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So, what does /jp/ do in this situation?

You wake up to find yourself not in your own room, but naked somewhere else and about to be collared by Rumia. Cirno's got that look in her eye...

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say they're too lewd and should dress properly

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I'd let Cirno do what she wanted.
But I'd violently kick at Rumia's face, she is disgusting.

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Fuck you.

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Given that they are holding two of my three favorite things to see in an adult situation, I would wait for Sakuya to arrive with the knives.

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Thanks for the picture, I'm going to masturbate.

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How is this otaku culture?

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That's not Rumia.

She's not even holding her arms out in a cross.

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She wants to eat you, raw.

That is disgusting.

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That was enjoyable. Thanks again.

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No problem anon.

It's Touhou. Very relevant.

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Why yes I would enjoy her pussy eating my dick completely raw.

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>completely raw

Without any protection?
B-but isn't that dangerous...