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Have you welcomed your lord and savior Byakuren-sama into your heart yet, /jp/?

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I'm not a yokai so no.

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Don't you mean Chris Benoit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBEbB_fB6UY

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A true saint would cut off her boobs and get a clitorectamy. or however you spell it.

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Why am I laughing?

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How can she call herself a woman of faith if she can't even shave her head?

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But she does shave, somewhere you can't see

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There we go.

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I always wonder about measures like this. Is it truly impossible for people to control themselves that they need to amputate body parts just to keep in line?

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I'm sure something could be said along the lines that if physical urges and impulses are a barrier to enlightenment, while simply resisting those urges is admirable, to completely remove the possibility of them makes the journey just that much easier.
Rather than fight the impulses, the source is simply absent.

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Bozu a shit.

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She seems kind and seems to care about helping people improve themself instead of persuing power unlike Miko and the Moriya shrine

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Do you think she'd forgive me if she caught me smelling her dirty clothes?

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Buddhism destroyed my family

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Would you still love Byakuren if she was brainwashed and zombiefied by taoists?

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Nope I only worship myself.

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that just makes her a better version of yoshika

so yes