covers magical wonderlands.

>> No.10116253

You should go check if it does, then.

>> No.10116274

What if it doesn't? I want to go.

>> No.10116288

You'll have to apply for one, then.

>> No.10116297

Good or bad idea to make friends with Alice? I hear she'll take anyone in. I bet she'd like a foot massage.

>> No.10116413

Can you imagine how sweaty and smelly Aya's feet must be!

>> No.10116449

So slick that they'd slide all over your face.

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Sweaty, smelly nuclear feet.

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Don't you DARE stare at Patchy's bare feet!

>> No.10116550

I'm not so sure Okuu even needs to sweat If she can withstand temperatures of being inside her own fusion generated suns. But who knows.

>> No.10116570

Too late. If she objects I'll simply oblige by starting to lick them and cum on them rather than staring.

>> No.10116753

What if your favorite 2hu wanted to tickle YOU, /jp/?

>> No.10116765

I'd let her. It's not as bad as another guy doing it.

>> No.10117374

Also I'd have a chance to get at her feet/learn her personality.

>> No.10119999

Which Touhou has the best smelling feet?

>> No.10120055

Good as in roses or good as in smelly and stinky?

>> No.10121542

But then how do they smell?

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How do they smell after a long day of training?

>> No.10122774

Bad enough to make you pass out! Youmu's feet are disgusting!

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>> No.10122892

Then they must taste delectable, huh?

>> No.10122899

But I don't want chocolate tasting Cirno foot. I want Cirno foot tasting Cirno foot.

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File: 639 KB, 1240x1754, 339b665cd8ce5b9eacf685679cf49e6bV2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to massage Okuu's tired feet. Not because I want to get off to it or anything, but just because I think she'd really like and appreciate it. It can't possibly be comfortable wearing that Foot of Fusion all day long.

>> No.10122925

But you'd get off anyway, huh? I think she'd like it. I'd do it too.

>> No.10123280

N...No... Well, yes, but ONLY if Okuu didn't mind that is. I would never do anything to shock or disgust Okuu.

>> No.10123301

Afraid she's too pure to expose to your...indecent urges?

>> No.10123341


I just want Okuu to love me first... ;_;

>> No.10123355

And why wouldn't she? That doesn't mean it'd shock her. She's a big girl after all. I'm sure she knows a thing or two. Using her feet would just be another thing she learns.

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File: 1.50 MB, 1800x1700, 1353202761032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.10125122

Fuck you.

>> No.10125130

Don't like the bullied Touhou?

>> No.10125353

I think he meant the [can't show].

>> No.10125392

Thanks for censoring the lewd parts. My boss saw the image but I didn't get fired. (:

>> No.10125429

Well my boss saw the image too, but he got mad that it was censored and splashed me in the face with burning hot coffee. ):

>> No.10125674

Don't have an uncensored version.

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How often does she wash them?

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>> No.10127577

This art is pretty bad.

>> No.10127589

You just made me realize Flandre's butt looks like it's in skin tight pants. Damn it stands out.

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>> No.10133074

Don't be scared, I just want your feet.

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>> No.10137557


>> No.10137622

Any interlocking toes?
Please say it exists.

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I like my feet with sandals

>> No.10144416

Kogasa's disgusting sweaty smelly putrid feet!

>> No.10146052


Wouldn't wearing sandals like that air them out and make them smell less since they don't sweat as bad?

>> No.10146657

They're frozen stiff. Kogasa's feet are so cold this time of year, and she has no home. ;_;

Can you warm the poor girl's soles up?

>> No.10147869
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I love that though! Kogasa's foot odor could fill my nostrils any day!
My cock is pretty warm.

>> No.10148671

Would you shoot your warm load all over Kogasa's soles to prevent them from getting frostbite. It would be hard work, you'd have to do it at least twice an hour.

>> No.10148696

see >>10093837
I could keep it up to twice every 45 minutes for sweet Kogasa. Possibly twice every 25 if she helped with her beautiful, soft, smooth feet.

>> No.10148728

But anon, people have died from masturbating over 42 times in 24 hours. I'm sure Kogasa wouldn't want you dead.

>> No.10148744

But the last thing I want are her poor feet being frost bitten...would my hot saliva work from licking her soles and sucking her toes?

>> No.10148782

Yes, but you'd have to get really passionate to make it work. Are you a bad enough dude to keep Kogasa's feet from freezing?

