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Flan <3

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My favourite Touhou is an unnamed mid-boss from Story of Eastern Wonderland. Not that you've even heard of it.

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Flower Tank, Rika, Genji, Ichirin and Unzan

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Best 2hu's are from the SDM.

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Don't bully those who are giving their love to the underappreciated.

I don't care that he was indeed being an asshat by wording it in a shitty hipsterish way. Especially if he was sincere.

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I don't care about who he chose. That's why this thread was started. I was referring just to the way he worded it.

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Wouldn't she just sleep around all day at your house?

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That feel when you look through her entire folder and you have no idea WHAT picture to post.

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That would be my dream come true!

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But what would you do with her?

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Sleep sex.

Because she would laugh at his size if she were awake

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私はあなたを愛して ;_;

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Nothing lewd, that's for sure. Don't get any weird ideas, you.

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This could work nicely.
Without waking her? "W-wh-what's going on? What the hell? I'm asleep. Stop it!"

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>I love you

Why does google translate feel so wrong?

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I already confirmed once that /jp/'s majority favorite touhou has Patchouli followed by Yukari.

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She wouldn't feel it.

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I want to feel her cold, tingly flesh.

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I'm just saying. My girlfriend sleeps at my house sometimes. It's nothing special. You couldn't really do anything but snuggle her. Can't watch movies or danmaku or anything.

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"You make my icy heart melt anon-san."

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Yea right, nerd. You meant your mom?

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>no one on /jp/ has a girlfriend or a house.

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House, I understand. I have one.

Girlfriend, not so much.

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Same here

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Never went to a university or out? Shit, they're everywhere. If my buddy hadn't kicked my ass one night and forced me to leave the house then yeah I probably wouldn't have left my waifus. You'd be surprised.

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Nobody who was born in Generation X has a their own house.

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As for me, every girl I've been interested in has either been:

A) Taken
B) Underage
C) Both

There was even this seven year old who already had a boyfriend, what the fuck?

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1965-1979 - Generation X


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Go to a library and meet a Patchouli.

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Never really looked or went out. Don't have friends who go to parties or clubs. Or "out" really.

Just my /jp/ pal, /g/ pal, and that's about it.

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I fucking hate parties and clubs. Just go out somewhere, anywhere, a college library is nice (the smart ones spend lot of time there. less likely to cheat and more likely to be into otaku shit)

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I go to libraries all the time, and you don't run into that many bookish people there. It's mostly just normal outgoing people. Everyone reads.

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I used to bully the girls who like japanese culture plus, you know, I have terrible "game".

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I got lucky a lot then.
I...I just...no words. Why? Those are the best girls. I met a girl way back in highschool into it. She was so incredibly awkward and adorable.

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Hated 'em. Probably different from yours, but I got all those chicks who were extremely obnoxious about it. Might I remind you, I was never into Japanese culture til' about 6 years ago. In grade school I was racist and more /co/ kinda guy.

Ha. Reminds me one time me and my friend actually stole one of her anime shirts. Sailor Mars was on It think. We through it in the trash, and then later I told her I saw my friend throw it in the trash. I got it for her and she believed me. i won her heart, then broke it through time. It was horrible, but delightful.

I'm an ass.

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Wow, you're a retard.

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jesus christ what part of "Favorite Touhous" sounds like "college and girlfriend discussion"? normalfaggots are why we can't have nice things

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Cry me a river little babby normal.

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Instead of bullying people I was at home reading Dragonlance and minding my own business. Eat my `normal' dick, mongoloid.

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Meant Y, my bad.

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...Wow. I understand the obnoxious but wow.
Started when someone said that someone didn't have a girlfriend.

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God damn obnoxious cunts like >>10064257 just ruin everything.

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Yep. So back to favorite Touhous. What is everyone's?

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Ran. Or maybe Suwako. Hard to choose.

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Eww, normals.