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JIWICS(Japanese I Wish I Could Speak)

This thread is for people who don't know Japanese but wish they could so they could do so many things such as watch raw anime, raw manga, play toys, VNS(visual novels) and so on.

NO nihongo gaijins allowed.

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I'm grateful I can't speak Japanese. There's enough media already. It's going to take me the rest of my lifetime to finish my backlog.
The thought of the available content doubling overnight is terrifying.

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I think the only reason I'm interested is because it's exotic and rare. When or if I learn it and start consuming untranslated media I'll probably be disappointed. This already happened to me once with another foreign language

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I'm studying but failing miserably. Isn't there another way? Isn't there like, an animu that teaches me?

Using KanjiDamage and Raikachan now.
I'm also going to be studying grammar shit too I guess.

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old news by now?

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i don't know it, i wish i did, but honestly i can't complain about me not having learned it yet, because i know it's my own fault. i'm just too damn lazy to get off my ass and get studying.

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Atlus would make bank if they started making JRPGs that teach Japanese.

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Give up.

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hello has anyone here had any experience in taking a japanese course

i want to know what i am getting myself into thank you

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I'm in Japanese 151 right now. My professor says I should skip Elementary and Intermediate Japanese and go straight to Japanese 352 next semester.

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I only wish I knew japanese for vns.

There are so many good vn's that I can't understand. The ones I am really dying to play I whip out agth or ith, my ability to make sense of the garbage machine translators spew out has gotten pretty good, but some neat little stuff is lost in translation.

Spoken japanese I am pretty good at understanding as well, but again the little details get lost.

I wish I at least had the dedication and memory to learn japanese. I forget things so easily, even simple words of my native language I forget sometimes.

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I have the experience of dropping out of one, does that count?

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Those people who haven't started using Anki, start now. It's very useful if you have it on a tablet or phone.

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>a tablet or phone
Get out of here, and take your overhyped smudge screens with you.

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The only reason I've been learning Japanese is to talk with Japanese otakus about music and merch through 2ch, Futaba and Twitter. I'm also a bit interested in their modern culture. I've never felt the need to use Japanese to read VNs or watch anime, as there's plenty of translated material out there.

LNs (or PSP VNs) are a different story though. The amount of translated stuff is almost zero.

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Anki is a really good way of picking up vocabulary, and the easier it is to use the better.

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Regular flashcards are better because their easier to organize I can easily use them whenever I what without having to reschedule cards.

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I'd like to see you try to reschedule cards containing a certain vocab in five seconds. Enjoy spending hours with your flashcards.

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I tested out of elementary Japanese and jumped straight into 3rd year level, so I guess I managed to avoid the typical first year crowd.
It's pretty fun, at least much more fun than studying by yourself. The classes really improved my ability to speak the language, also with the regularly scheduled tests ensured that I have to study regularly.

After that I moved into 4th year Japanese, which consisted of around 6-7 students in class translating Japanese articles/books/speeches into English and discussing those pieces. It taught me how to use a Japanese dictionary effectively.

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I'd say.

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Instead of feeding it to a translator, learn basic Japanese grammar and kana (I guess you got the grammar already, if you understand some spoken Japanese), grab the agth text and look up individual nouns and verbs in a dictionary. I guarantee it'll make more sense if nothing else, and you don't have to know Kanji to do that.

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>It's very useful if you have it on a tablet or phone
Why wouldn't you have it on your bloody computer?

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Rote memorizing a dictionary is not a good way of picking up vocabulary, no.

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Not the guy you're talking to but that's good to know. How should I learn new words? I've been using Anki for it and I guess I've been learning pretty slowly. On some occasions I've recognized a word or kanji in an anime, and felt pretty good though.

How about using Anki to learn Kanji?
Right now I'm doing that with Koohi, but the pronunciations are hard to learn without Anki, so I'm setting up a deck of known kanji with pronunciation.

If I don't find out how to study more efficiently I'm going to get nowhere fast.

I have a raw light novel and some manga (Card Captor Sakura, figured it'd be easier to read. >:C) on my computer, which is something I figured I'd end up using sometime in my future.

I figured since I'm basically asking for handouts on what techniques people are using to learn, I'll just drop this here:

Only recently started using kanji damage and half the words don't seem to be on forvo. This is a terrible list but it's all I know.

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Haha! It must suck being a weebo and not knowing the language. You wait for and depend on translations? HAHah

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Baka gaijin pls go

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I'd honestly reccomend memrise over anki, i find it more engaging.

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I agree. I wish these english only peasants would GO

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pls no bullying

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Where is a good place to learn general vocab that isnt kanji

For example, I was trying to read yotsuba raw but even though it used primarily kana, i didnt recognize a single word

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Read eroge all day every day

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And when you start playing porn games, and your Japanese is shit, just listen to the cute girls say and try to read along as much as you can in the dialogue box. Skip everything that isn't voiced. Don't worry if you don't understand.

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I don't know what to do anymore guys, maybe i should just go buy me a gun and kill myself hoping to god that i get to be reincarnated as a japanese person and live my dream as an otaku. being non-asían is suffering ;_;

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Reporting in. I know that feel. Feels bad, man.

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I hope you nerds did your reps today.

