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Remember to use a condom every time you engage in sexual intercourse! Only you can prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs. Don't be a loner, cover that boner!

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There's no point if having sex if you have to use a condom. Get a vasectomy and a girl who's willing to get tested and probably won't cheat.

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But I won't be able to make her pregnant that way.

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that sounds scary

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Human friendly yokai are best yokai.

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Condoms do not fully protect you against HIV.

Enjoy your AIDS.

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B-but I have a condom fetish.

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white piggu go home

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Do you really think you're up to the task of being a father?

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Condoms are 99% effective in preventing STDs of any stripe. Those are far better odds than going in bare.

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No way, impregnation is one of my biggest fetishes.
She can't experience the full pleasure of being cummed inside if I wear a condom!

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Is Meiling up to the task of being a Mother?

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Now a fetish.

is love making a fetish too nowdays?

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What the devil are you going on about?
Impregnation has always been a viable fetish.

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Who are you quoting?

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What are the risks of anal sex? I mean in regards to problems besides std and tearing. I mean what can go wrong from being in contact with poop

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No. She can't even do her job right.

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Bacterial infection.

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"Of course Anonymous, condoms are 100% fool-proof! There is no need to worry. Would I ever lie to you? Of course not! So... やらないか?"


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Well, since the natural purpose of sex is procreation, it cannot be a fetish.

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But Sakuya is going to be the one taking care of it after birth anyways.

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I doubt youkai get pregnant anyways.

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Lucky rabbit.

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what is this weird fusion hybrid? genetics and kids don't work that way.

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Don't bring common sense into Gensokyo.

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I'd be okay with Tewi tricking me into getting her pregnant. With her luck our child would be born with genes so superior they'd end up wealthy and powerful.

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Thank you for posting this.
I was looking for it.

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I don't even like Kanako but holy fuck that image.

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dont think human sperm can make a youkai pregnant

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I'll take "what is a half-youkai for $800, Alex."

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a rarity.

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do you think you can get rinnosuke pregnant?

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thats now how you jeopardy, assmaster
-Alex, 2012

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Rarity is a pony, not a youkai.

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Does it hurt more to have your virgin ass raped, or your virgin vagina?

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youkai sperm can make a human pregnant

not the other way around