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i just walked out of my room with my pants and underwear a little down a little above my knees because i thought my sister was asleep and i was in the middle of masturbating and needed lotion

but when i walked out my sister was about 10 feet away and kinda froze and i pulled up my pants and we just kinda of stared for a couple seconds and then i went into the bathroom. she is gone now but when she gets back should i bring it up?

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Serves you right you perverted dummy

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“None of you shall approach any one of his close relatives to uncover nakedness. I am the Lord."

Leviticus 18:6 ESV

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she's currently fingering her tight little cunny thinking about your cock

You should go into her room and give her some relief.

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What a baka hentai

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give him le dick

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>we just kinda of stared for a couple seconds and then i went into the bathroom.

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Thong Meiling

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If it comes up, tell her you had jock itch and was going to find some lotrimin or something.

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That's stupid, tell her you spilled food/a drink on your pants and wanted to clean yourself and change your pants

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Is this another one of those crazy British sayings?

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That's a bit too cliche, jock itch makes it awkward enough not to bring up again and serious enough to be a more believable lie.

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Don't worry, nobody actually uses it seriously.

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Why would you walk around with your pants down to get lotion for jock itch if you could also do it with pants up?

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what a retard

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Please don't bully.

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> and i was in the middle of masturbating and needed lotion
>Using lotion to masturbate

Use your saliva,buy some lube or go dry. Lotion is pig disgusting and looks nasty when it mixes with your cum.

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Cum is nasty

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Only during the refractory period. I enjoy the feeling of it building up and shooting out.

Wish I could skip the clean up.

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never thought about that

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Or, you know, don't mutilate your penis so you can masturbate without lube all day erry day.

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Just brush your teeth and use mouth wash beforehand. Stinky saliva kills the mood.


I don't need lube. I go dry.

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>never thought about that

Is this guy le serious?

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I really want to kiss a girls soft butt.

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I always wanted to slap and grope a girl's soft butt.

A trap is fine too.

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screw kissing Id fuck it
position gylove

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metoo but only 2D girls. Real big asses are gross.

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They aren't that. Naturally big butts are nice.
Big butts produced by weight gain is disgusting.

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>that bad*

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epic captcha dude

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This, small but shapely butts are the best.

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> masturbating

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What's the status, op? You left out some details, as well.
Younger or older?
Hard or flaccid?
As for lotion: lol. Man up and buy some silicone-based.

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you can always say that the toilet paper had finished

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Get her to watch you fap next time op

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but he went out of his room

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he was looking for some old cloaths, or some socks to clean himself
but didnt found any
so he was going back to the bathroom to take a shower

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If he had an erection when this happened these excuses are going to be hilarious.

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I feel like I've seen this thread before

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>It's all your fault onee-chan, take responsibility!

>jock itch
What's that?

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>Lotion to masturbate

I seriously think nobody EVER does that outside the US.

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I'm not sure how it is if you're uncut, but masturbation is much more pleasurable for me if I use some form of lubricant.

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I'm cut and have never used lube to masturbate. What am I missing out on?

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Another proof that mutilating penises at birth isn't a good idea.

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Just use enough lotion to have your hand be able to freely slide over the dick without any friction. Being able to focus on the head feels great.

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Pretty sad to see the savages in this board who haven't found a superior way of self pleasure

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It depends on who you ask.

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Who are you talking to?

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I think I'm going to get myself one for Christmas.

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Athlete's foot for your groin.

It seems to be portrayed a lot in Japanese media.

To this day I don't understand what 4chan thinks happens when you get circumcised. It doesn't make the skin taunt.

Also don't any of you people make precum? Your dick should be lubing itself if you're working right.

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>skin taut

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Of course someone with a already crippled penis will do everything to convince himself that it's better but it is not. It's not cleaner and in fact is more dangerous for people who don't wash good, you get std's more easily and you lose sensitivity. In some cases your penis also looks like a total mess. I seriously feel sorry for people who are cut.

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I had one, but it broke within a week of use (seventeen).

I need on with more texture, as the the seventeen was boring as hell. That doesn't break so easily, (the flesh part came away from the clear part). My hand gave a more pleasurable experience compared to it.

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Every time I look down my pants I get sad.

A finger should be clipped for each circumcision you perform

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I don't care about that. I just want to wank properly.

Since I'm not an Unitedstatian the reaction would probably be reversed anyways.

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I don't even live in america and I rage with the force of a billion suns.

How do you even find such a video?

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It reminds me of chinese finding not so long ago that women with bound feet were the cutest and sexiest things on earth when it was just plain mutilation.

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It doesn't make enough to be able to masturbate as well with just it as opposed to with a lubricant.

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You use lotion? Are you a middle-schooler? Just shower every day, and you can go dry.

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jesus h christ

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>I don't even live in america

Most Americans are circumcised and agree with her astute analysis.

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That was just dumb shit women did like wear corsets or get ass tattoos. In 50 years, people will say that Americans of the 2010s found wearing pantyhose without skirts to be the height of attractiveness

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>dumb shit
>like wear corsets

They never should have stopped.

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Circumcision is so popular in America because the hospitals make millions by selling the foreskins to cosmetics corporations who make face creams out of them:

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Sux4u. Mine's always dripping down and onto the floor/my feet. Get better material?

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I wish I could regenerate my foreskin so I could get circumcised again. The thought of women spreading my foreskin cream all over their faces is about the most erotic thing I've ever heard.

>One foreskin can be used for decades to grow $100,000 worth of fibroblasts.

Imagine if they were being used by young pop stars and loli beauty pageant contestants. Also MILFs.

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I'm glad to know that my dick skin was on some woman's face. I'm certainly happier without it.

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"I'm glad to know that my dick skin was on some woman's face. I'm certainly happier without it."
- Anonymous, 2012

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>We have crippled penises and got powned by the jews (again)
>Claim it is the best thing ever to not loose face (and not being depressed for having a monstruous dick)
>Bitches and whores are used to the cutted dicks after having engulfed 10 miles of it

And that's why everyone is a faggot and we can't have nice things (like a foreskin for example).

The statement of the girl in the vid is also retarded. When in erection the skin totally retract so it doesn't have a "turtle neck". Not our fault the guy she fucked was from some jap phimosis fetish doujins.

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It's actually really therapeutic o.o

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I'll never understand this.
I'm cut and I can't masturbate with lotion. Dry is the only option.

Maybe everyone else had some crazy doctor that did something wrong?

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wud u kiss it?

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4channers think circumcision involves cutting off the tip of your dick then removing any excess skin so that you only have just enough to get erect, and then sewing the tip back on half assedly.

They also think your head is permanently completely exposed thereafter, not realizing that when it gets soft, there's the skin will still partially cover it if you don't have a micropenis or only gain an inch when erect.

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I'd kiss and nuzzle most of the asses posted in this thread.

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There aren't such things as excess skin. When flaccid you have skin to cover your dick and when erect it retracts. Where exactly is the excess skin? Do the americunts are really subhuman scums with phimosis by default like asians?

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