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Which alignment would your favorite 2hu character be?

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All them niggers is disguise, all of them, mark my words.

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But Byakuren should be neutral evil.

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Lawful Hungry

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Terrible chart, OP.

Post ur faverite walfas rofl

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Lunatic Neutral

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That would be Lawful Neutral.

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Nu-uh, it's decent!

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That would be Chaotic Neutral.

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Chaotic Evil

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It literally isn't.

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B-but you're using literally wrong!

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Remilia would be chaotic neutral.

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She doesn't really act out on impulse or in a chaotic manner though.

She's actually quite orderly and calm.

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Chaotic Neutral?

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I objectively am not.

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add "autistic" at the beginning of every category

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Nobody is evil in Gensokyo.

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>Miko - LE
Byakuren pls go

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Yukari wold be Neutral Chaotic

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But it's true.

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She would be Lawful Neutral since she can be either hero or villain, but is always trying to keep the balance of Gensokyo.

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Chaotic Neutral

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what is this alignment shit your all talking about...

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Chaotic chaos.

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Koakuma has no alignment because she has no canon personality.
Koishi is true neutral.
Byakkarin is hardly good.
Reisen isn't even close to evil let alone chaotic.
0/10 biggest piece of secondary garbage I've seen in ages.

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>Byakkarin is hardly good.

No anon, YOU'RE the secondary

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Buddhist pls go.

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>Byakkarin is hardly good.
I don't know why /jp/ makes her out to be some despicable monster.

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Her ideals are fundamentally flawed, she's not this beacon of hope she thinks she is.

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/jp/ just loves their stripe pattern

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>Her ideals are fundamentally flawed
About youkai and human equality? Back in her time youkai WERE oppressed, so there's no logical reason for her to know that it isn't like that anymore, considering she was kinda sealed away for 1000 years.

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She's the hero Gensokyo deserves, faggot.

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Yamaxanadu is True Neutral.

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Youks mooners and spooks have no place in the human world.

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I don't know, help me a bit here /jp/. I'd say she's Neutral evil or just True neutral, but not sure. Maybe chaotic?

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Most recent material suggests Neutral good or so.

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She is the embodiment of morality and Justice.

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>lawful good


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90% of touhous are chaotic neutral
Reimu is lawful neutral
Marisa isn't lawful anything.

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Are you fucking blind?

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It is Shikieki

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Please disregard my stupidity.

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neutral good

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Neutral Autism

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0/10 that is just a pathetic attempt, anon. Not even /v/ would believe that.

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ehh neutral good?

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Miko is the embodiment of Neutral Good, she's a leader of a human fiendly entitiy willing to do what is right for Gensokyo, but she isn't going to go so far as to force her ideals on others, once she found out that Gensokyo isn't in need of a leader, she backed off.

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why is Reimu True neutral and not chaotic good?

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Get out you filthy secondary.

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Probably chaotic neutral. She doesn't seem to give a fuck about anything that isn't drinking or fighting. She wouldn't just beat up random people though. Only people that look like they would be a challenge which is what keeps her out of the evil zone, at least to me.

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Would Parsee be Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil? Reminder: it's canon that she's an evil jealous bitch that has no friends and talks behind people's back. Also another reminder: Yuugi hates that kind of person.

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I know, I think it's a retarded pairing too. Anyways, she seems like she would be neutral evil. She'll just stay bitter and angry in her own little corner and only lash out when people bother her.

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What alignment is Sakuya?

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Some sort of neutral probably. It would depend on what Remilia asks her to do.

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>It would depend on what Remilia asks her to do.

So, lawful.

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Lawful neutral I'd say.

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Chaotic evil

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Lawful Remilia

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Handsome Neutral

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LG - Loli Grandma

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