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wanna meet somewhere and commit suicide together in hopes of becoming glorious japanese together in our next life?

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I don't think that would work. And I wouldn't want to be Japanese anyway.

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>I wouldn't want to be Japanese anyway.


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But this thread is about wanting to be able to speak Japanese, not wanting to be Japanese.

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I'm sorry, i'm just so fucking mad
And depressed that i will never be able to play all those glorious VNs that i see on those VN threads because of a language barrier. fuck my life...

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>primarily kana

lol no, it just has loads of furigana

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There's no quick way. If you can't dedicate yourself for years you won't succeed. I already failed twice in little over a year and I'm now starting over for the third time. That's totally okay, because I'm at a higher level than I was before. Mistakes were made, and will be made again. No need to be a whiny bitch though, progress is inevitable if you stick with it. Failing is inefficient but oh well...

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Play a NES RPG or some shit.

Those things tend to use exclusively kana.

Also, you ARE going to need to look the words up in a dictionary or something. You can't just look at the word and expect to know what it means.

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who are quoting??

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I've been studying Japanese twice a week for about two years, mostly focusing on grammar.

I started intensive conversational and Kanji lessons last month. They're going quite well so far.

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>twice a week
lal, I've been studying 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the past two years. Get on my level.

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>not learning it
taking one now.
After my current course I,ll have a basic grasp of the language.
The only downside is that one of my course mates is a A+ grade narutard.

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I don't think writing わ instead of は constitutes any sort of "grasp of the Japanese language".

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I wasn't 100% sure if I had to use "wa"
I was taught that "wa" combines a person with something like
kore wa neko desu
kore wa sensei desu

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は is the topic particle, when used that way it's pronounced wa instead of ha

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sorry my fault. Up until now most of my practices where verbal or in romaji

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Trolling or not, please do us a favor and stop posting. /jp/ is already shitty enough without you.

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>practicing in romaji

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it's still entry level. Next level will probably feature more kana.

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It shouldn't take you more than a day or two to get hiragana down. Just memorize that shit.

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More Kana coming up

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Try pronouncing THIS!

*whips out cock*

Why don't you do THIS a favor!

*whips out cock*

Try practising with THIS!

*whips out cock*

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It's not funny, dude. Stop. You're really lowering the tone.

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there's a board for unfunny crap

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I just woke up today. I feel like shit again for not
knowing Japanese and that I will never be able to play all those glorious VNs out there. I want to cry, but I just can't. I feel so miserable. I don't go to high school anymore cuz of bullying, so I just spend all my days inside my room watching animu and mango, but I'm scared, what if I'm wasting my time watching animu/mango when I could take advantage of all my free time and learn Japanese instead? I want to go to a Japanese course and have Japanese classes but I doubt that will ever happen, also I'm 18 yo. am I wasting my youth? What the fuck should I do guys? Please someone answer me... please

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Who TruJIWICS here?

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just kill yourself

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You should be my online RP girlfriend.

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me nigga

pls don't bully

what's an RP?

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Role Playing. You will pretend to be a fictional character using avatars and pictures while also being my girlfriend. I have a good imagination so it will definitely work. What do you say? I can be a good boyfriend too.

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if you can't already read it get out.

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I want to practice some Kana, if you know what I mean.

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Obviously he's quoting that other poster. Are you retarded?

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Worst writing system ever.

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hmm... where you from and do you know Japanese?

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no lol
butthurt faggot do something about it

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Is there a more fun way to study Kanji? I can keep studying via kanjidamage and koohi but holy fuck this is so boring and painful. There must be a way right? A way to make this entertaining?

Maybe I'll just study grammar for now, that'll put me at ease.

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Japanese has the most beautiful writing system. It's easy and fast to read once you get used to it. It's fun to write.
+ it scares away the worst kind of weeaboos.

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Trust me, you'll never get very far. It's like knowing how to integrate but not know any symbol or indeed number. You might be able to figure out 1+1 as a concept (or when you hear it), but you'll never get the more difficult bits.

It's definitely a good start if you just want to get a feel for what you're facing, though.

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if you're having such a hard time since its boring why not jump straight into vocab right now and add unfamiliar kanji as you go along?

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I've been learning for about a year now, making pretty good progress too.

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nukige everyday

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didn't know google translate knew this word

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I learned katakana first. I know them no problem

I'm struggling with hiragana now. I can't seem to remember how to write about 10 or so characters and I even forget some that I thought I had no trouble with.

Katakana was so much easier for me.

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I learned hiragana now and started katakana just a few hours ago, having no problems learning it so far.

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Quick question about 書道. Does it take the -suru to become a verb, since it's a kanji compound? Tangorin (my dictionary of choice) doesn't say it.

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why are you writing it? Will writing be necessarily for you? most of people here learns japanese to only read vns or manga, if you're one of them - try another method than just writing it over and over, because i don't this might help you, it's only waste of time.

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>Is there a more fun way to study Kanji?
I found wanikani.com very enjoyable. Maybe you'd like their mnemonics or community. I like them because of WK simplicity, and they don't put too much information in lessons, so I manage to remember everything.

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Please respond.

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I am trying to learn. Going through Heisig currently since the kanji give me a lot of trouble, and I know 950 so far.