>> No.10148794

My passion to keep them warm is as burning hot as the blood in my cock when I see a pair of 2hu feet.

>> No.10148848

I could always let her sleep in my bed under the covers and lay opposite to her face tending to her feet all night.

>> No.10148880
File: 70 KB, 850x743, up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Duly noted. Kogasa would be proud to have an anon like you at her feet.

"Nngh," Kogasa groaned, finally waking up after an ice cold night. It was almost impossible to believe that she had been able to sleep at all.
"Oh anon, you're still a-awake," she gasped, shivering as a blast of cold caused a chill to run up her spine, "have you been up all night?"
For a moment, her companion didn't respond. Huddled beneath a threadbare blanket, he was furiously pumping his right hand. Within seconds, he left out from underneath the thin cloth and gasped as his naked body was exposed to the elements. His trajectory remained true however, and a thick, steaming load shot from his raw, but erect, penis onto Kogasa's pink soles. Kogasa withdrew her feet a little from the initial shock, but let the anon finish before he once again moved under his small blanket.
"Thank you, anon. You really don't have to do this."
"A-anything for you, Kogasa-san," he replied, as he moved closer, his outstretched hands beginning to massage the warm semen into the youkai's blushing soles. It was a difficult job, but he would die before letting his beloved's feet freeze.

>> No.10148898

10/10 starring me. I came.

>> No.10148946

Those feet look petite, natural, clean, and perfect by the way.

>> No.10149183
File: 483 KB, 1200x958, konachan-com-64123-animal_ears-caidychen-hakurei_reimu-long_hair-ribbons-tail-thighhighs-touhou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10149557

Got a link? Considering they have those massive wank contests in San Francisco.

>> No.10149688

If only there was a story like that about Marisa or Flandre...

>> No.10153692

Who's feet would you abuse?

>> No.10158087
File: 238 KB, 1018x909, 5a76eec954456e3909433ed8e8507a7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10158107

What's the artist?

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So what size are /jp/'s feet?

>> No.10160056

15, damn big.

>> No.10160057

8-9 depending on what company

>> No.10160060


>> No.10160063

9 1/2 left 10 right (AUS standard), rolling out slightly but with perfect balance.

I love buying cross-trainers and running them in, maybe that's why I have a foot fetish.

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File: 131 KB, 1140x800, c066a08218ef2fe3025d20909f083105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

7.5 - 8 American.
Guy too.

>> No.10160077

12.5 america/12 UK-AUS

>> No.10160101

44 EU / 10½ US

Even my 13-year-old brother has bigger feet than me. Dunno why.

>> No.10160104 [DELETED] 
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Inderesding vagt: foot length is equal to forearm length, and equal to twice benis lengh.

>> No.10160115
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holy hell, i like the sound of that.


I'm sure your slightly off-sized feet are charming. Is it noticeable at all?


You, on the other end of the scale, sound cute as hell.

>> No.10160115,1 [INTERNAL] 


Derailing a pointless imagedump (rule violating unless on /c/) thread into a feet measuring thread is perfectly fine.

>> No.10160138

>I'm sure your slightly off-sized feet are charming. Is it noticeable at all?

Not really, no. You'd have to focus on my feet for a while to notice the way they are.

As for whether they're charming I couldn't tell you sorry, but they're hairless with trimmed and maintained nails and no dry skin on the heel/anywhere else. so maybe? I like to keep myself smooth because it makes bedtime after a shower all the more snuggly, no homo.

>> No.10160138,1 [INTERNAL] 

I guess you'll have to read one of the other hundred and sixty four threads.

>> No.10160166
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9.5 american, dude. It's all the estrogen I build from constantly imagining that I am a girl. I even developed soft girl tits from the power of thought alone. If you think it's from being a fat mantit lord then that's wrong because mantits are solid fat, mine are soft squishy titties and I'm underweight.

>> No.10160179

That doesn't make any sense.
Although I like to imagine I'm a lion and my shoe size is 12.5 US.

>> No.10160212


Are lions notorious for having big feet?

>> No.10160226

I like how the artist took care to shade the nipples here.

>> No.10160227


The real test is how soft and ticklish they are.

>> No.10160262

No, I mean I like to imagine I'm a manly predator wild animal that eats and rapes things.

>> No.10160265


...with big feet?

>> No.10160438
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What would you do to them?

>> No.10160444

why do i see this thread everyday
even with the same OP picture
be original guys

>> No.10160453

Because it's the same thread and hasn't 404'd.