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So, I'm a moderately experienced writer in college and am thinking I want to do a lewd Touhou story due to there not being much in the way of English Touhou fanfics for specific fetishes.

What sorts of things would /jp/ want in it?

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Do a tragic romance with a loli.

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make them all gundamus.

futanari gundamus.

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lots and lots of shitposting

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An extremely cruel, tragic story. Lewd content is optional.

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I'm not going to read it.

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I think you're in the wrong place for this OP.

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I was thinking something either tragic or with lots and lots of fetishes.

Although I suppose sad is a fetish.

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Youmu somehow ends up in the care of MC after being gravely crippled in a sword duel or something.
The end:
She never regains her full strength and is doomed to remain tied to the MC

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Sanae going on a diet of cake and cum.

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Just let it die.

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Marisa steals everyone's virginity.

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Feet and femdom.

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>moderately experienced writer

Please, faggot.

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Lots of fugging. As many lewd things as possible.

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Cute girls doing cute things. Make it as trite, uninspired and lacking in brilliance as you can. Oh yeah, lesbian sex scenes are mandatory. People will love it!

Really, I'm not even kidding.

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getting children
growing old

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Write a prequel about how was byakuren's life before she was sealed.

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futa pregnancy
bloomer fanservice (there is not enough of that even in japanese works)
bromance between reimoo and marisa

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Still waiting on that story OP.

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Please no.
>So, I'm a moderately experienced writer in college and am thinking I want to do a lewd Touhou story
So you are going to college to do something that the 13 year olds at Gaia do?

Please go away, 90% of all fanfictions are bad and you should feel bad.
For lewd fanfictions it's even 100%

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This anon knows a fuckton about modern literature.

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Is that you, patchwork?

I'm still waiting on you to finish your other stories, you faglord.