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More like this please (armpits).

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lol at Chen in the background as Yukarin prepares to explore Reimu's gaps.

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Yukari is a rape machine.

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What is up with the armpit fetish? I can somewhat understand the rarer ones like foot and hair, but armpits?

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That's why it's a fetish.

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Not that fetishy to me, as it is an erogenous area,

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I find Reimu's armpits extremely passionate, but I bloody well wouldn't go and lick them. Ew, dirty person sweat on my tongue and then flowing into my stomach and out of my butt. Christ that's disgusting.

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I think Reimu probably washes her armpits; it's just like how nudists tend to take better care grooming their pubic hair.

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Prepare to be disappointed.